Imperial Time Machine

Nozy brings us his latest work, the imperial time machine. It consists of 4 focal areas, interlinked by various corridors. Visually, it's a...


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Nozy brings us his latest work, the imperial time machine. It consists of 4 focal areas, interlinked by various corridors. Visually, it's a fairly good map, albeit a little on the small side, and there's some nice features. Seeing as this map is all about the 'Imperial Time Machine,' I guess I'll start off in that area.

This is of course, the main feature of the map, and consists of about 4 or 5 spinning rings rotating around, and I quote 'A bubble of pure time energy.' Well, it doesn't quite look like that, maybe a new shader would have worked a little better here, but it's still a darn cool looking device. I was a little disappointed it didn't do anything to me when I jumped in it - taking the player to a different time zone would have been cool, or at least damaging them - you know, seeing as jumping into a chrono-worm hole device (unattended for a long time) isn't usually good for one's physique ;) The room this device is in looks pretty nice architecturally, although I can't help wondering why it's so red, considering all the white lights around it. Oh, and the flares are in midair as opposed to coming from the lights (See second screenshot.) I know this was a map made under certain parameters, but I think you should expand on this now that the contest is over - it could become a very interesting map! :D

I liked the power-generator rooms with the green beams inside the glass chambers, the effects work well - perhaps those control panels are a little large though. ;) Oh, and I was expecting those cannisters to explode, but they didn't. The interlinking corridors are atmospheric, to say the least, sure they're a little dark, but this IS Vader's most top secret project, right? This brings me onto the control hub of the station - consisting of various control panels and some kind of floating blue visualisation of the time machine. This looks a bit out of place due to the shader used at close distance, but from a distance it looks nice - I think one of those green 3D-mesh looking textures/shaders would have worked nicely there :) But of course that's just my opinion, to each his own.

In this room there was also a button which caused every door in the level to seal itself. Cool, but not very practical for an FFA when people get trapped in corridors with only one button to release the doors - what happens if the person who has closed the doors kills themself? Oh, and it would've been nice to see the colour of the button change when you pressed it, and add a noise - I wasn't sure I had done anything at first - good work on the doors themselves though, they look good.

Overall this is a very polished map, considering the technical/spacial limitations imposed by the rules under which this map was created (It was for a contest over at Map Review) and although there are a few little problems such as the flares, I think this could prove to be a fun FFA map for 5-6 players. Oh, one final note, well done on including bot support, although (this is just an editors question) - why did you have four shaders when you could have put them all into one? ;)

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (7.27MB)

JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy Map Review Challange:2 Imperial Time Machine

Title: Imperial Time Machine
Author: Wedge (for the basic map) Nozyspy (for "doing it up")

Date Released: 14/6/05

Game Type: FFA/TFFA/Duel/Power Duel

New Textures: Yes

New Music/Sounds: No

Installation: Put the imp_timemachine.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Info: This, is Darth Vaders ultimate project, shrouded in secrecy, the Imperial Time Machine! 
Hidden deep underground, and using all kinds of exotic fuels, and power sources, to keep itself running.

Inside the spinning rings sits a bubble of pure time energy, 
and the promise of unlimited power for any who can tame it.

Now you have seen it, you are forever sworn to secrecy, lest the Dark Lord himself hunt you down....

Comments: This is my map for the Map Review Challenge 2, where you get a simple boxy layout, 
a few rules, and a time limit, and have to create a cool map in that time:)

For more info go here:


***NOTE*** The console in the control room, with the BIG red button, and the yellow and black stripes below
is USABLE, press it, and it will bring blast doors down, throughout the map, locking every room, 
and setting off warning sirens also throughout the map >:)

Credits: Well, Wedge, obviously, for making the box map from which we all started, 
and to all the cool staff at Map Review for putting on this contest :D

Thanks to my beta testers too! Rabbit, Falgard, ZidZabre, Jawa and Baby Spinach.

Have Fun :D


This level isnt made or supported by LucasArts, Raven Software or anything like that, 
blah blah, so on and so forth ;)

Please DO NOT edit, re-release, or use any elements from this map without asking me first :)

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