Ugh -_-; this is gonna feel like a total bashfest.

I'm not sure what to say here without sounding mean, but this model doesn't seem to d...


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Ugh -_-; this is gonna feel like a total bashfest.

I'm not sure what to say here without sounding mean, but this model doesn't seem to do InuYasha much justice. I say this with due confidence as I used to watch the show ad nausea a few years ago. From here on out, I'm going to revert to my age old tradition of calling him InuZ throughout the review.(Don't ask why XD)

SO basically, this InuZ model here looks completely...sloppy. There's no other way to say it. The necks' hardly attached, and you can see through it. The arm holes of the outfit are visible, the head is hollow and there's no mouth texture, the hair's a complete NIGHTMARE, and the rest of it feels so geometric, it pretty much ruins what good qualities remain here. It's actually really sad.

So, resisting the urge to compare to previous models of InuZ done in the past, I'll basically attack what's good about it so far:

- You have the most basic appearance components, so you didn't skimp out completely.

- You were bold enough to make actual eyes and a mouth.

- You got the outfit relatively correct.

- You made a weapon to accompany your work.

Okay...I've got to attack it...and rip it apart =_= THE DAMNED HAIR. INUZ'S HAIR WAS NEVER STRINGY AND THIN IN THE BACK LIKE THAT. UGH *bashes head on desk* Anyone who's even REMOTELY looked at InuZ for longer than 60 seconds would acknowledge that. I'll admit, I think I understand where you were coming from, but I don't think it was gonna work. InuZ was meant to have a HUGE, soft, bushy man of hair. Detail pretty much almost was outta the question when it came to the individual chunks of hair. The front bangs also look Too pronounced, not enough fluff, I guess.

Alright...textures *sighs* were not great, even for cel-shading. Cel-shading is not an excuse to skimp on fine detail. older Animé artists were good at one thing: leaving enough detail to get the point across. However, this isn't a cartoon we're dealing with, nor are you an animé artist, so you gotta improv for the most part. I really wish I could give you a good suggestion, but I'm not sure if what I could say would really help. Maybe the commentators on this file may give some good suggestions.

So, I mentioned a weapon file that went along with this skin. Don't get too excited, as it's not exactly great either. The blade was actually not too bad, but the rest of it left something to be desired. The main qualm here was the furry guard, one of Tetsusaiga's primary hallmarks. It did NOT feel a thing like fur, but more like...frozen crystals that might remotely look like hair. Also, the fur was only "skin deep," and had only one side of a texture, as opposed to a more complete look, so when you jumped, it looked like hardly anything was there.

Next, the tag. Not only was the tag in a poorly chosen area to hold the sword(it's usually best to have the top hand meet the guard as close as possible,) but it was ASS BACKWARDS! If you held the blade in strong stance, the blade would actually dig into InuZ's head!

Finally, there were no sounds to speak of that worked, as the author didn't include the pathed sounds, so saber sounds ahoy! The only other good thing about the weapon was that it looked cool when thrown, and that's about it.

So, all in all, this felt like a highly rushed model, and it paid dearly in the end result. I hope highly that the author takes a look back and improves this model. I think it can still be redeemed, but it requires some serious work. Don't feel discouraged, as I'm sure you tried damn hard. I know a lot of the bugs I pointed out you were already aware of, which gladdens me highly, as that shows you're able to keep the wool out of your eyes. Just keep striving to make it better, and I'm sure you'll have a badass product in no time!

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- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Inuyasha
AUTHOR: DarkLordXana   a.k.a DarkLordXana
FILENAME: inuyasha.pk3
FILESIZE: about 2 kb
DATE RELEASED: July 27, 2008

CREDITS: Just me as far as the model and such goes...have to say though without all of the tutorials on the forums Id have been lost...I should also thank Psyk0Sith as it was the "cel shader" from his cartoon clone wars pack that taught me how to create a cell shaded model...NOTE I DID NOT STEAL HIS SHADER I MADE MY OWN FROM SCRATCH BY LOOKING AT WHAT HE DID.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: simply extract the pk3 from the zip file then insert it into your base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is my attempt at an Inuyasha model with the tetsusaiga for cell shaded style..since it is from an animie i felt this was appropriate...contains team skins...the blue one is a simple recolor..and the red one his his demon form..however to give it more variation I greyscaled the cloths on the red skin..sort was actually a recolor but looks like i just grey scaled...The screenshots dont really do the shader justice though....beleive me it is shaded...but my video settings may have conflicted with the screenshot.

BUGS: Not to many bugs...I intend to have sound files for Inuyasha and the Tetsusaiga in an far as actual bugs...well with the character there arent bugs so to speak..I just dont reccommend using it as a character replacement in single player..mainly due to the fact that while the face is animated quite well...there are no eye he doesnt exactly blink...hard to make eyelids that work with the usually large styled eyes of anime..and there is not an inside to his mouth so you just see out the back of the head...I plan on at least fixing the mouth issue..and maybe developing some way to work in real weighting issues though..i was pleased to see that the sword on his hips rarely clip with his arms..really only happens with single player cinematic animations..again another reason not to use him...the tetsusaiga...on the other hand has only two real is that...and this is the biggest of the two..its not rotated right...I tried over and over and it refuses to sit correctly....the only other that there is supposed to be a cell shader on it as well..but so far that hasent worked.

COMMENTS: I decided to start modeling for the JK so far I have only worked with yes this means Im not a total noob to was a new expeariance.  Im highly found of anime skins..*GASP* yeah I know a modder that actually does anime themed modding veterans and morons who cant appreciate foreign culture can feel free ridicule me later..However...I know that anime characters are common let me get one thing out in the open..and im serious about this..I WILL NOT TAKE REQUESTS...I do anime models...but i wont do ones just cause you ask for ' if I happen to find a request on the forums that interests me..I might undertake it...but I likely wont inform you of doing so....and if you actually ask me to do it..ill probly turn you down...

You can feel fre to reskin this model without my permission...and use it for other long as I am credited and this readme is included un-moddified.


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