Iron Man Mod - First View

speed of sound and withstand direct hits from tank shells in the real world, so we have to make do with games! :PHere we have quite a long t...

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speed of sound and withstand direct hits from tank shells in the real world, so we have to make do with games! :PHere we have quite a long trailer (11 minutes long!) for a new Iron Man themed mod that Jesus Fernandez Garcia is working on. As you can see from the video, there are some great looking new weapons effects, which make it look like the shots are being fired from your wrist along with the ability to fly. The flying part especially looks cool and in my opinion, the ability to fly around like that is a feature that isnt used in games enough. Perhaps after finishing this mod, you could make a Superman mod? Now flying around as Superman really would be cool!As I said above, the new weapons effects look great, especially the new purple coloured Bowcaster and Repeater effects and of course, just the very idea of being able to shoot rockets out of your wrists is enough to get me excited! I would say that some of the animations need some more work though, particularly when switching between some of the weapons. Another problem with the weapon animations was the odd arms out animation that plays when charging up the secondary pistol shot. Also I noticed that there is a green glow on the ground when firing the blaster rifle, this should be made purple so it matches the colour of the laser bolts being shot out.Onto the flying; this looks very good overall, especially the way you can jump and somersault into flight, however I think the flying animation would look a bit better if the players arms were stretched out infront of the player Superman style. This is more a matter of personal taste I suppose though.These are mostly minor problems however, and I am sure they can be fixed up with some more work. This trailer is just the first look at the mod after all, so the author is obviously still working on it. Overall this looks like a very cool mod, especially since you can fly around raining death from above, a fantasy I am sure many people share. ;) Oh, and look out for the part where iron Man turns and nods to the camera, and when he takes off at the end of the video, nice touches there!If you guys like the sound of this mod, and want to see a preview of what it will be like, give this a download!~Nozyspy~

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