Instant Skin! Quality still not included!

***Nozyspy screams in terror*** :eek: Oh dear goodness, that face! Man that freaked me out! :P

Yes its back! Its v2 of Instant Ski...


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***Nozyspy screams in terror*** :eek: Oh dear goodness, that face! Man that freaked me out! :P

Yes its back! Its v2 of Instant Skin, and “quality is still not included!” Man I loved that line from the readme, I just had to paste it in here.

Lets have a look at this skin then…well first off, that face! Seriously that freaked me out, I think if we ever got to see a Jawa’s face, that might be something what it looked like. Good job on the face there mate, I think that creepy mouth and the Jawa’s glowy eyes make a good combination. ;)

The skin has been updated a bit since last time, there are now more patches of colour on his robes, and some new sounds are also included. Personally I really liked the sounds, the squeaky voice was scary, and the ‘plopping’ noises that you hear when you roll or take damage also sounded hilarious!

This is a difficult skin to review really, since it isn’t trying to be anything, if you know what I mean. Usually re-skins are meant to look like something else, perhaps another Star Wars character or one of the author’s own invention. This sticks out from the crowd though, because the author has made this to give players some fun and make them laugh. Personally I think you have made a really amusing skin to use here mate, I really enjoyed playing as this guy and to be honest I think I’m going to keep this in my base folder. So good work there! :D

As for things to be improved upon…well I really don’t know, I guess you should keep the face the same, because that’s great, but maybe work on the robes a bit more. Add some structure and pattern to them, perhaps making it look like the different coloured patches are sewn together or something similar.

Overall though, I honestly liked this skin it gave me plenty of laughs. If you guys like the look of it too, give it a download!

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No Team Support: No


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Author: Ekalektik
File name: cheezburger.pk3
File history: Yes, you've dreaded its return, but here it is. V2 of Instant Skin! Quality is still not included!

CHANGE LOG: Added more patches of color to the original mesh, because I didn't think I could replicate the face.
                          Added better soundset. Note that that is not me talking in them....
                          Added an icon for profile menu

INSTALATION: Drag-N-Drop the pk3 file into (by default) C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDateBase

DISCLAIMER: RAVEN, LucasArts, and any of their sponsors/affiliates do not sponsor or support this file. They don't know it exists and don't care. 
I am not in any way responsible for any damage to your PC and/or eyes caused by this file. Use it at your own risk. 
IMPORTANT!!!! Whatever this file may lead you do believe, I do not do drugs.

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