Imperial Prison

Well, this is a map of an Imperial prison, don’t get me wrong, it does have an ‘Imperial’ feel to it, but it just doesn’t feel enough like a...


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Well, this is a map of an Imperial prison, don’t get me wrong, it does have an ‘Imperial’ feel to it, but it just doesn’t feel enough like a prison to me :( With all the glass containers n’ stuff.

I noticed there were a few missing textures. Also, there were LOTS of teleporters, some seemed to be hidden, and others were set off by switches. I kept walking into them without realizing it, and ending up in a cell somewhere lol, mind you that’s probably the point, to trap the prisoners if they try to escape ;)

The layout is quite confusing, I kept getting lost because I was being teleported all the time, plus, some of the switches on the walls didn’t seem to do anything, where as the one next to it, might close a door.

There was also no music :(

Really, this maps too blocky, and not as well laid out as I would have liked. It does need quite a lot more work, but its not a bad start, the teleporting was a good idea, if you do a v2 of this, I would love to see how you expand on that :)

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Welcome To The Imperial Prison! For a while now convicts have been restless, always plotting methods of escape by any means. Many lives were lost in these times, as imperial forces called unfair rules upon the prisoners
making them revolt and breakout. An extremly high level prison was built, in order to control these prisoners, and it has always worked since.

This map includes: Several prisons, rancor pit, Bar, Duel room, Spawning room, Telepoting system

Installation: Unzip the imperial prison.pk3 file into your base folder, and then start playing!

special thanks to Watsit and Vamp for the testing...i owe you guys :)


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