Imperial Outpost Duel



though :pRight, so, today brings us a neat little duel map by Lord Demhter. Unrelated question - is that spelled "dueling" or "duelling"? Opera's spell-checker and my mind appear to disagree on it.Regardless...

Once when I was a little boy I built an Imperial outpost room with LEGO, I still got this LEGO room, and that's why I thought "Hey, why don't you rebuild it for JKA?" Done. :D

LayoutThe layout here is fairly straightforward, to the point where I'd say your best bet is just clicking screenshot #3. It's simple, easy on FPS and works for duels, though I figure it might get boring after a while.LooksNormally, I'd say this room isn't very exciting. I fell in love with the way the glass roof was done though; the view on the forest-like outside really does add something, without making my Stone Age computer overheat. That and the view behind the table. (middle-left-y, screenshot #3).Suggestions, glitches, etcNow, there are two points of criticism I have here.-First off, there's a missing texture. Whilst not too disrupting, you'll notice the completely out-of-place black and white squares of textureless doom near the red consoles in the middle of screenshot #2.-The area around the table is blocked! The moment you walk up the two steps onto that area (screenshot #3 again), you get blocked by an invisible wall, and it annoys me :(What I'd love to see is that area being just as accessible as the rest of the map, since it doesn't look like you can't get into it or anything.Other than that though, I like it. Approved.New Textures: Technically yes, but they're sort of missing.New Sounds: NoNew Music: YesBot Routes: Yes-Caelum


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