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Have you all been good little Jedi and Sith? Well, if you were ever wondering just who Santa Claus is - this year the role will be played by...


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Have you all been good little Jedi and Sith? Well, if you were ever wondering just who Santa Claus is - this year the role will be played by Ravensoft! Yup, Christmas comes early for the JK community! Raven has delivered 6 little goodies for Jedi Academy. Shall we open our gifts? :D

Let's open the little one first. Little ones are usually jewelry ... hehe. Ah, a gem of a duel map. It's appropriately titled Coruscant. This lovely map has three levels for dueling. The lower area is where you'll spawn, the middle level has a few catwalks and some pillars to make dodging saber swings a bit easier and the top level is a narrow walkway that will make for some fun duels. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, right? Well, I may regret saying this, but there's only one spawn point on this map - which caused a bit of an issue for me and my bot. Regardless though, it's a great duel map and I enjoyed playing on it. The first three screenshots show you what this map looks like.

Now let's turn our attention to the next gift - wrapped in silvery blue and dark red paper. :) It's a CTF map called Rift of Shadows. Both sides are mirror images of each other, of course. The bases have these large circular platforms that are surrounded by these huge, sharp teeth-like things. Look at the screenshots there, you'll see what I mean. And at the top is this spinning ball with electrical charges all around it. Very cool indeed. There are two ways into the base, which makes it easy to defend. But the base is large, so flag runners will be able to slip in and out quickly. :) There's also this lovely little area to hide and snipe those flag carriers right above one of the entrances. And don't be daunted by the maze below the other entrance - it's not as dizzying as it may appear. You'll also find some secret passageways in the dark halls with good weapons and other little goodies. :) What I found most impressive was the cavern with the water under the bridges and that waterfall/fountain. Love that. The lighting, the fog, the crumbling bridges ... I really like this map. It's a well-balanced CTF map that looks great. (There are 9 screenshots of this map below.)

And now onto the next present from Raven. :) This colorful FFA map, Gas Mine, should be familiar to those who played Single Player. This is a great map for a frenzied FFA. Some of the towers have several levels, and others are just perfect to use as shields from a wayward rocket or a sniper perched on a roof. Even without weapons, you could have a fun FFA on this map - especially for those force who- er, force users out there. ;) I've only included three screenshots to show you guys because this map, as you can probably guess, it looks pretty much the same from all angles. :) Oooh ... and that fan at the bottom there of the last screenshot, yeah, I'm fairly sure that'll kill ya. I did when I fell, but I may have had low HP, dunno.

The Fortress is the fourth map that Raven has given us, and it's like, the complete opposite of the last map we looked at. The four screenshots I included show what a bright and pretty map this is. :) Rays of sunlight pour through holes in the ceiling here and there throughout the halls of this map. There's a bit of greenery to be found growing in odd spots throughout the map, like high above where it's definitely a tight squeeze, but it makes for a perfect sniper area. There are also some holes in the walls around the map in some places that would be great for snipers as well. The map is bright, but there are a lot of shadows cast in corners that would be ideal places to hide and wait for an unsuspecting opponent. :D It's a simple map, with great gameplay. :) Oooh ... and there are destructable pillars! YAY!

One of the great things about these maps is the variety. In the last map I told you about, there was plenty of room and everything takes place outside, but with this next map from Raven, it's far from organic and there's a lot less space to maneuver in. Conquest of Byss is a beautiful map with several levels to choose from. Take an elevator up and hunt for your favorite weapon, or duel on the bright blue force shield thingy at the bottom of the map. A fun duel would be at the very top where holes in the floor make for a precarious fight. :D Oooh ... and the pyramid glass is breakable. Yay! (There are 5 screenshots of this map down below.)

And, of course, I saved the best for last. The final gift for us from Raven is the FFA map Ord Mantell Canyon. It's a dark map, but the lighting is perfect. Outside you make your way around many buildings that are built into the sides of mountains. The paths and the buildings themselves seem to be falling apart a little. There are canyons with shallow puddles of water and small drips coming from the rock ceiling. Somewhat hidden between two tall building is a waterfall that spills over into a small pool of water. There are many places to explore and this, I think is my favorite of all the new maps that Raven has released. :D (There are 8 screenshots below.)

Each map comes with bot support, of course and there are some new textures, it seems. This was a delightful little surprise to find in my Inbox this morning and I'm so glad we have some more solid maps to add to our servers. :D Enjoy the maps, guys and Raven wishes you all Happy Holidays. :D

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types:

Duel Map: Duel & Powerduel CTF Map: CTF FFA Maps: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'jabonusmaps.exe' (13.53MB)

Jedi Academy Bonus maps from Raven Sofware

6 New Maps:
duel_bonus1 - Coruscant
ctf_bonus1 - Rift of Shadows
ffa_bonus1 - Gas Mine
ffa_bonus2 - The Fortress
ffa_bonus3 - Conquest of Byss
ffa_bonus4 - Ord Mantell Canyon

Unzip to your Jedi Academy Installation folder.  
The maps will appear at the top of the map selection menu when you host your own game in multiplayer.
If you do not see the new maps listed in-game, ensure that the file "bonus.pk3" is located in your 
installation's "GameData\base" folder. The default path is "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars 
Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base".  You will see other .pk3 files in the correct "base" folder.
Simply drag and drop the "bonus.pk3" file into the correct "base" folder if it has been installed to 
the wrong location.

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