Imperial Storage Silo

I have to admit, when I first saw the name of the map, I didn't get a good first impression. Call me a pessimist, but usually anything with...


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I have to admit, when I first saw the name of the map, I didn't get a good first impression. Call me a pessimist, but usually anything with 'Imperial' in the name, means a dull grey complex. However, I was very surprised. :)

I have only a few criticisms with this map. Firstly, it's a little too dark throughout - it needs to be brighter so you can see your duel opponent a little better. Secondly, there's some brush clipping issues - some crates are mysteriously embedded into walls, and the outside walkway just ends, which looks a little strange. Thirdly, the framerate is a little low for a duel map. It isn't low, as per-say, but it isn't exactly high either. I noclipped around and although a lot of hidden surfaces were caulked, I think the author really needs to caulk the outside bits of the building which you can't see from the inside. (Unless you can get outside - I couldn't manage it.)

Finally, the lack of music and ambient sounds was really a bummer in this map, especially considering the nice water drop and steam effects you can see on pipes and things around the map. Oh, and I really don't like the ceiling in the basement duel room - it looks weird, you can see into the void from the corners, and the lighting doesn't quite work.

Having said all that, this map is ace! I really enjoyed the theme, and the brushwork and texturing for the most part was extremely well done. It's not over the top, and it looks brilliant. I especially liked the drastic change of scenery between the inside and outside areas. It's like the SP Dossun mission, but far better. For duels, it has a very nice layout, with plenty of room to duel, and is pretty much the perfect size. Unfortunately, the bots won't duel in the lower room, but that’s alright, that room isn't as good as the rest, and I'd much prefer sticking to the main section. One of the better maps I've seen in a while.

New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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February 1st 2006
Map Name                : Imperial storage silo
Author                  : DareDevil
Email Address           :
Map description         : An abandoned storage silo used by the imperials during the galactic civil war
Other info              : the map has two floors to it...the door to the lower duel arena is located on the floor
arround the outer ring. use the switch nearby to activate the door
 Thanks to	        : Kribba for ideas, solidus for testing and the community at for general feedback
* Play Information *

New Sounds              :NO
New Skins               :NO
New Objects             :NO

* Construction *
Brush Count             : <1475 Bruches>
Entity Count            : <343 Entities>
Software used           : gtk Radiant 4.0, pakscape
Known Bugs              : none 
Build Time              : 14 days work
Botroutes		: Yes - only for higher dueling area

* How to use this map *

place dd_duel1.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder

* Copyright / Permissions *


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