JA+ Mod 2.3



Amy's Review of the previous version:

It would be impossible for me to list and describe every feature in this mod - simply because I don't have that much time on my hands. ;) So to just name a few ... with the JA+ mod you can have multiple duels at once, even full force duels, and all of those duels can be isolated so there's no duel interference, there's clan tag protection, option of having multiple taunts, lots of new emotes, a profanity filter, model size scaling system, new items including a grapple hook (perfect if you've just downloaded the new Spiderman skin) and a ton of other features. The newest features for the mod include a Mac patch so that Mac users (are there any out there? If so, freakin' email me ... I have a map I need you to test) can start a JA+ server, a JA+ server tracker, the clan tag protection I already mentioned, and Slider improved some of the already present features. This is an incredible mod that I would definitely be using because it's so configurable if I still ran a JA mod. Great work here. But I wonder, will it ever be done? ;)


It seems to be spread on almost every server this mod. Whats so special about this version? Well I'm not going to list everything, since it would take years of scrolling, but these are a few of them:

New Player Animations:

There are hundreds of interesting things here, you can now catch and hang onto ledges, to avoid falling. An extremely good thing for the movie makers out there. The new moves are cool, melee and saber moves. Holstering your saber, when you switch to melee your saber goes to your belt, and if it's a sword it'll go in a holster on your back. It makes the game feel much more 'Jedi-Like'. Excellent for all you Role Players out there. Amkiss, some people hate getting kissed by amkiss spammers, so there's an option to slap them by pressing the push key.

JA+ Sabers:

There are a wide range of high quality saber models included with the mod, including the recent File of the week, Dragon's Wing v2, by hatrus.

JK2-like moves:

There is an option that you can enable, that makes the moves and physics more like JK2, (Red DFA for example)

Gender Support for missing skins:

What this is, is if you dont have a female skin, you will see someone who is wearing that skin as Jan, not Kyle


This is somthing that might bring the FFA players and the Honor players together. In JA+ 2.3, there are 'dimensions', you type /amaltdim and you go to an alternate dimension (a no rules one) where there's no grapple hook, and you cant use admin commands on someone (except /amkick) there's no god-chat either there. This is an amazing feature which I'm sure will improve JA+'s status with FFA players.

Ampunish and Amslay removed

Two commands that can be abused to hell have been removed

Bug Fixes

A large number of bug fixes from the previous version are all here, check out the readme and stuff to see the list.

That's just some of it, there's quite a bit here. Everything else is still there too, besides ampunish and amslay.

Update your servers and enjoy the new features.


If you just want the client plugin go here



Jedi Academy Multiplayer Game Modification

Title: JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.3 Full Distrib including also the JA+ Plugin

Authors                 : Slider
E-Mail                  : [email protected]
website			: http://japlus.fragism.com/
Date Released           : 09/04/2005
Description             : This  version  of JA+ Mod is designed for Jedi Academy 1.0.1
OS			: Windows and Linux and Mac
Mod Type                : Server Side but capability to have client side plugin

Screenshots : http://japlus.fragism.com/screen.php
Movie Trailer : http://japlus.fragism.com/trailer.php

	JA+ is the official name for the JediMoves.com Mod Project.
This server side Mod for  Windows/Linux/Mac is designed to add cool features and enable admin commands
to help ensure your rules are respected and to make your server more configurable.  This mod will not drastically change
the general feel of the game, it will simply add fun features or enhance features in order to satisfy Jedi Academy 
clans.  When all the new options are turned OFF, the gameplay becomes unchanged.

The main goal of this mod is to add or enhance a lot of features in a total configurable ''Plus'' JediAcademy version (that is why i called it JA+).  
This is the full distribution pack. It includes the clientside JA+ Plugin as well as some helpful tools to aid server administrators.
 For full documentation of the plugin itself, please download the plugin and its readme separately.

Example of features ==> 
	--Compatibility with all OS Windows, Linux and Mac
	--Support for the New JA+ GLA animations(yes i know it adds 8Mo to the mod) 
	--Multiple duels at once
	--Full force Duels 
	--Duel  Isolation (Non interference)
	--No Rules Alternate Dimension
	--Flipkicks without altering wall run	
	--Admin commands + Admin Abuse Detection
	--Speak mod (admin, clan and team)
	--Clan Tag Protection
	--Team gametypes auto-balance (teams with the same number of players)
	--MultiTaunt Sound, and multiCustom player sounds.
	--AutoReplier integrated working with all foreign versions of the game.
	--Easy saber change without respawning
	--Tons of new emotes	
	--Fake player name detection system based on IP detection
	--All SP attacks added + completely new attacks and new  DFA + SP force moves with new extended effects
	--Extended Melee attacks
	--New items (melee, jetpack, flameThrower,grapple hook )
	--Model size scaling system
	--Configurable saber Damages
	--New Vote system management + AntiVoteSpam
	--Capability of activating a real JK2 gameplay with moves and damages
	--Profanity Filter
	--Chat GOD (attack immunity while in console or chat mode) + Inactivity AutoProtect
	--Highlander ffa gametype modification
	--JediVsMerc mod enhancement
	--Client Side Plugin for players
	--RGB clothes and sabers + various saber core/line/trails styles effects.
	--Extensive Anti cheat system ( Macro scan , models exploit, yawspeed....etc...)
	--Client scripts that bind keys to improve accessibility and more...
	--gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model)
	--JA+ BitValue calculator to compute all bit value CVars.
	--BaseJKA vehicle limit of 16 modified to allow a maximum of 32 distinct vehicles to be spawned in a map.
	--Maximum size of  .veh & .vwp files  increased to allow the loading of a lot more pk3 vehicle files (more than 50).
	--JA+ server tracker for website (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page)  
	-- JA+ sabers Support : a great saber pack included, new hilts...etc.. with extended sabers features like holstering animations and holsters model.
	--Many lot of corrected basejka Bugs


	JA+ is a server-side Mod which is made even better by a client-side plugin containing separate .pk3 files..
This plugin is designed to give UI, animation and feature enhancement to your client side game. 
You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.

	This Mod contains a number of powerful admin commands that must be executed by a real human player as well as
automatic admin systems executed by the server. However, in order to be sure not to punish the wrong person or
to decrease a player's personal liberties, the automatic admin system is "light" coded. (For example the fake name detection
system will just warn players). The automatic admin system will not make the decision to kick, or ban players.
	With this mod, i preferred to give full admin power and let the server owner detect admin abuse/autoBan abusers
with the admin abuse detection system. These commands are not abusive, people are.
Now if you want to abuse with those admin features, think about the fact that all players will tend to play on better servers.
There are enough servers for that.... :)

Quick Install

- just delete all pk3 files in your gamedata/japlus folder.
- then unzip this zip file into your gamedata folder. It should place all needed pk3 files into your gamedata/japlus folder
- then load the mod using the load mod menu of your game

PS : the japlus_gla_anims.pk3 must be installed in BASE folder and not in japlus folder on both server and clients in order to use them.

for detailed info, go in japlus\japlus_doc
For detailed notes about the plugin, read the Plugin_readme.rtf

PS: For MAC users, all the dll are now integrated in the PK3 of the mod. You need the MAC Patch 1.01d or above to make it working.

DOCUMENTATION and Tools And Distrib

You will find :
	*** all the server distrib for windows and linux and Mac of the japlus Mod in the japlus folder. 
		( *.pk3 files, .so file, server.cfg and all client side scripts like admin.cfg, chat.cfg, saber.cfg)

	*** all the client side JA+ plugin clientPlugin_vX.X.pk3 for windows and Mac. This PK3 can be obtained on its own, separate from this main pack. Please keep up to date on your plugins.
		- in this case you will have to delete this old pk3 and replace it with the newer one.
		For detailed notes about the plugin, read the Plugin_readme.rtf
	***  a saber pack japlus_saber.pk3 that contains some nice sabers hilts with JA+ extensions to show what you can do with JA+ and saber moding.
		Remember that both player and server have to install this pk3 if you want to use it.
		but you are not obligated to install it.

	** japlus_gla_anims.pk3 in base folder : a new JA+ GLA animations pack. It must be installed in base folder and not japlus folder on both server and clients in order to use them.
			If a player does not have this file, he will not be able to use the new animations
			if the server does not have this file the new animations will be automatically turned OFF.

	*** all the documenation in several files in japlus\japlus_doc\  folder

	** a FAQ faq.txt
	** a model list with their URL so that u can find good model or skin which are configured in the model scale system like for example Yoda

	*** Tools in JAplus_Tools folder:
		** the BitRate Calculator  japlus_bitValueCalculator.html :It will calculate the admin command disable, poll disable, lock team, force power disable, 
			and weapon disable, and all bit value cvars in the mod japlus. 		
		*** JA+ server tracker monitoring for website  (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page)  
			It does not require any plugin or php. You just need a Website with HTML.
			You can find it and use it by going on the JA+ Website (see the URL in top of the readme.rtf file) or use the japlus_tracker.html 

	*** Startup server file   that you must move to your gamedata folder . 
		One of these .bat files is a secure startup that will autorestart the server if it crashes. (open it with notepad to learn how to install it)
		this secure startup script is available for both windows and linux dedicated servers.

		(they requiere the raven dedicated server pack that u need to dowload on the official website like 
			http://www.lucasfiles.com/     http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=category&id=62
			or http://www.jk3files.com/  http://www.jk3files.com/sort.files?game=JK3&cat=2537&ref=2536)

	*** an UnOfficial patch for the windows and linux raven dedicated server pack which fix the UDP server overflow Vulnerability(which crashes the servers)
		see the dedicated PATCH_ded_server1.011_readme.rtf

Note about the client plugin

-Client Side Plugin for client playing on JA+ server:
	this plugins is included in the Main server side ZIP mod but can also be available as a separate file for all players.
	this plugins enable players to take benefit from the UI, animation, and feature enhancement provided by the main server side JA+ Mod.
	You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.
	For example, the grappling hook is much better if you have installed the pk3 plugin in your client game JAplus folder.
	You will find all informations on this plugin in a dedicated readme provided with it.
	How it works?
		** in server config sv_pure 1 : you will be able to use this pk3 plugin only if the server has this file installed.
			if it is the case every player will have to install the pk3 client side in their client gamedata/japlus folder in order to play on this server.
			And so the server is not server side any more.
		** in server config sv_pure 0 : the server remains server side. every players will be able to join your server (if they have the plugin or Nor have it) 
			and you are not obligated to install the pk3 plugin on the server.
			the players who have the pk3 plugin will take advantage of the UI, animations, feature enhancement.
			the other players won't see the difference. 
			the server will recognize the players who have the plugins and will make them take advantage of it to have better animation, Ui and features.
			PS: in sv_pure 0, all pk3 at client side can be used by the client: SO if the client has to many pk3, he may have problem with missing textures or joining the server.

What is new in this version?
More details on each feature in the whole documentation in japlus\japlus_doc

- the MAC dll are now included in the pk3 (it require the MAC patch 1.01D or above)

- NOW INCLUDED !!! an UnOfficial patch for the windows and linux raven dedicated server pack which fix the UDP server overflow Vulnerability (which crashes the servers)
		see the dedicated PATCH_ded_server1.011_readme.rtf

- the Plugin is now integrated in the main server part install and not as a separate ZIP Mod.
	 If you put a pure server, and the pk3 of the plugin is on your server, all people will have to install it.
	(so you will perhaps have to remove it from your server depending of what you want)

- Total new animations GLA added to the game  
	PS : the new animations are in the file japlus_gla_anims.pk3 and must be installed in base folder on both clients and server in order to use them.
	If a player does not have this file, he will not be able to use the new animations
	if the server does not have this file the new animations will be automatically turned OFF.
- jp_newGLAAnims (0, 1 or 2 default 1) :
	0 : the new animations will not be used
	1 : the new animations are used
	2 : the new animations are used only if all player on the server have them (so if they have all the plugin installed)

New GLA animations list :
	For Staff or melee weapons And jp_allowNewDFA 1
 		SPIN KICK : alt attack + forward + left : (anim by Keshire, code by Slider)
 		BACK KICK : alt attack + forward + right : (anim by Keshire, code by Slider)
	New knockdown and getUp (anim and code by Slider) animations (5 anims) : used with the new attack anims
	New  Jump Back Spin kick  (anim and code by Slider) And jp_allowNewDFA 1: Forward + jump + alt attack using  staff or dual fast stance.
	New EP3 High Jump flip back attack from above(anim and code by Slider) and jp_allowNewDFA 1 (2 anims): Forward + jump + alt attack using medium single stance or dual when in front of your enemy.
	New Flip stab attack : (anim and code by Slider):and jp_allowNewDFA 1: Forward + jump + alt attack using single strong style.
	New Pull Impale :(anim and code by Slider) and jp_allowNewDFA 1: (2 anims ) force Pull + attack in front of an enemy . the victime can push the attacker to avoid damage.
	FlameThrower anim : (anim by Keshire, code by Slider)
	Wall Ledge Grab anims (4 anims) : jp_ledgeGrab (1 or 0 default 1) (anim by Keshire and Code by RazorAce and Slider )
	Hoslter anims (8 anims) (anim and code by Slider) when you change weapons from saber to another (or the opposite ) or use amflip (for sabers using the JA+ saber support)
	AmKiss(3 anims) (anim and code by Slider): the return of amkiss (ideal for movies)but a total new coded one (not the one of JK2): press push button to slap if you don't want to be kissed
- addition of a free mouse looking in several special attacks like melee grabbing and the new animations which i coded recently.

- JA+ sabers support : addition of a saber pack japlus_sabers.pk3 made with a selection of famous saber mods not made by me(see credits section ).
	send me an email if you are an author of those saber and if your name is not in the list. (i will add your name).
	some extra info had been added to those sabers in order to be compliant with the new JA+ sabers support like the holsters and holstering animations.
			( look at For_moders_&_skinners.rtf file in japlus_doc if you want to use the JA+ sabers support in your saber mods or if you want to create your own holsters models)
			(PS: thanks to Wolrajh for the holsters model he made and also special thanks to Hatrus and leahcim000 for their nice hilt models)

-gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model) : 
	if you are playing on a JA+ server 2.3 or above and using the plugin1.3 or above, for skins used by players that you don't have, you will see Jan for female and kyle for male.
	it also works for Bot using model or skins you don't have (but you have to set the gender info in the .bot script => look at For_moders_&_skinners.rtf file in japlus_doc)

- efx_MOD.pk3 : a selection of good EFX packs for all weapons  (made by  Racer_ ) 
	As for sabers, you are not obliged to install this external pk3 if you don't like it. 

- JK2 red dfa improved: now if JK2 red dfa is activated, you can like in basejka use the back jump anim block
- jp_improveYellowDFA improved :it improves now also the staff yellow back jump dfa to be easier to do like it was before the  1.1 patch.
- amknockmedown improved when floodprotect is 0 to be more like in JK2 (enable to fly but you have to press it at the good moment)

- addition of a hook garbage collector in the case it remains a way to have multiple hook ( the garbage collector come to free and delete all multiple hook problems )

- /ignore cmd improved: /ignore -1 can be used to ignore SAY from all players. Retype it again to stop ignoring all players.

- Anti cheat (macro scan and anti yawspeed poke) improved a lot (need the lastest JA+ plugin version 1.3).
-dmflags Improved by adding to the bit value list an anti yawspeed cheat:	
	DF_FIXED_YAWSPEED			128 // prevent player from changing the cl_yawspeed value (the value will be fixed to the default 140). 
							This client cvar is used to cheat by setting high values to Poke easily.
							this anticheat is only enable at client side if all players are using the JA+ Plugin like for macroscan system.
							The cheat macro scan must be ON to have a complete anti yawspeed detection.

- g_teamForceBalance(3, 2 , 1 or 0 default 3) : used to balance the number of players in each team:
	if 0 , this is desactivated
	if 1 : default basejka value : players can't join a team if it unbalances the number of players in each team.
	if 2 : same as for 1 but, when a player disconnect, it may unbalance teams. So at respawn, the lowest ranked player will be auto moved in the other team to balance the number of players.
	if 3 : same as for 1 but, when a player disconnect, it may unbalance teams. So at respawn, the youngest connected player will be moved in the other team to balance the number of players.

- jp_antiHackModel (1 or 0 default 1): prevent players from using models exploits without legs, head or torso with the head, torso, lower variation.
	it also prevents at server side in team gametype from beeing in red while your team is blue (or the opposite)

- jp_fixAbsorb ( float value default "2.0" ) : fix the amount of absorbed force using force absorb
	- 0 : this option is desactivated like in basejka.
            - value > 0 : if the value is greater than 0, it will be a scale factor that will multiply the normal absorbed force value.

- addtion of a vstr.cfg file that contains vstr variables definitions to be used with /rcon vstr cmd or /amvstr cmd... It enables to easily change server config like force, weapons, gametype, jediVsMerc...etc...

-jp_pushAll improved : if the value is 2, you can push/pull CTF flags when they are dropped by players.

- new rcon cmd : amTimeScale [value] : default is 1. : used to scale the time (0.2 value is nice for matrix bullet time efx mod).

- new version of the BitValue Calculator japlus_bitValueCalculator.html in tools folder

-  added a real time support for log files.

-autoQuit feature (jp_autoQUIT "80-06:00") : desactivate it if you don't have an autoRestart script in your server. To desactivate it put seta jp_autoQUIT ""
	it has been stated that basejka servers need to be restarted sometimes in order to increase performance.
	This feature will make your server quit at a given date. Then your autoRestart script will restart the server.
	By default  "80-06:00" means that your server will Quit after 80Hours of online run but it will wait for 06:00 in the morning (this is the date in your server).
	People currenytly playing are warned 1 minute before the Quit. And the server ask them to use /reconnect.

- jp_macroscan improved : 
	0: cheats not scanned for player using the plugin
	1 : cheats scanned for all plugin users
	2 : cheats only scanned if all players are using the plugin on the server.

-improvement of competetive setting in competetive gametype:
	- static emotes are now only usuable in FFA and duel and power duel gametype(and of course only if the cvar jp_emotDisallow allows them).	
	- jetpack and grapple hook cmds are not usuable in the gametype CTF, Siege, duel, power duel. WHen they are allowed this is only for Merc in JediVMerc or for all players depending on what you configured.

Admin System improved:
	- Alternate dimension for real FFA players : Some clans are using FFA to set No laming rules in order to make trainings between Masters and their padawans
		or to play with honour or in RPG Context....etc....Those Clans don't like that real FFA players (i.e players wanting only kill kill kill) come in their servers
		and disturb the  trainings or unrespect the No laming server rules...etc. Thanks to this Alternate Dimension (controlled by jp_AltDim cvar),
		all those various type of players will be able to play on the same server and at the same time. So if you set NO laming rules on your server, real ffa players can
		play in the alternate dimension. Players can use the /amAltDim cmd to switch from one dimension to another. 
		PLayers from a dimension can't interfere with players from another dimension.
		Admins can also force a Player to go and stay in this Alternate dimension (/amForceAltDim , /amUnforceAltDim).
		Admin cmds like sleep, ghost, mindtrick...etc.. are not usuable on people playing on this alternate dimension.
			(only basic admin cmd like amkick, amban, amsilence...etc..are usuable on players in the alternate dimension). 
		Competitive settings are also auto set for this alternate dimension.
		If a player is slept or ghosted or any other admin cmd, he will have the possibility to go in the alternate dimension and he will be auto waken, unghosted...etc....
		However this player will be also auto forced to stay in the alternate dimension.
		Players from a dimension can invite another player from a different one to join his dimension using the engage duel key. 
		PS: use the lastest plugin in order to have the best smoothy client prediction and nice effect for players in the opposite dimension.
		 jp_AltDim (2, 1 or 0 default 2): activate or desactivate the alternate dimension (Only usuable in FFA and not in jedi vs merc)
			0 : alternate dimension is desactivated
			1 : it is activated and players are put in the first dimension when they connect to the server
			2 : it is activated and players are put in the alternate dimension (real ffa dimension) when they connect to the server
		- jp_altDimTimer (second : integer default 30 s) : this is the timer that you have to wait before the be allowed to change your dimension using amaltdim.
		-jp_altDimInactivityTimer (second : integer default 8 s) : you will have to stay in inactivity during more than this amount of second in order to be allowed to change your dimension using amaltdim
		-jp_altDimName and jp_primDimName : the name of the 2 dimensions.

	- Honour admin cmd only usable in FFA : FFA is the only gametype that could be compliant with honour code... 
		Other gametypes are competitive gametype. 	
	- Protection of players to prevent admin abuse : sleeped, ghosted, mindtricked...etc.. players will  be GOD and other players will not be able to use force on them. 
		SO they are not killable and are full protected.	
	- amtele improved : you will not be able to use forces on a teleported player during a short time.
		you now can't teleport a player if there is lava or trigger_hurt under the teleport destination.
		Players can refuse to be teleported by admins with the /refuseTele cmd.
	- amempower will now only give you all forces without prevent people from using them on you. Ideal to teach your padawan how to use force.
	- amslay removed and replaced by amShowMotd : it will easily let show the rules to players.
	- ampunish removed and replaced by /amForceAltDim : it will let you send a player in a the alternate dimension so that he will not be frustrated.

- Fix: the admin login glow effect for jedi was removing your force powers after beeing logged. 
- Fix : Multi grapple hook issue when you die. 
- Fix : the lost grapple hook problem with sky 
- Fix : the wall run is now totally like it is in basejka: you are not obligated to press very quickly jump 2 times, you can do like in  basejka.
- Fix: the basejka bug concerning the bot_minplayers team values (Bot team is sometimes not equal to the real bot team)
- Fix : the basejka g_teamForceBalance does not work all the time when Blue team has more players than red team.
- Fix : the basejka chat bug writing all messages in both top of the screen and the chat zone with the use of some special caracters in the player name.
- Fix : the basejka chat exploit which can crash the servers
- Fix : the emote exploit used to getup quicker.
- Fix: the empower push effect bug which could disapear sometimes.
- Fix : the basejka bug in the melee kata grapple system (the torso anim when you do a kata melee tend to be bugged in basejka).
- Fix: the basejka bug that when a concussion alt fire can interfere with a player in duel and push knocking him down.
- Fix : the basejka bug showing player in red team while they are in blue team (or the opposite)
- Fix: the basejka bug allowing to call duel while in spectator.


THanks to all people who help me by finding bugs and exploits....
THanks to all servers which has installed the MOD....

Special thks to Accident the author of the first version of the BitValue Calculator.

Special thanks to Nox the admin of the main windows betaTest server for his good and appreciated help.

Special thanks to jaii der herr and Phoenix, the authors of the JK2 mod Gen-X. Phoenix game me his Duel Non interference code and also the pushAll code.
the pushAll and the duel isolation code here is based on theirs code......

Thanks to the duelers mod for the anti cheat macro scan system.

Special Thanks to Show7,Zuger SEXPrince, Freddub, RpTheHotrod   for his great help in beta testing.
Thanks to Wraith for his MAC detailed Install note.
Special thanks to all  clans that support the mod and tests it in order to help me to find bugs...
         ===> _SA_, [V], EDJ, SSC, AJF, DSI, JFT, [-RO-], [SEX]

Special thks also to the clan Crypt Keepers because they had the idea of a gametype that they called eliminator in which you must kill everybody and when u die
you have to wait .......This has inspired me a lot for the HIGHLANDER FFA Modification in which i wanted to make a movie like ffa mod.....(with the ghost when u die
with the quickening and also the fact that you get the force power of your victimes......etc...)
Special thanks to [ONE]Mushroom for detecting and proposing a corection for the randFloat() function in linux library.
For those who didn't know it,  i use in the admin cmd lists
several ideas (that i completly recoded)  from another game JK2 in a mod called "JEdi Academy MOD" made by Choosen One.

Special Thanks to Brad Oliver for the release of the MAC port of the raven SDK and also all mac users that help me in testing the mac release of JA+.

Special thanks to the creators of saber mods pack like : Hatrus, {DX}Caladien, lostingamma, Wolrajh/Xantcha, leahcim000, Covax, Slice, Dice & Mince , Magnetixxx, Ages120,
 , Laghima, Charmin Deluxe and BXpress, Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay , Koloth Jar, Madjai, Darth Doughnut, Scarecrow, Antizac, 

thanks also to Wolrajh for all the glm holster models he made for JA+.
Thanks also to Hatrus for some dedicated saber Hilt models.
Thanks to Racer_ for his nice weapons EFX.

Thanks to keshire for his  animations(flamethrower anims and the 2 melee kicks anims). Thanks also to Wudan for his Dragon tool software to make animations.
 it enable me to make new animations like for exemple amkiss, and beautiful new attacks and holsters animations.
Thanks to Ask for the glamerge tool.
Thanks also to Razorace from OJP for his wall ledge grab C Code using the keshire's animations.

- "Info string length exceeded" error server console message :  due to too many "sets" or "set" cmd in your server.cfg
	use fewer "set" or "sets" cmd or use only "seta" cmd in server.cfg to prevent your server from crash.
- "sv_maxclients" can't register and keep equal to 0 which produces the eror "Bad client Number".
	no panic ! it is due to the same problem as "Info string length exceeded"
	remove "set" and "sets" cmd from your server.cfg by replacing them with "seta" cmd.
- when i start my game all my settings are initialized with the default? see the FAQ to solve the problem
- the New japlus death messages are buggy. Start your game dirrectly with JA+ mod loaded to solve the problem. Use the start_japlus.bat file.

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