....GRAGH! *Raises arms in complete explosive insanity*


Alright, seriously. This skin is sup...


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....GRAGH! *Raises arms in complete explosive insanity*


Alright, seriously. This skin is superiorly powerful. Tobe, your work is BEYOND amazing. I have seen your version 1, and now you have taken that, and DESTROYED A NUCLEAR REACTOR WITH YOUR WORK! Ifrit is a djinni of fire from Muslim and arabian folklore, but I don't think you humans care right now. Let's take a little look at what Tobe included in this drop-dead amazing skinpack.

- 2 reskins: the reborn new, and Jaden. I will say that they look almost nothing like their base models. They all have amazing team skins. One ever so TINY drawback that doesn't even phase me at this point: the inner hood doesn't match up with the braids on the other side of the reborn new's skin. A slight setback, but it's blown away by everything else.

- WEAPONS GALORE! Yes, there is a supreme and diverse array of weapons. From claws to swords to FIREBALLS! The fireballs have a decent variety of colors AND number of fireballs. Amazing, isn't it? There's only one problem with the fireballs and fire effects. I am not certain if this happens on EVERY machine, but I would advise against throwing the weapons. Auto crash (at least for me, but perhaps its a graphical error.)

- Singleplayer, NPC, and Bot Support as well. What more could you ask for there?

If you can't see the fire of insanity from my location on the globe, you will see it soon. This skin pack is totally complete (with bonus features) and receives the Ultimate Retruthan Virtually Unprecedented Malevolence Award.

Call me radical if you will, but I demand you offer your bandwidth up to this temple's idol. The skin is NOT to be taken lightly as it is a symbol of true craftsmanship...download this malevolence if not for the mythical delight, then at least for the bright and shiny shaders that will make your eyes explode. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'bb_ifrit.zip' (8.74MB)

TITLE         : Ifrit_v2      (skin & weapons)
AUTHOR   : Tobe

FILESIZE    : 8.73 mb

NPC support : Yes
Bot support : Yes 1
Team support : Yes
        This is a version 2 of "Ifrit" skin & weapon. It's a stand alone file so you don't need the previous one. 

 *****   Features  *****

    *     New Skins :  Adding new "reborn_new" reskined Ifrit, you can chose as specie. 
    *     New Weapons : Adding saber models for all "FireBalls". And 5 new melee weapons(swords, claws, a staff).
    *     Skins and weapons are available for both SP and MP game, and menu for all characters and weapons.  

   *****   To Install  *****

           Before Installation, remove the old "Ifrit" file from your Jedi Academy base folder if you have. 
           The file names should be     "FIreBall.pk3"    and     "Ifrit.pk3".     Then open the new "BB_Ifrit" zip :)          

         1)    Unzip and place        "  BB_Ifrit_Skin.pk3   "                                                 *a skin file
                                                      "  BB_Ifrit_Wep.pk3   "                                                 *weapon file, but the saber.sab are in 2)
                                                      "  BB_MENUS.pk3    "                                                  *saber and player menu script

                into your Jedi Academy base folder:    StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base


         2)    Open    "CHOSE ONE"     folder inside the zip,  and chose one of them:

                                " BB_Ifrit_MP "     for Multi Player game (MP).
                   or         " BB_Ifrit_SP "      for Single Player Game (SP).  
                   and place it into /base folder. DO NOT place both.   

                 That's all !   for the rest files and discriptions read below :)    


The reason to chose  " BB_Ifrit_MP "  or  " BB_Ifrit_SP " :

                  This will effect how the "weapon effects" looks in MP or SP game. Because I found out they react differently.                   
                   Doesn't mean you have to place the right one to run the game or anything. But don't place both or they will conflict.
                   It's ok too if you install  " BB_Ifrit_SP " and go play a Multi Player game for example, if you like what you see.

Inside the      "extra choice"    folder  are :
     #1        " BB_Ifrit_MP_2.pk3 "      :   A replacement for "BB_Ifrit_MP" above. In this version, all Single "FireBalls" are throwable.
                                                                 The above one isn't. I set that to default because this one "MP_2" is buggy when you throw. 
                                                                 You can fix that by join a MP game, and after you join, "restart match" once, the 2nd time you 
                                                                  join the game you should be able to throw with no problems. It worked for me and it's worth 
                                                                  seeing I think, because the fire leave trails.

     #2        " BB_Ifrit_MP_2s.pk3 "     :  Same as #1 but reduced FireBall weapon number from total 13 to 5.  Remove all the single 
                                                                  ball type and staff type. Only 5 of the many balls type remains.

     #3        " BB_ifrit_MP_s.pk3 "       :  Reduced version of  " BB_Ifrit_MP ", that is None Throwable Fireballs and reduced.

     #4        " BB_Ifrit_SP_s.pk3 "        : Reduced version for Single Player type. All SP type are throwable by the way. Only there is no
                                                                  fire effects when throwing. MP version you can see the trails. 

                                                           * remember always place only one of those named "SP" or "MP" type files in your /base folder, 
                                                             One at a time. Sorry I can't make it in easier way. I wish I know how to make a small program
                                                             that you can check/uncheck the stuff to add or remove.                                                       

     #5       "BB_IfritNPC.pk3 "            : This is a NPC file for SIngle Player.  To install, put it in /base folder and activate console,
                                                                and type      "npc spawn...."         or       "playermodel...."     you know..
                                                                The names and descriptions are below,

name:                      if1           
                                  if2                          *4 glowing Ifrits with both hands full of Fire Balls, with Bobba_Fett class set you can fly with him.
                                  if3                           He can be killed unlike in version 1. 

                                  ifw2                       *The other model version that took from Reborn_New. Unlike the Fire Ball users, This macho
                                  ifw3                         warrior types carry mele swords, claws. No flying. For the names 

   *****   To Uninstall  *****

                                      remove all files that's belong to "BB_Ifrit.zip" from your base folder, then you will see no footprint left by me :)

Bugs and Compatibility :
                           I found the menu script for player menu and saber menu seems always conflict with each other. 
                           So if you have other saber mod or new species mod with menus in your base folder, you might see like no names or 
                           no images on the custom sabers/species. My menu scripts are in "BB_MENUS.pk3" alone,  you can remove it without 
                           touching the weapon files. 
                           The Ifrit skin  " BB_Ifrit_Skin.pk3 " is a stand-alone file as well if you only want to keep the skins.
                           About graphics, the skins and effects are tested excessively so there should be no floater. But your machine will decide 
                           what you see so I can't tell you what you should see :)   I don't have the best nor old graphic card nop.
Weapon List :

Saber type               Entry Name                   Description                   
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Single                          fb1                             *Fire Ball 1, has one orange colored fire ball
    "                                fbb1                           *Fire Ball Blue 1
    "                                fbg1                           *Fire Ball Green 1
    "                                fbp1                           *Fire Ball Purple 1

Staff                              fb2                              *Fire Ball 2, 2 balls.  
     "                                fbb2                         
     "                                fbg2 
     "                                fbp2

Single                          fb3                            *Fire Ball 3, doesn't mean 3 balls, it's 6 actually. 
      "                              fbb3                          *In all "reduced FiraBall version for SP/MP" only this 6 balls type are contained.
      "                              fbg3                          
      "                              fbp3                             
      "                              fbr3

Staff                             ifst                             *Ifrit Staff, with a hilt, and flame comes out from it. The effect are different between SP and MP 
                                                                        as  I mentioned before. SP version of this staff has larger flame effect than MP version.

Single                         ifsw                            *Ifrit Sword, a glowing red sword, again the effect issue. In SP version flame effect covers 
                                                                          the whole sword when activated. In MP it's around the handle.
Single                         ifsw1                          *A blue version Ifrit Sword with different shape.      

Single                         ifcl                               *Ifrit Claw, a glowing red claw thats attached to wrist. Stab on ground move will have no 
                                                                         damage when attacking with this claw, because the edges doesn't touch the ground. 
                                                                         To make up with this advantage,  I changed kataMove to "staff stab on ground" move, which you 
                                                                         can attack opponents at your eye level.
Single                         ifcl1                             *Ifrit Claw 1, a blue verion, with different shapw on the edges.      

Sorry for the poor writting. I hope I explained everything ok. Enjoy the game!

Thanks katanamaru for helping me with script  :)


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