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Every once and a while a map will come around that really makes you go 'Wow!' Unfortunately this is not one of them and contrary to what th...


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Every once and a while a map will come around that really makes you go 'Wow!' Unfortunately this is not one of them and contrary to what the author believes, I don't think this will be a 'big hit'.

Let's begin with the technical details: the simple 'Does it work or no?' question. While the author says that it was intended for multiplayer use for FFA, team FFA, and dueling, it doesn't work for any of them. I tried to start it up in multiplayer and each time I got in-game my JKA crashed. Okay, so half of the map's purpose scratched off the board right there. Now I tried singleplayer and, lo and behold, it worked! Unfortunately it wasn't really as spectacular as he makes it out to be.

You start off at a different place just about every time you play the map in singleplayer which can be quite confusing, and there's a number of missing textures such as on the Z-95 landing pad. The textures that aren't missing are generally over-used and too small so you get the bad tiled-texture-effect. The missing textures can be overlooked however, but the different spawning places just becomes a bigger problem when added with another little thing: screwy triggers and whatnot. For example: A door will open from one side and you go outside. Once outside you want to get back in but you can't. There's absolutely no way to open the door. You try to jump over the building to get another door but OH NOES! THERE'S AN INVISIBLE WALL KEEPING YOU IN YOUR PRISON! You try to jump off the side to get into the water so you can swim around to another door but OH NOES! THE WATER IS INSTA-DEATH WATER! You die as soon as you hit it! Another example would be that going in one door doesn't trigger an event needed to continue through the map, so you have to go back and around to ANOTHER door in order for the event to be triggered. This was one helluva confusing map.

Another little thing that confused me was one of the rooms with what appear to be holding cells. The only problem is that in the holding cells are stormtroopers, snowtroopers, imperial officers, and skeletons. >_> If this is an IMPERIAL bunker, then how come there are IMPERIALS being imprisoned? Put rebels in there or something. I heard no music playing either as I navigated through the bunker so I checked the PK3 file. There is indeed a music file but it doesn't play; it's probably for the better though since the music he chose doesn't fit the map at all. If the music DID work, what you would hear is 'Sweet Child O'Mine' by Guns N'Roses. Now I know this is a pretty decent song but honestly. It doesn't fit the mood AT ALL; why play a light-hearted rock song in a Star Wars Imperial military establishment?

This map has too many problems and is too frustrating. Try to fix the multiplayer so it doesn't crash, fix all the triggers and doors, and fix the NPCs and music; then resubmit it. Then hopefully I'll be able to give it a decent review.


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Install the pk3 file in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase folder.

If you installed the game in anther location, the file still needs to go in the "base" folder.


To those who want to play the map in single player mode do the fowlloing.

1. Install the map as told above.
2. when in-game, bring down the consol and type "devmap impbunker" or "map impbunker" with out the quotes.


Map type: ffa team_ffa duel

Map bsp name: impbunker.bsp

long name: imperial bunker


Hi Im Dan. im the maker of this map

I fist started makeing this map long ago when i was not making maps with gtkradient. This map a therd verson of my
imperial bunker maps. this map includes a new daul area sevral effects and a few nps that spawn in varius of placed.
This map is a smaller map that dose not take away from framrate. there are no bugs that i am know of.

Later on i recovered this map from the forgoten allyways of my hardive and modified it over the corce of 6 to 9 months as
a side project. School was in secion at the time so it took a while. In the end i have this map (whitch is far from done).
Now the map inclued ideas form Star Trek elite force 2. Such as the hydrlic doors.

There are many things i have to learn about the world of game maping but for now this is the cutting eadge of my ability.


To come:

also look for my next map due in about 5 mothts. When finished it will be simmular to the naboohills map and the famouse racing
maps out there. Of coures they will be diffrent enough to be mine 100%.



I Used part of Doomgiver JK2 Singleplayer level in this map

If there is an error with my map send a measege to

do not expect a responce an there will be to much mail to go throuh.


Map made by Dan Pecoraro

Thank you to all mapers who have good ideas in whitch ive incorportated into my maps.

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