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Imperial Kyle by DarthPhae

Believe it or not Kyle used to be a bad guy. Yep that’s right, for anyone who didn’t know, Kyle was once a promising Imperial Officer, befor...


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File Description

Believe it or not Kyle used to be a bad guy. Yep that’s right, for anyone who didn’t know, Kyle was once a promising Imperial Officer, before he started working with the Rebel Alliance. Here we have DarthPhae’s representation of Kyle Katarn as a young Imperial Officer. If you look at the rank badge and cylinders, they seem to suggest that the Kyle here is at the Colonel rank, according to what I could find about Imperial ranks on Wookieepedia.

Curiously this is a re-skin of the Galak Fyyar model, rather than the Kyle one. I found this to be an unusual choice until I realised that the Kyle model has a beard as part of the model. Whereas the young Kyle doesn’t have a beard, meaning that it would look odd if you tried to get rid of the beard texture on the Kyle model. Personally I think the results are really good, and if you compare the face on this skin to the pictures of the young Kyle Katarn, as well as to the base JKA skin, there is a definite resemblance there! :thumbsup:

This skin also has team support, with the team skins being subtly tinted rather than having big splashes of bright team colours, which don’t look right on every skin. Add to that some new sounds, which seem to be from the original Dark Forces games, and you have yourself another good quality skin here from DarthPhae.

As for improvements, well to be honest I cant really think of many things that could be improved on here. Though I would say that some of the new sounds do sound a little muffled and low quality, so I think maybe some different sounds would fit better, but that is really only a minor issue I think. Perhaps for next time you could make a ‘Kyle through the ages’ skin pack, where we have skins of Kyle from his young Imperial days all the way through to the much older Kyle of the New Jedi Order novels and beyond! ;)

All in all excellent work here and I look forward to seeing more from you DarthPhae!

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:  Imperial Kyle by DarthPhae
AUTHOR: DarthPhae
E-MAIL: pamthept@verizon.net

FILESIZE: 3,686 KB (3.59 MB) 
RELEASED: DATE: January 16, 2009

CREDITS: Raven, for making the model it self.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Open the ZIP file and move the .pk3 file into the gamedate/base folder which you should find in your Jedi Academy directory

DESCRIPTION: Ok well I re-skined Ravan's Galak Fyar model and tried to make it look like a young Imperial officer called Kyle Katarn. You may know that Kyle wasn't always one of the good guys. He was at one time a loyal Imperial Officer. This is what he could of looked something like back then.

BUGS: None known.

COMMENTS: If you have any ideas for this skin, please tell me in the comment section. 

Permission: Ah heck I really don't care, you can go ahead and use this skin without asking for my permission. Just remember to give me credit in your readme file. ;)


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