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Imperial Fighter Bays CTF

I personally love the architecture and the layout of this map. It's a great little CTF map with room for gunning and saber dueling, but also...


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I personally love the architecture and the layout of this map. It's a great little CTF map with room for gunning and saber dueling, but also a small area for ship to ship combat. The gist of the map is it's two hangars on what I'm guessing to be a star destroyer of some sort. The only real problem is that the space area is really quite small. If you don't watch where you're flying you can easily run into a wall, or the 'bottom' of space. Yes, you can't fly down out of the hangar area, unfortunately. I died several times trying.

While the setup of the hangars themselves are great, a few of the more technical aspects bugged me. Being on the red team, I continually spawned inside the blue team's hangar, making it incredibly easy to snatch their flag. Also, there's no bot support on this map. Not that you should be playing CTF alone or anything, but some kind of bot support would be nice. Seeing my bots run and jump out of the hangar to their deaths was only funny for so long.

With those things in mind to work on for next time, I definitely think this is a map worth having if you're a CTF fan. It has a little bit of everything, so you're sure not to be disappointed.

New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Imperial Fighter Bays CTF
AUTHOR: Sentry Fodder
E-MAIL: ze_FNORK_iris@gmail.com (remove the _FNORK_ bit)

FILENAME: ctf_fighterbays.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 24 August 2005

CREDITS: The creators of the asteroids mod for expanding on a somehow forgotten aspect of JKA.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Stick ctf_fighterbays.pk3 in your /Gamedata/base folder. As well, be sure to download the asteroids mod (http://pcgamemods.com/4533/) and install it. It's a small download (16.96 MB) and very, very worth it. The map will work without the mod but the cool ships (Vader's tie, tie interceptor) will be missing. An alternative to the asteroids mod is the OJP mod, which now incorporates asteroids code. This is probably a much better way to run a dedicated server, since OJP rocks and is well supported. However, you'll need the vehicles used by this map (tie-interceptor, tie-advanced) in addition to OJP. I think you can just copy them from the asteroids folder.

DESCRIPTION: JKA has vehicles. Vehicles rock. Flying vehicles rock a lot. Non-stop flying gets a bit boring, so mixing it with some ground combat is good too. This is a simple CTF map consisting of two bays filled with fighters, on the opposite sides of a Star Destroyer hangar. It should fulfill both the need for ship to ship and saber/gun combat.

BUGS: If you try to fly out into space near the walls, you might hit the skybox. Err, I mean get shot down by Imperial turbolasers for retreating in the field of battle. Yeah, that's it.

COMMENTS: It was a pretty fun project that taught me quite a bit about making a proper, releasable level. (This is the first map I'm releasing.) With this done, I'm ready to try something a bit more interesting... So who knows. Maybe in a month or so it'll be worth playing Asteroids again :)


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