Imperial Hostage

imperial_hostage.zip —


take the the Imperial forces down on foot. Hey, after all, they are Stormtroopers, you dont really need to rub in your advantage by simply shooting them from your fighter do you? Still, the Academy of Stormtrooper Marksmanship is well known across the galaxy as the number one school for teaching game, film and television bad guys their marksmanship skills.Now, how four people managed to fit into a single seat fighter, goodness knows, but I will leave that to your imagination. Oddly armed with bowcasters instead of blasters, the heroes make their way through the ranks of poor Stormtroopers, with some genuinely good fight scenes and excellent camera work along the way.Unfortunately though the heroes are met with some stiff resistance as they approach their objective, until stealthy assassin takes the Imperials from behind. The next part features Mon Mothma punching Boba Fett in the plums and then beating him to a pulp. This movie is well worth watching just for that! Old Mothma then proceeds to fly off in a Tie Bomber, much to the confusion of the heroes.Add in some really good music selection and you have yourself a very entertaining video that is well worth a download! :D I really look forward to seeing more stuff like this from ZeroTM!~Nozyspy~


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