Indiana Jedi and the Temple of Chewbacca

AAA!!! *gasps for breath* Mmkay, so, I'm sure many of you have longed for a map like this. Indiana Jedi and the Temple of Chewbacca. T...


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AAA!!! *gasps for breath* Mmkay, so, I'm sure many of you have longed for a map like this. Indiana Jedi and the Temple of Chewbacca. This is just what you would expect of a map named that. The locale is exotic and beautiful outside, there are traps and sticky situations to get into. It's a wonderful map. When you first enter the temple, you have a few different ways to go. There's the Worship Center, or the Battle Dome, and other places that I don't remember the names of. :) There are many obstacles that are hard to get by, but once you do, you're certainly not done. There are some places in the map that are obviously inspired by the movies, and some are just from Orb's mind, I think. You'll hear familiar sound clips in some key places. There are some beautiful and ornate textures all around. Ooooh ... and there's a mine shaft thing, with a mine car thingy (I have no idea what they're called). Unfortunately, it doesn't move, but if you follow the path around the corner, you'll find that it's probably best that the car didn't work anyway. If you fall, make sure you have good aim, because there is a bridge that can save you. You'll have the option of entering The Evil Lair or start over by taking the Emergancy Exit route. The Evil Lair is so amusing. I love how Orb has combined so many movies together in this map. :)

I did notice that in some area, I actually fell through like, the wall. Not sure what happened there. But I ended up in that area that you see in the last two screenshots there. I don't recall what I did or how I got there. But I did press the big red button. :D There are probably a dozen more things I missed in this map. The music is ... oh c'mon, do I really have to tell you? This map is wonderful. I had a great time playing it. But it's not enough! Nope. I'm not satified. You need to make another one, Orb! But like, with more. Like, a map that could be played in SP or MP with all the scripting and stuff so you can play it alone or like, with others. Oooh. I'd love that. But anyway ... this map is great.

There's a bonus with this map, too. A bunch of new skins created just for this map. There are several Wookiees, a new Lando, a Noghri and an "evil anthropologist". The Lando is fairly plain in appearance and I haven't much to say about him. The Wookiees definitely add some variety to those who prefer to play as the furry kind. The reskin of Rax only makes him look even more icky - and I didn't think that was possible. The new skins are courtesy of ENmiTy. Don't expect new sounds for the skin or team support, but these were just made for the map, so no complaints here. :) Nice work. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Download '' (17.25MB)

ORB Global/ [ModSect] Game Modifications presents

Title : Indiana Jedi and the Temple of Chewbacca
Level Design: Orbitius
Skin Design: Enmity(the wookies), Orbitius(the rest)

E-Mail : more spam! i dont get enough already)
AIM: Master Orbitius, Acidrainne

File Name : indiana_jedi
File Size : 17.3  MB
Game Type : FFA
Beta Testers: Orbitius, Enmity

New Sounds : YES 
New Music: YES
New Textures: YES 
Old Models: YES (from jk2)
New Skins: YES
Bot Support: YES
Weapon Support: ALL

INSTALLATION: Unzip and place indiana_jedi.pk3 in gamedata/base folder. Load in MP game.

COMMENTS: *Takes a deep breath, and relaxes* Well its finally done. I've been workin on it for awhile and i'm quite proud of it. It is just what the title makes you to think it is. So I  hope everyone enjoys playing this level and discovering its secrets. 

ALSO included in this pak are several new skins designed specially for this level. Several wookies, an odd noghri, a very black lando, and an evil anthropologist. 

COMMENTS: I created these skins for my good friend Orbitius for his new map Indiana Jedi and the Temple of Chewbacca. These skins are so simple it hurt me to make them. I was caught off gaurd by the side1 and 2.Png files so he wont look as bushy and hairy as he usually does. Just imagin a wookie with a haircut. I promise by the release of the second pack ([ModSect] Pack0_2) that i will have hella better chewbacca skins. 

Hope you enjoi the map and that my skins bring alittle more life to the map.

ALSO included in this pak are several new skins designed specially for this level. Several wookies, an odd noghri, a very black lando, and an evil anthropologist. 

NOTES: bot routes: they are present but the level design made it very hard to completely route the entire level. The outside and the battle dome are the only two areas supported. 

*EXPLICIT SOUND FILE: the sound file located at the podeum in the main hall contains several so-called "swear words" these may include words like SH*T. So if your a 'youngster' make sure you dont listen to that. (-;

THANKS TO: Ravensoft (for great textures, models, and a pretty good game..), Enmity(wookies), Mike Meyers(for creating dr.evil), Kevin Smith(for making the greatest movies of all times and making it possible for me to use perfect sound byte from his movies(the podeum) ), all the people that have complained about any of my previous levels, Orbitius for making the welcome.wav file (yeah thats me/-:) Harrison Ford for being such a stud..., Hmm...Jesus?, sure.  And last but not least,  Chewbacca! 

STAY TUNED: Our team at ORb Global/ [ModSect] is working hard on lots of new projects and they just keep getting better and better, so stay tuned for what is in store for the future. Out next will most likely be a Siege map, but at this point anything is possible, maybe even an SP saga.. who knows...

ABOUT ORB Global: Orb global is comprised of Orbitius and his computer
ABOUT [ModSect]: is Inpsyte, Enmity, and Orbitius lovers of game modifications..


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