Island Thunder Final

Remember that horrible, horrible movie "Waterworld"? I'm sure there were a few of you out there who liked it. Though I can't imagine WHY...


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Remember that horrible, horrible movie "Waterworld"? I'm sure there were a few of you out there who liked it. Though I can't imagine WHY. This map totally reminds me of that movie. You speed around on swoops in the water and battle people on little islands all around the map. There are three maps included here. A small one, a big one and a MONSTROUS one. All of them include swoops and jetpacks and the bigger maps include X-wings. This is not an impressive map by way of looks. The textures are boring. But there's a big boat out in the middle along with a blimp and those things are cool. This map is all about gameplay. It's all about the vehicles and weapons. So don't expect to actually have an uninterrupted, civilized duel on this map. LOL

There is bot support, but c'mon, look at the maps - bot support isn't going to be all that great. I would imagine this would be a great map to play a TFFA on. Anyway, good job on a map that's all about gameplay. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download '' (11.93MB)

Island Thunder Final by Jenova*Rebirth*

Installation: Place the islandthunderfinalpk3 into gamedata/base folder.

New texture's: Yes(1)
New music: yes
Bot routes: Yes (altho it is limited due to the nature of the maps)


Its a nice fun map, if you can see past the VISual limit, which is defaulted
to yet again keep fps down on the maps

3 maps, One small, one large and one huge out at sea, but you know me, i don't keep it simple,
 you can drive swoops in the sea, move up in water, push your mouse up untill
 the cursor wont move and thats when the swoop moves up, 
down is exactly the same only move mouse down, Don't forget to grab air as well lol.

Then we have several islands for you to initiate duels on, the galeon(boat) to fight on,
blimp to fight on, Which is now easily accessable, 
the boat has launch ramps for 4 speeder's to launch from, same for blimp
(huge version has 2 for each blimp and 2 for each boat).
Huge map also has 4 spawnable x-wings, these reside on landing platforms atop the blimps,
Easy access is to jump on the statue's yellow crystal to be pushed up to the platforms.

You can snipe or use repeater from the boats towers, 
by using the neon jump pads to get up there, the way
 into the storage has a secret button to open trap door, 
see if you can figure out what the button it :)

The jetpack on the large version is now located on the boat in the locked door room
and also in its original location aboard the blimp

The huge version of the map has the jetpack at different locations accross the map
There is a teleportation door from one boat to the other, making travel between area's 
on this map alot faster, as it can take a while to get from one area to the other on the 
huge version :)
bsp time : over 25 minutes(small)
bsp time : over 40 minutes(large)
bsp time : over 60 minutes(huge)

This was a small side project I put together whilst bored, 
And then i got entagled in the swoop at sea idea's and this is the result, a huge oceanic
frenzy :)

Bug fixes from old versions:

Final version fixes :
Yet again more improves lighting
Z-fighting texture's removed
Huge version now has x-wings

version 2 fixes :
Improved lighting
Extended large and huge versions

version 1.0
Nothing was improved as it was a relatively small version of the final 3
(small version is v1.0 with a little bit more extended ocean, nothing more)

Credits: My self for making this
         Anyone who plays it :)


This map is copywrite © Jenova*Rebirth* All rights reserved.

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