Ingame Character and Saber Menus

When I make custom skins for myself, I always include SP support. When I do that, I test it ingame as well. I give it multiple options for e...


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When I make custom skins for myself, I always include SP support. When I do that, I test it ingame as well. I give it multiple options for each section of the skin, so, to test em all out and see how they look while playing, I would either have to start a new game each time I wanted a new part of the skin, or memorize the code for that particular part, both of which were annoying. Well, I now have a mod that will get rid of that problem.

What this does is allows you to bind a key to open up the character select screen in SP, allowing you to change how your character looks. It also brings up the saber select menu once you have finished with the character select. Unfortunately, for it to take effect, you have to turn cheats on and type in "playermodel player" or just bind a key to do that.

Overall, I think that's a small price to pay to do what this mod allows you to do. Hopefully a version two will get rid of the need to turn on cheats and reset the playermodel yourself...

Give it a download if you find this as useful as I do.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Modification
TITLE: Ingame Character and Saber Menus
AUTHOR: master_ibonek

FILENAME: char_saberingamemenus.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 2/16/2007

CREDITS: George Lucas, RavenSoft, LucasArts, and the people at Filefront Forums

INSTALLAION: Extract to Gamedata/base folder

DESCRIPTION: This mod binds a key ingame, so that when you press the bound key-The Character Creation Menu comes up so you can change
 your character's appearance any time you want. But wait there's more! After you change your character's appearance, you can change your 
saber, too! Just click next just like at the beginning of the game. There's one defect though: After you change your stuff, it doesn't apply after 
you click &quot;Resume.&quot; This I will hope to fix in V2. After you click resume, you have to open up the console (with cheats enabled) and 
type &quot;playermodel player.&quot; It's easier to bind keys. So ingame in the console type:

for Menu type: &quot;bind <any key> uimenu ingamecharactermenu&quot;
for changes to apply: &quot;bind <any key> playermodel player&quot;

BUGS: The saber menu only supports the default 9 sabers ingame. So any other mods that add sabers after the default nine, cant be 
accessed from ths menu unless you edit the .menu file itself.

COMMENTS: I think this has been done before, but without the saber menu. 



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