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This is a skin pack by IG - 64. Included in this pack are several models created by him. I tried on several of the skins and I will s...


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This is a skin pack by IG - 64. Included in this pack are several models created by him. I tried on several of the skins and I will say, they were fun to mess around in.. especially the stick figure. Some of the skins have issues, such as one has no feet, and another one doesnt appear to hold the saber (see pics). All in all, some of them look pretty good. They add a change to everyday gameplay. If the author would fix some of the issues with the other skins, this would be a pretty fun pack.


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Download 'ig64_pack.zip' (8.5MB)

IG-64 Pack

Table of contents:
I. Introduction
II. Stick Man
III. Mario Bros
V: Captain Falcon
VI: Mewtwo
VIII: Kyle Overwrite
IX: Mess Around maps
X: Extra Info

I. Introduction

This is a compilation of all the good things i've made for Jedi Academy. All were made by me, and me alone, with the exception of the souds for GIR and a few ideas.

I learned to model on my own, I had no tutorials, no books, and no one to talk to. All I had was the 3Ds Max user refrence. I started modelling late in 2002, and worked  24/7 for about a year. After that year, I started modelling for JA using Psyk0's tutorials to start me off. And i've been modelling off and on ever since.

II. Stick Man

Ahh, the imfamous Stick Man, my most famous model.

Stick Man started out simply as a test model. I originally wanted my first model to be Mario but needed to make sure the modelling and exporting process would work, so I modelled something simple that I could just delete after the test was over, a stick man. Except I didn't delete it. When I first got that thing in game I realised how cool it looked and how fun it was to play with. So I added team skins, bot support, the works. 
But it still needed sounds, and I instantly knew what it would sound like. I like playing with my voice, and the certain tone of voice I chose for stick man is a voice I can speak fluently in. Why? Long story. Anyways it was in the middle of the night, and I went out into my garage (as to not wake everone up with screams and evil laughs), and with my brother's digtal video camera, breathed life into Stick Man. I released it and it was a big hit.
I later added new vertions. The second vertion added lots of new colors, 10 to be exact, 13 in all. The colors were aqua, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, and default (black). Vertion 3 I realised that Stick Man needed a serious makover. The joints were jagged, the head was too low poly and wasn't even circular, and the hands and feet were made out of boxes. I completely remodelled stick man from scratch.I also added a saint stick man with a halo. An idea I got from an email. But in order to not be too pointless, I added an evil stick man with horns as well. I also added a silver and chrome stick man.
After I released it, I found 2 bugs, the first bug was that when he bent a joint, it would flatten the limb. For the other bug, I had added an extra lower-poly head inside his main head because it was too high poly to render a shadow using cg_shadows 2. What was messed up about it was that I had linked it wrong, so when you got your head chopped off an untextured, lower poly clone head would be in it's place. So I released a fix along with vertion 3.
The Stick Man in this vertion is yet another update. What's new is the fix is no longer needed, and theres an added hooded model I originally made for my clan mate. This model comes with PSD files of the UV mapping for customization.

III. Mario Bros.

I've been a huge mario fan since I was but a small lad. My first console game was Super Mario World. When I decided to model for JA, the model I had in mind was Mario. After Stick Man, I worked on Mario for a week strait, every day, all day, untill it was done. I modelled it after the SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee) Mario. IMO, Mario and all the other characters in SSBM are in their purest form, thanks HAL.
Mario was a very stubborn model because I couldn't get the look right. Mario's proportions were just too weird for the JA skeleton. I made several diffrent vertions of him, theres a link to a pic of the most perfect one in the Extra Info section. I finally found one that fit the JA skeleton enough to work as a playable model and still look as close to Mario as possible.
Near the completion of Mario I decided to make a Luigi along with him. It was easy, only took a few hours to make the alterations. After they were finished, I added the capes from Super Mario World as a request. I then recorded all the sounds from my TV using my bro's camera again and the SSBM sound test.
Once again I met success, as the release proved to be popular.
The Mario and Luigi in this pack is updated, I fixed some weighing and added a shader for his buttons, and a few other misc. things.


I'm a Mr. Game & Watch fan heck just look at my in-game name, =GoW=Game&Watch. I've had a model of Mr. G since before JA came out. Once JA came out I resized the model to fit the skeleton and got it in game. I never released it though because I had recently joined the SSBMTC mod team and kept it for my own use till the mod was released. Well, the mod was never finished, and never released, at least to my knowledge. So I decided to release him with this pack. Funny story, at the forum I hang out at I used to have an animated sig of my Mr. G model. Someone saw this and decided to make a Mr. G model for JA. I found out and informed him/her I had already made one, but (s)he was already done with the model. I dunno what ever became of the model.

V: Captain Falcon

This model was gruelling to make. This is the same case as the Mr. G model, was for the mod and was never released.

VI: Mewtwo

I'm not too big of a Pokemon fan, but I wanted to make this model for the mod. I made it in one day. It took 14 hours of nonstop work to finish.


A fun model to make. I never saw Invader Zim when it was on tv but my online friend, BongoBob directed me to it. I liked it and realised it's popularity and made this. My other online friend, Mike Windu, found and picked out the sounds. Thanks Mike.

VIII. Kyle Overwrite

I got sick of seeing kyle everywhere, so I made this overwrite. I used the Jedi model, generic male, and made it completely black. Red and blue for team colors also.

IX: Mess Around Maps

I know a bit of mapping, and this turned out pretty cool. It's basically the biggest room you can possibly have in JA, it's huge. I made one with a generic texture, and one completely white, like the matrix.

X: Extra Info

My in-game name is =GoW=Game&Watch 
I play at
Clan website is www.thegodsofwar.org
My online name is IG-64
I hang out at this forum: http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=162
My E-Mail is IG64Assassin@gmail.com
I'm 16, homeschooled, and live in Houston, TX.
For some of my 3D art, along with other forms of artwork, go to IG-64.deviantART.com
That pic of Mario: http://fs5.deviantart.com/i/2004/333/a/0/Mario_by_IG_64.jpg
Psyk0's tutorials: http://www3.sympatico.ca/psykopat/

Enjoy. :)

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