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If you're looking for a modder who's serious about what they're doing, talk to this guy. He may not be an expert (yet) but he obv...


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If you're looking for a modder who's serious about what they're doing, talk to this guy. He may not be an expert (yet) but he obviously has the dedication it takes if he was patient enough to make such a large group of skins. This is a single-player menu customization of a plethoral of Imperial officers, from private to Grand Moff. The sheer volume of choices, male and female, make this a perfect mod for RPGers, or just folks who like that extra bit of customization to their game. Because it is part of single-player menu it also works just as easily in multi-player, making it a truly versatile pack.

Okay, now that I praised the author's dedication and intent, I need to critique the actual quality of the skins. I really need to point out that the author needs to practice skinning hair. Facial hair mainly, it seems. Every instance of facial hair, whether it was a mustache or a beard, looked incredibly odd. Skinning facial hair is definitely not easy, and the author just needs to practice it more in order to get it to look real.

One other thing that I didn't like about this mod was the way he set up the .skin files. This pack has so many heads and torsos that it looks like there are 100 heads. However this doesn't seem to be the case, unless I missed something. From what I can tell their are doubles for each: one for grey uniform and one for white. This isn't so much a bad thing as it is kind of irritating. For some reason part of the arm is attached to the head skin, so if you switch heads you switch upper arm as well. I did make some kind of funny looking mottled grey/white uniforms.

Overall I give it a thumbs up. The modder obviously spent a long time on this, even if it was just making out all those different .skin files and making sure they all worked. Kudos, and keep up the good work!


NOTE: Read the read-me for more detailed information on different skin categories.

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Download '' (18.82MB)

Skin Pack by Doc Phil (aka Torvan Raiker)


Installation Instructions
- Put the one .pk3 into your base folder. MAKE SURE to DELETE -ALL- previous .pk3s of this mod. You no longer need the 
previous versions, and must only have this .pk3 for this mod. If you've never downloaded a version of this mod, don't
worry about it.


Pack Info
(v2) - This was made for roleplaying purposes to encorporate all the ranks that'd be used by different members. It is able to be
used by going into the jedi customization screen and going either to Imperial Male, Imperial Female, or Imperial Male-2. 
There you can choose from two-three different heads and also from a torso for each rank. This latest version includes the 
updates. Together, their description reads: "This is an update for the previous release, Imperial Customization-Male_v2. 

(v4) - "This makes it so the female is selectable, with all the same ranks as the male. Also for both genders, some fixes have 
been added that had to do with the icons and such. Each gender also has a black uniform version for every Rank below 
Commodore." - v4 Patch

(v5) - "This is an update for the previous release, Imperial Customization-Male_v4. This is basically a fix. Faulty icons have
been fixed, and all the icons' text has been improved to include the Army and Navy equivalents to the insignia. Also,
miscellaneous skin fixes to some of the torsos were made. (i.e., the private and cadet black uniform were too light, almost
looking like they were grey) New heads, made by Germoc, have also been added to the mod to add more variety. Enjoy!"

(v6) - "This version makes it so you no longer need six pk3s for one mod. The old, blurry icons have been replaced with
better, clearer ones. There have been little additions with the torsos, such as the addition of Air Marshal torso for
the black uniform. Also, to add more organization, the black uniforms (for Stormtroopers and Pilots) have been added to
their own species for both Male and Female. Therefore, the species are as follows:
  1) Imperial Male (Navy/Army)
  2) Imperial Male (Trooper/Pilot)
  3) Imperial Male-2
  4) Imperial Female (Navy/Army)
  5) Imperial Female (Trooper/Pilot)
There have also been several more heads added to both the Male and Female species. Enjoy!"


- The base male models were made by JKA developers.
- The base female skin (Lt. Ors) was made by RaSiN HeCk. Original ReadMe included in .zip.
- All the edits, changes to the torsos, and insertions to the mod were done by Doc Phil.
- Amzadi for getting together rank images for me to use.
- Germoc for making all the new heads for both Imperail Male, Imperial Male-2, and Imperial Female.

Questions? Comments? Talk to me on msn at or e-mail me at previously said address. 

Visit our site at..

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