Imperial Bunker

Straight to the point, standard first mapper fare, really. You've got the generally basic architecture and seemingly unco-ordinated texturin...


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Straight to the point, standard first mapper fare, really. You've got the generally basic architecture and seemingly unco-ordinated texturing that's trademark to those new to the world of modding, but then we've got some inexplicable nice touches which aren't typical of someone's first map.

Oh look, plenty of great big threatening buttons!

* Kouen goes on a button-pressing spree.

Aw man, they're just door and light switches. That's about as anti-climactic as holding a serious discussion on politics with a group of /b/tards. :(

Sourced lighting has been used, which I rarely see used by veteran mappers let alone newer ones. Irregular polygonal architecture has been used, and while it's still basic overall, there's a few demonstrations of more advanced Radiant usage. The aforementioned buttons offer interactivity in the way of adjusting the map's layout. One notable technique is the doors of the prison pit - combining multiple brushes into a 'fused' entity. I very rarely see that done.

So how does it look? Not as pretty as it could. As I mentioned earlier, the theme of the texturing is generally uncoordinated, and it's not very Imperial-looking. For what it is, it works, but it won't with any aesthetic awards. I sure hope razgiz never does interior design for my apartment though - columns may have worked for the Romans, but for a bunch of futuristic lightbulb-wielding space hippie stoners, it just screams "pompous". :p Can't say much for the taste in music, either. Nice enough track, but doesn't synergise with the map. Reminds me of Diablo II, actually....

Right, not that pretty. It shines in gameplay though. Freedom of movement, balanced areas that aren't too hard to fight in, decent layout for a little gameflow (although in a duel map that's not an overriding priority). Your FPS will be great, there's no resource whores hanging around.

Oh... but is that an error? Two in fact? Yep. One missing texture on the 'airlock' area connected to the prison pit room, and half the NPCs in said pit are textureless due to .skin file errors.

What we have here isn't so much a show of talent, as it is a show of potential. Keep crackin' at it, kid, you're off to a good start.

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: No Custom Textures: No Custom Meshes: No Custom Audio: Yes

(PS: You don't need to include base game assets with your files. Nor do you need to include the system folder - those shaders will work whether people have them or not, given that they're just instructions for the game engine. ;) )

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Install the pk3 file in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase folder.

If you installed the game in anther location, the file still needs to go in the "base" folder.

To those who want to play the map in single player mode do the following.

1. Install the map as told above.
2. when bring down the console and type "devmap bunker" or "mapbunker" with out the quotes.


This is my first map that I uploaded.

If there is an error with my map send a massage to

do not expect a response an there will be to much mail to go through.

Map made by Dan Pecoraro

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