Be sure to download the Jack Sparrow skin if you're gonna play on this map. It's The Interceptor from the Pirates of the Carribean movie!...


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Be sure to download the Jack Sparrow skin if you're gonna play on this map. It's The Interceptor from the Pirates of the Carribean movie! I'm going to keep in mind that this is, like the author said, a part of a whole. Because, frankly, the water and the skybox kinda bugged me.

The ship itself is great! It's fairly small, so this would only be good for a small FFA. There are cannons and a steering wheel thingy (I don't know any of the technical terms here, so hush) and a big silver bell. There are very small quarters in the belly of the ship with some tiny barrels. Oh, and in case you fall overboard, there's a small boat on one side that you can jump up into. One of the tiniest details I noticed is a piece of gold that was so important to the story on a table on the ship. Nice touch. :)

I really like this ship, but I can't say that I like it as an FFA map. There's almost no room for dueling or even FFAing. Maybe when the author completes his entire map that will have this ship and hopefully *crosses fingers* the Dauntless docked. It's worth a download for a look at the map. Oh, and the music is perfect, of course - most likely taken from the soundtrack of the movie. Can't wait to see more from you, Trent!

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel


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**          Jedi Academy Map          **

<09. February 2004>
Map Name                : Interceptor
Author                  : Trent_Easton
Email Address           :
Website URL             :
Map description         : This is one of the two ships of the royal navy from Pirates of the Caribbean - The Interceptor.

Other info              : This is only the first part of my actual map. I'm working on Port Royal, where the Interceptor
				  and (hopfully) the Dauntless will be docked.
				  The map for itself is not very big, but as I said, it's only a part of the whole.

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jack Davenport

Thanks to               : Ravage for his Jack Sparrow skin, wich inspired me to make this map ;)
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : YES
New Textures            : YES
New Objects             : NO

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 846 Bruches
Entity Count            : 86 Entities
Software used           : JK2Radiant/JK3Radiant (for lightening and compiling) and Adobe Photoshop (for the Textures)
Known Bugs              : Not really a bug, but I want to appollogize for the rectangular ropes... and the bad light...
				  Oh and: Sorry, no bot
				  route, yet. :(
Build Time              : three days
Compile Time		: 3 minutes and 26 seconds

* How to use this map *

Put the Interceptor.pk3 into your GameData/base folder. To uninstall just remove the file.

* Copyright / Permissions *


Do NOT use this map before asking me for permission, please! 
Oh, feel free to use my skytexture, but please give credit to me in the readme.

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