Imperial Reptiles

In case you missed the review of the original version: I was all excited about these skins because I thought we were going to get s...


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In case you missed the review of the original version:

I was all excited about these skins because I thought we were going to get some neat half-human half-lizard skins. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that, on the default skin, the only changes that were made was that the head was colored green and a pattern reminiscent of lizard scales was overlaid on the top of it. Some actual changes were made to the commander skin, adding a couple extra "chemical stick" (psst! they're rank cylinders) and some green sections onto the rank badge. Personally I don't think the green really matches their outfits. I also find that it looks a bit like a sore thumb because the green faces have no variation in color - they really shouldn't be a solid hue (there should be lighter/darker, saturated/unsaturated areas), but they are.

Overall I find it's lacking a little bit in creativity, as it modifies only the face of the Imperial officer. It also overwrites the Imperial officer, which I would imagine would be a turn off for most people.

A couple of changes have been made to this version. First of all the little green pieces of the rank badges have been added to all variations of the skin, which no longer overwrites the Imperial (yay!). However this makes the commander and officer skins a little more difficult to see in action, but luckily the author once again included instructions on how to use them. Some other details, like scratches and wounds, have been added to certain skins. Personally I still find that it just looks like a scaley person - the whole green skin and scales pattern doesn't particularly make them look like lizards to me.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Imperial Reptiles v2
AUTHOR**: armagecko/={MA}=Thelizard 

FILENAME: imperial_reptiles_v2.pk3 
FILESIZE: 1.16 mb
DATE RELEASED: 12 march 2006

CREDITS**: <.< 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: simply drag the .pk3 file into your /gamedata/base file and your ready to go 

DESCRIPTION**: well i thought the first version needed improvements and even tho this one is still not the best
you have to admit, its better than the original. i gave the commander more eye shadow and made his eyebrows look angry.
the imperial,red,blue i gave them some cuts and blood and bigger eyebags, also a number burned into its forhead. 
the officer, i gave angry eyebrows and made abit
of his face ripped off, to show kindof a metal bone, kinda like an android or a terminator i guess.
all the the imperials have been given the 2 extra green badges.

for the commander and officer skins type in the console:
/model imperial_reptiles_v2/officer
/model imperial_reptiles_v2/commander 
BUGS: none so far.

COMMENTS: if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know at or add me on msn/email, my address is 


**Required items. jedi academy...LoL

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