Having no idea whatsoever what an Ifrit is, I asked Inyri, who promptly did a wikipedia search on it. An Ifrit is a Jinn from arabic mytholo...


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Having no idea whatsoever what an Ifrit is, I asked Inyri, who promptly did a wikipedia search on it. An Ifrit is a Jinn from arabic mythology,and also appears in many of the Final Fantasy games. Also in common mythology, Ifrits are jinns that embody fire. On to the review.

This is a reskin of the male Jaden model. Not a recolor. A reskin! The author has taken the male jaden and totally redone it. You know look like a dijinn! Or, a jinn, to be correct. So, he's got his flashy, multicolored clothes on, along with his face, which ranges from red to purple, with either a bright face or a dark face for each. There are four different torsos, each with a bright or dark option as well. The legs have only three versions, and they also have bright and dark versions. This does add on to the options available for the jedi male, which is nice. While the skin looks very nice when you're using all the bright versions, the dark ones just look bland. The gold gilding and other parts of the skin look almost simple, like they were just added. They just don't have depth. Meh. That's just me.

The author has also included a saber mod for this! And what is it, you ask. Well, since a Ifrit embodies fire, the author has given you fireball sabers! I was very saddened to find out that they didn't work in multiplayer, but they do work in singleplayer. But you have to enable cheats for them. I would have liked being able to shoose them from the saber menu. There are a couple of colors to choose from, and you can also choose how many fireballs you can use, from one fireball to eight! And, there are different animations. Depending on how many fireballs you have, there will be a different animation. Some of which make you look like you're summoning the fireballs, which I thought was cool.

Team Support: (well, there are no separate red/blue skins, but it works either way) Npc Support: Yes Bot Support: No New Sounds: No


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Download 'fireball_ifrit.zip' (4.32MB)

TITLE         : Ifrit         (skin)
AUTHOR   : Tobe

FILENAME :  Ifrit.pk3 
FILESIZE    : 4.14 mb
DATE RELEASED: 17 April 2006

Playable character list:         ifrit                    ifrit4             
                                             ifrit1                  ifrit5
	                             ifrit2                  ifrit6
                                             ifrit3                  ifrit7                       *or chose the body parts on player creating menu.
 Install :

  unzip and place    Ifrit.pk3           into the game folder:    StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base 

 *Ifrit uses Jaden model with customized skins, so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods. unless you have 
  changed  Jaden model, or so coincidentally there is a file or folder name inside my .pk3 thats exactly the same as in 
  any other mods.

 *Ifrit will add 8 NPCs, so if you already have too many NPCs in your /base folder you might get an error loading the game,
  reduce the amount of NPC will solve the problem :)  

 *Ifrit use Fire Balls as saber, which is included in the zip. don't forget to install that before spawning Ifrit. :)
 Uninstall : 

 remove    Ifrit.pk3    from the game folder:    StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base 
 To Activate Cheat:

 in single-player, During play, press,       Shift + ~              to bring up the console,
                                       then enter:        helpusobi 1             
 To Spawn Ifrit as NPC:

 bring up the console and enter:      npc spawn [npc name]              
                               for example:      npc spawn Ifrit                                *for NPC list see below              
 To Play as Ifrit:

 bring up the console and enter:      playermodel [model name]       
                               for example:      playermodel Ifrit

player/NPC List:             ifrit             *red Ifrit + green pants. use 1 orange + 1 green fireballs.             
                                      ifrit1           *red Ifrit + green armor + green pants, use 2 blue fireballs. 
                                      ifrit2           *all in red Ifrit. use 8 red fireballs. 
                                      ifrit3           *purple Ifrit. use 3 red + 3 purple fireballs.
                 	      ifrit4           *super glow version of "Ifrit" . use 3 orange + 3 green fireballs. can fly. won't die.
                                      ifrit5           *super glow version of "Ifrit1". use 6 green fireballs. can fly. won't die.
                                      ifrit6           *super glow version of "Ifrit2". use 5 orange + 5 red fireballs. can fly. won't die.
                                      ifrit7           *super glow version of "Ifrit3". use 7 purple + 7 blue fireballs. can fly. won't die.

*Ifrit,1,2,3    are Team set to     Player vs Enemies , that means you are in player side, will be attacked by enemy side.
*Ifrit4,5,6,7  are Team set to     Free vs Free , that means you are in no side, will be attacked by any side.
*Ifrit4,5,6,7  are set to Boba Fett class, you can fly by double clicking "jump". Somehow Boba Fett class doesn't die.

 You can also creat a male Jaden character using Ifrit body parts, I have added the icons to the make new chara menu.
Notice:       All characters are tested and should have no bugs. however, the skins use glow and some other shaders,
                  also the weapon fireball has some graphic and sound effects, so it might have difficulty running on lower 
                  graphic or sound cards. And I build this character based on Jedi Academy rule, not sure if it will have odd 
                  move in some stance mod out there. I am not responsible for any machine crash.   ):P 

 graphic source for skins are all from Jedi Academy base folder, and some of my drawings. enjoy!    ^ ^ b

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