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Well this is the same map as before, only with a couple of textures fixed. While it does fix some textures, I found a whole bunch of missing...


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Well this is the same map as before, only with a couple of textures fixed. While it does fix some textures, I found a whole bunch of missing textures in one of the secret rooms. I was running on an empty base folder, so it’s not a texture conflict. What I suggest the author do to find the missing textures is to clear out his base folder of everything but the map (create a new folder and move everything into it). That’s how I test maps. Anyways, old review still applies, so here.

This clan map, as clan maps run, is very average. For a first time map, though, it does have a lot of interesting features. And, of course, its share of errors and bugs. The map itself needs a major aesthetic overhaul. The texture combinations are not only strange in many places, but ugly in many others. I'm not trying to be mean here, because the texturing here is by far not as bad as so many maps I've seen in the past, but a lot of the textures simply clash and don't go together. With a little bit of interior decoration this map could be twice as easy on the eyes as it is now.

Whilst the texturing may be slightly ugly, the more important things to note are the actual map bugs. In at least one place I saw a missing texture, and in at least one other I saw a misplaced texture on the edge of a door. Also, many textures seemed to be used on all sides of an object, being inadvertently stretched very badly on the shorter sides. It may be worth the author's time to go back and change those particular faces to something a little more fitting. Also, there was a lot of z-fighting around the edges of brushes. I almost couldn't turn without seeing it. A lot of brushes need to be trimmed down to fit appropriately with the rest of the map so there aren't competing textures all over the place.

On thing I liked (and disliked at the same time, when I ran into it!) was the lava columns. However I'd like to make a couple of suggestions on those. A lot of people would be irritated when they walked into that column and realized "Hey, it's a liquid!" The column should probably at the very least flow a bit, like real lava. Also, you might want to consider making those columns cylinders instead of rectangles. I just think it might look a little nicer, but they're fine in the shape they are. For some reason I also enjoy the immensely oversized floating chairs (though the texturing on them is a little wacky - what's up with that particular texture all over the place? Reminds me of Tron or something!).

If I were this author, I'd do a couple of things to really drastically spruce up this map. I'd go over the texturing and make it more thematic (or at least matching), I'd fix the z-fighting, I'd add some fitting music, and I'd add some appropriate lighting. Try one (or more) of those things and I think your next version will be a grand improvement.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: IR Clan Map V6.2
AUTHOR: Necrotic1

FILENAME: irclanv6_2.pk3

CREDITS: Thanks to the clan for Beta testing!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Dump the .pk3 file into your base folder which is in your gamedata folder.

DESCRIPTION: This map is the clan map of the {IR}.... It has been undergoing continual updates so and errors *hopefully* will be fixed in the next version.

BUGS: Run the map and dont tell me.

COMMENTS: This is a first time map.... please go easyish on me and oh yeah.... 80% of the map is in secret areas.  Look in the court room :) and prey to the god of processors....

FIXES: I included the textures lol

Secrets: There are TONS.... look in the court room and press stuff that looks like they are buttons!

Textures: Very much random.  Think Frankenstein and your close, each new texture means a new version!


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