Iron Man

=_,= The Man of Iron...I would use such things to destroy larger walls. Afterwards, the dispensable army comes into play.

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=_,= The Man of Iron...I would use such things to destroy larger walls. Afterwards, the dispensable army comes into play.

Composed within this pack is:

Iron Man Mk III - The default skin the majority of us tend to recognize as Iron Man's current form. The skin is relatively good in the front, but honestly, I think the back is rather incorrect. There's too much red schema, and the pictures I am viewing have a transition into a yellow pattern for a brief period. In the back, it's just pretty much all red, and feels off. Combine this with the slightly awkward build of the shadowtrooper model, and the skin's execution drops slightly, due to poor choice.

Silver Centurion (Iron Man red team) - Same deal as above, but silver instead of gold pattern

Stealth Iron Man - This one seems to have poorer quality than the others. The black lines seem to strike out unpleasantly, and it seems to lack a shaded feel. Also, how Iron Man would sneak around in a heavy metal suit is beyond me ⌐_⌐

War Machine - The same applications of the first Iron Man, but with black and gray scheme.

Iron Man Mark 1 - Ah yes, the rather clunky and awkward looking first version of Iron Man. This frankenstein machine was based off the same model apparently, but given a bulge shader that threw me off completely O_o; I couldn't tell what model it was for a second, until I checked the .skin. Suffice to say, the grayfox model would have been the model I would have originally went with to base this skin pack on. Suffice to say, the head and chest light fall prey to problems. The head just doesn't look right, and the chest light texture bends away partially when you look up.

All in all, this skin pack was rather ._. so-so, I suppose. Good effort, but could be better =_=. I would suggest reviewing the paint scheme of the default and going from there. Otherwise, death.

Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Nay New Sounds: Aye Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Title: Iron Man
Author: yodaman123
This is a skin, or skins, of the upcoming movie IRON MAN! It is a reskin of the shadow trooper, and don’t worry, it wont overwrite anything. There are 5 versions of Iron Man here:
*Default movie version (mark 3)
*War Machine
*Silver Centurion (red team)
*Stealth Iron Man (blue team)
*Iron Man Mark 1 (comic versison)
All the other skins of him (accept Mark 1) are just recolors of the default. There are a load of shaders that goes with these skins. I have a chrome shader applied to default, red, and war machine skins along with a glow shader, to create a metal robot looking guy. For Stealth iron man I just used the glow shader because you can’t be too shiny and noticeable when you are stealthy. The glow looks really cool I think. And with Mark 1 I have a bulge shader, to make him overall bulkier, and a specular shader, to make him shiny, but not polished off like the others. They come with bot support, team support, and new sounds. I would add NPC's but I don’t know much about that.
I give a HUGE thanks to Phonock, he let me use his sounds and shaders from his Iron Man skins! I also thank Stryker, and his Timeshift Darklier skins. I used the glow shader from those. Also thanks to Marvel Kid, he’s been helping me with stuff and has been a great help. And also, to some memebers from Filefront forums, thanks for giving me pointers along the way and giving me good critisism. 
I try to be flexible with things like this so if you want to use my stuff, just email me. I’ll try to respond ASAP. Also, please don’t post this on other sites without my permission. Thanks. Also, if you want, you can ask me for the PSP's if you want to modify different layers in PhotoShop, I'd be more than happy to do that.
Well there arent many bugs accept for a few. Every single skin doesnt glow (eyes) accept the blue skin. Its because of the chrome shader. Also, with Mark 1, he might not be able to do some animations because he's supposed to be a jk2 model.
Just download it from Then extract it to:
C:drive/program files/ LucasArts/Jedi Academy/Gamedata/base.
Then select the icon in the profile section.

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