Insane Kane : The Awakening Trailer

*NOTE: This is different than the trailer recieved in 2004*

{SITH}DarthTyranus brings us the Insane Kane Trailer. Including voice-ac...


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*NOTE: This is different than the trailer recieved in 2004*

{SITH}DarthTyranus[SL] brings us the Insane Kane Trailer. Including voice-acting from the famous Smith-Lord :o. This one looks quite interesting. Heres the lowdown , A lambda shuttle crash lands in the docking bay on a Star Destroyer. There is one survivor from the crash , a mysterious man named Kane. Kane with his sith powers causes havoc and panic on the ISD-Victorious. This is kind of like the First Alien vs. Predator :P. Im looking forward to seeing the saga this summer. Could DarthTyranuss’ Insane Kane be more popular than Dens’ The Great and Majestic Empire? Download this trailer and decide for your self.


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File Name: Insane Kane: The Awakening Trailer 

Developer: {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL]

Developer's email:

Installation Instructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. 
Windows Media Player is required.

Running Time: 1 minute and 46 seconds. 

Description: This is the trailer for “Insane Kane: The Awakening", the first installment of the "Insane Kane Trilogy". 
It is a remake of a mediocre movie I made a long time ago called "Insane Kane". I have gained a huge amount of experience 
since its release and thus this version will be exponentially better. "Insane Kane: The Awakening" is also 
the sequel to "The Legend of Solaris" (the special edition is still in production). 

Story: When a mysterious cargo shuttle crashes while docking with the stardestroyer, ISD-Victorious, rescuers pull the sole 
survivor from the wreckage. An ominous last transmission and a recovered lightsaber prompt Commander Richter to question 
the identity and purpose of the comatose survivor, Kane. Dismissing the concerns of his subordinate, Captain Thorin 
allows Kane to remain unrestrained onboard the stardestroyer. Kane suddenly wakes up and wreaks murderous havoc on the 
crew of the Victorious. 

Credits: Special thanks to Zappa_0 and JOM, Drivel, Xotli, [MH]Benjy, [JR]Smithlord, and [JR]Billton. 

This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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