JA+ Mod v2.2

Okay, be prepared to scroll through a ton of quoted previous reviews of this mod:

The most noticeable change with the 1.8 release...


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Okay, be prepared to scroll through a ton of quoted previous reviews of this mod:

The most noticeable change with the 1.8 release is the fact both the Linux and Windows versions are now in the same zip file making it far easier to post them and distribute!

1.8 see's several improvements, a lot of them bug fixes, stuff like emotes being buggy. Speaking from a mapping perspective though I do have a problem with emotes, in my latest map I made a dialing Stargate and fans will know the wormhole blast kills you if you go near it...if a person uses an emote they can be in front of the gate as it activates and they'll be just fine...I think this mod would benefit from a mapper being able to work around emote's being a protection.

The previous review(s) anyhow:

Quote: Okay, a cascading quoting thing of reviews... or something:

Quote: My review of the last version of this mod:

Quote: I happen to know for a fact that JA+ is a very popular mod and it continues to grow in popularity. I'm just going to go over a few features that were added to this version.

Clan Speak: How cool is this? There's a clan password that you set and now clans can chat privately via the console. It's like the /amsay feature, but you don't have to be an admin to chat here.

New Emotes: There are a few new emotes included like amdie, amkneel and amfinishinghim.

Toggle Amthrow: Now admins can control which players can amthrow you.

New Admin Commands: Included are amrename, amlockteam and amforceteam. Very helpful commands.

Also, there is a little issue when your server.cfg has too many sets - apparently, this mod corrects that. All of this is new just for the 1.5 version. The 1.4 version has a lot more too. So take a look at the readme to find out all about what the author included.

Slider is quick with his updates to his JA+ mod. Version 1.6 includes the ability to scale your model, there's are new DFA's, you can allow or disallow the use of black names, several new emotes, and all of the old ones have been recoded. There are a ton of fixes and even more added features. In fact, just read the readme. There's too much to list.

Slider once again updates his very popular JA+ mod. There was apparently a nasty little bug that would crash servers with the use of force push or pull. No idea what that was all about - but glad it's fixed! Very interesting little thing added to help control a server. Now players can vote whether to sleep another player or not. Of course, this could be abused just like when you enable voting to kick another player. But it still might be useful on servers where there are some honorable regulars without admins present. Along with that new vote type, you can also, as the server admin decide which vote types you want to allow the server. Maybe you don't mind the players choosing the map they want to play on, but you don't want them voting to kick anyone. That's a great feature, Slider. And yay! Ampoll was added! This would be perfect for my CTF games. Often I just use ampsay to take a vote.

There's a ton of stuff here, so read through the readme for all of the features that Slider included in 1.7. It seems that his mod keeps getting better and better. I wonder what he'll have for 1.8? Or maybe this is the final version? Nah ... mods like this are never really finished.


Go those build up of quotes!...and I say JA+ V on the site so it's not over yet


Okay so this is the Windows/Linux server side version of the new JA+ Mod same as usual there are bug fixes including animations. Also there are two new force moves! One called Sith Kiss which is the same as drain. I do believe that this is the SP face grip thingie, didn't look at this part too much myself. There is also a jedi only skill called force whirlwind which is used in close range to knock an enemy back. Static emotes are working again now, so you can't run around while sitting, new anti vote spam and anti macro spam and a load of other stuff which is included in the readme.

It would be impossible for me to list and describe every feature in this mod - simply because I don't have that much time on my hands. ;) So to just name a few ... with the JA+ mod you can have multiple duels at once, even full force duels, and all of those duels can be isolated so there's no duel interference, there's clan tag protection, option of having multiple taunts, lots of new emotes, a profanity filter, model size scaling system, new items including a grapple hook (perfect if you've just downloaded the new Spiderman skin) and a ton of other features. The newest features for the mod include a Mac patch so that Mac users (are there any out there? If so, freakin' email me ... I have a map I need you to test) can start a JA+ server, a JA+ server tracker, the clan tag protection I already mentioned, and Slider improved some of the already present features. This is an incredible mod that I would definitely be using because it's so configurable if I still ran a JA mod. Great work here. But I wonder, will it ever be done? ;)


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Download 'japlus_v2.2.zip' (6.11MB)

Jedi Academy Multiplayer Game Modification

Title: JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.2 Full Distrib including also the JA+ Plugin

Title                   : JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.2
Authors                 : Slider
E-Mail                  : slider744@hotmail.com
website			: http://japlus.fragism.com/
File Name               : JAplus_v2.2.zip
Date Released           : 19 september 2004
Description             : This  version  of JA+ Mod is designed for Jedi Academy
OS			: Windows and Linux and Mac
Mod Type                : Server Side but capability to have client side plugin

	JA+ is the official Name For the JediMoves.com Mod Project.
This server side Mod for  Windows/Linux/Mac is designed to add cool features and enable admin cmds
in order to make your server rules respected and to control your server entirely.  This mod will not change
all gameplay of the game.  It will simply add fun features or enhance features in order to satisfy academy 
clans.  When all the new options are turned OFF, the gameplay becomes unchanged.

The main goal of this mod is to add or enhance a lot of features in a total configurable ''Plus'' JEdiAcademy version (that is why i called it JA+).  
This is here the full distrib and not only the server part. So it include all tools and the JA+ Plugin.
 However, the JA+ plugin has a separate Readme that better explains it in detail.

Example of features ==> 
	-- compatibility with all OS Windows, Linux and Mac
	--Multiple duels at once
	--Full force Duels 
	--Duel  Isolation (Non interference)
	--Flipkicks without altering wall run	
	--Admin commands + Admin Abuse Detection
	--Speak mod (admin, clan and team)
	--Clan Tag Protection
	-- MultiTaunt Sound, and multiCustom player sounds.
	-- AutoReplier integrated working with all languages
	--Easy saber change without respawning
	--Tons of new emotes
	--ANTI fake player name system based on IP detection
	--All SP attacks added + Total new attacks and new  DFA + SP force moves with new extended effects
	-- Extended Melee attacks
	-- new items (melee, jetpack, flameThrower,grapple hook )
	--Model size scaling system
	--Configurable saber Damages
	--New Vote system management + AntiVoteSpam
	--capability of activating some JK2 Moves like jk2 DFA and rolls
	--Bad Words Filter
	--Chat GOD (attack immunity while in console or chat mode) + Inactivity AutoProtect
	-- Highlander ffa gametype modification
	-- JediVsMerc mod enhancement
	-- client Side Plugin for players
	-- RGB clothes and sabers + various saber core/line/trails styles effects.
	-- Anti cheat Macro scan
	--Client scripts that bind keys to easily use the cmds and more...
	-- JA+ Bitrate calculator to compute all bit value cvar
	-- instead of 16 in basejka, 32 distinct vehicles max spawned in a map and .veh & .vwp files max size increased to allow to load a lot of pk3 vehicle files (more than 50).
	-- JA+ server tracker monitoring for website (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page)  

	JA+ is a  server side Mod which has the possibility to get a Client side plugin with pk3 files.
this plugin is designed to give UI, animation and feature enhancement to your client side game. 
You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.

	This Mod contains full powerfull admin cmds that must be called by a real human player as well as
automatic admin systems executed by the server. However, in order to be sure not to punish the wrong person or
to decrease a player's personal liberties, the automatic admin system is "light" coded. (For example the anti fake
system will just warn players). The automatic admin system will not make the decision to kick, or ban players.
	With this mod, i prefered giving full admin power and let the server owner detect admin abuse/autoBan abusers
with the admin abuse detection system.
Now if you want to abuse with those admin features, think about the fact that all players will tend to play on better servers.
There are enough server for that.... :)

DOCUMENTATION and Tools And Distrib

You will find :
	*** all the server distrib for windows and linux of the japlus Mod in the japlus folder. 
		( *.dll files, .so file, server.cfg and all client side scripts like admin.cfg, chat.cfg, saber.cfg)

	*** the MAC patch for server part in server_MAC_patch folder. this patch is only needed if you have a MAC computer.

	*** all the client side JA+ plugin in a separate ZIP file for windows and Mac

	*** all the documenation in several files in japlus\japlus_doc\  folder

	** a FAQ faq.txt
	** a model list with their URL so that u can find good model or skin which are configured in the model scale system like for example Yoda

	*** Tools in JAplus_Tools folder:
		** the BitRate Calculator (Author Accident) :It will calculate the admin command disable, poll disable, lock team, force power disable, 
			and weapon disable, and all bit value cvars in the mod japlus. 		
		*** JA+ server tracker monitoring for website  (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page)  
			it does not require any plugin or php. You just need a Website with HTML.
			You can find it and use it by going on the JA+ Website (see the URL in top of the readme.rtf file) or use the japlus_tracker.html 

	*** Startup server file   that u must move in your gamedata folder . 
		One of this bat is a secure startup that will autorestart the server if it crashes. (open it with notepad to learn how to install it)
		this secure startup script is available for both windows and linux dedicated servers.

		(they requiere the raven dedicated server pack that u need to dowload on the official website like 
			http://www.lucasfiles.com/     http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=category&id=62
			or http://www.jk3files.com/  http://www.jk3files.com/sort.files?game=JK3&cat=2537&ref=2536)

Note about the client plugin

-Client Side Plugin for client playing on JA+ server:
	this plugins is included in the Main server side ZIP mod but can also be available as a separate file for all players.
	this plugins enable players to take benefit from the UI, animation, and feature enhancement provided by the main server side JA+ Mod.
	You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.
	For example, the grappling hook is much better if you have installed the pk3 plugin in your client game JAplus folder.
	You will find all informations on this plugin in a dedicated readme provided with it.
	How it works?
		** in server config sv_pure 1 : you will be able to use this pk3 plugin only if the server has this file installed.
			if it is the case every player will have to install the pk3 client side in their client gamedata/japlus folder in order to play on this server.
			And so the server is not server side any more.
		** in server config sv_pure 0 : the server remains server side. every players will be able to join your server (if they have the plugin or Nor have it) 
			and you are not obligated to install the pk3 plugin on the server.
			the players who have the pk3 plugin will take advantage of the UI, animations, feature enhancement.
			the other players won't see the difference. 
			the server will recognize the players who have the plugins and will make them take advantage of it to have better animation, Ui and features.
			PS: in sv_pure 0, all pk3 at client side can be used by the client: SO if the client has to many pk3, he may have problem with missing textures or joining the server.

What is new in this version?
More details on each feature in the whole documentation in japlus\japlus_doc
- MAC patch : for MAC servers, or MAC players, you will find a Mac patch so that MAC users can start a JA+ server or use the JA+ Plugin.
-Important change in Linux Server version :One of the things that really changed is the fact that the Linux version is now built with same tools that raven uses for identical quality when they built the official linux basejka version. 
So it is now quite good for all the minors things that differ even in basejka config like for example damages..etc...... the windows versions has always been good but the linux version wasn't built with the same tools used by raven.
It introduced some differences that mainly affect the damage system. So now the linux version is good and the damage system is now like it should have always been (like it is in the windows JA+ version). As a result, in the default basejka Damage config, the linux jA+ server has the same damage system than in the basejka linux raven version. You may also see some differences in the new ja+ MP style damage because of this new way of build compilation, But it should have been like that since the beginning. So now the JA+ windows version will not have differences in damage system with the linux JA+ version.
- JA+ server tracker monitoring for website (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page)  
	it does not require any plugin or php. You just need a Website with HTML.
	You can find it and use it by going on the JA+ Website (see the URL in top of the readme.rtf file) or use the japlus_tracker.html in the japlus_tools folder.

- new config file jk2.cfg : this file is autoexecuted at the end of the server.cfg and contains the definitions of cvars to activate JK2 gameplay or JKA gameplay with the use of amvstr cmd.
	open this file with notepad to read the instruction inside or change some cvars.

- jp_hookFloodProtect ( integer default 750): it is the time period in mili-second to wait before to be able to fire the grapple hook.
- jp_hookSpeed (integer default 800): this is the speed of the hook.

- cvar jp_allowSaberSwitch (integer >= 0 default 1500 Mili-second ) changed : if 0, you can't change sabers (except if you die),
	 and if this is >0, this represents the time in Mili-second you have to wait for beeing able to change saber after the last saber change.

- Jedi Vs Merc mod Improved : in team ffa or CTF jedi are now in one team and merc in another (basejka bug fixed)
	if g_jediVmerc = 3, merc are super mercs and jedi have all forces power with the max level.

- private chat improved : tell cmd : tell (id_player or partial_player_name) (message) => send a private message to this player.

- Clan Tag Protection:
	Clan tag are password protected using the same password as the one used for the private clan chat.
	Players have 1Min and 15 s to log in their clan  chat channel when the clan tag is detected in their names. Every 30 s they will be warned if they are not  login.
	- jp_clanTag (string default ""): this is the clan tag used in your player name. Players can use any variation with colors or upper case or lower case for this Tag.
	- jp_clanPass (string default "") : this is the password which the player are using when they login using /clanpass cmd or the plugin autologin cvar cp_clanPwd

- amstatus now give also the plugin version of all players.

- also nice additions at client side plugin like for example Integrated AutoReplier and Mutil Taunt Sound and Multi custom sounds for player models.
	and also some new item accessible in the menu like the cg_renderToTextureFX  cvar that permits to reduce some laggy effects on several ATI video cards (protection sphere, cloak effect, push blur effect...etc...)
	(see the documentation of the PLugin for more details)

- jp_noAutoReplier (1 or 0 default 0) : allow/disallow the use of the integrated AutoReplier in the JA+ plugin.

-16 increased to 32 different vehicles max spawned in a map and .veh & .vwp files max size increased to allow to load a lot of pk3 vehicle files (more than 50).
	The server is now capable of loading a lot of vehicle pk3 files without crashing. 
	instead of about 10 extra vehicle pk3 files in basejka, i could load about 50 vehicles (whose about 20 that come in the game + about 30 new pk3 files) Perhaps it is possible to load more but not tested.
	If you don't use the JA+ plugin, the server will be able to load all those vehicle pk3, but not the player. So the player wil have to put only the pk3 he needs to play the map like he was doing before.
	If you use the JA+ plugin, you can put in your base folder the same number vehicle pk3 files than the server (so a lot :) )....
	In a map, you can spawn MAX 32 different vehicles instead of 16 in the basejka.

- amflip anim improved for STAFF saber.

- jp_jk2RedDFA (1 or 0 default 0) ; allow/disallow the JK2 Red Single saber DFA replacement with the new JKA DFA.
	in JKA, you make the Red dfa like you make the Yellow dfa.
	the JK2 red dfa was more controllable during saber attack combo : you have to go forward and while maintaining the attack buton pressed, you have to jump only about at hack the animation.

- JK2 Roll improved (jp_fixRoll 3) : you can use backward to slow the roll forward, the roll+ grip combo is better. (you have to use the JA+ plugin to have a smoothy Roll move)

- jp_gripOpenSaber (0, 1 or 2 default 0) : control the behaviour of the saber of a gripped player
	0 : this corresponds to the basejka value : the saber of a gripped player will be close down.
	1 : the saber of a gripped player will stay UP and if the saber is in flight the saber falls down on the ground
	2: the saber of a gripped player will fall on the ground if the force mana is less than 35% to the MAx Mana (which is 100)

- jp_saberNoForceDrain (0, 1 or 2 default 0) :allow/disallow force power drain with sepcial saber attacks
	0 : normal like basejka
	1 : no force power drain with DFA
	2 : no force power drain with DFA and with KATA.

- jp_forceCombo (1 or 0 default 1) : allow/disallow the possibility of using force powers combinaisons (for example proctect with absorb) which are forbidden in the default game basejka ..
	if this option is activated , the rage+ speed is Fixed compared with the basejka because your have more speed than using only speed alone or rage alone....
	(in basejka, rage+speed give you the same speed as if you were using speed alone or rage alone) 

- jp_noKATA (0 or 1 default 0): allow/disallow saber kata.

- dmflags cvar modified with the NO_DROWN damage in water:
- dmflags : (bit value default 0): used to allow/disallow some feature in the JKA game by adding the following bit values in this cvar:
	DF_NO_FALLING			8 // no falling damage
	DF_FIXED_FOV			16 // prevent player from using zoom script 
	DF_NO_DROWN			64 // no drown water damage
- ammove and amdmgs cmd updated with the new server cvar info.

- jp_privateDuelForceRegen : this is the forceregen time used in private duel.

- Long jump + attack button is now improved to look like the SP one : you have to press attack at the beginning of the anim after having started the normal long jump move.

- FAQ.txt file updated (you will find in this file, an advice and solution to solve your problem of config file which is reinitialized when you join a server)

- linux server auto restart file updated and improved : start_japlus_linux_autoRestart.sh : the server will restart with 10s and check before to restart if the previous instence of the server is completly terminated.
	the restart time is also appended to a log file.
- play_japlus.bat : script to start the game directly with the JA+ mod loaded. Put in your gamedata folder and execute it to start the game.
- flamethrower improved : you can't use it while your body is in water.

fix: the basejka bug that ignore falling damage when you are in duel.
fix: you can't flipkick when your hook button is pressed.
fix: the basejka bug that consists in allowing to exit and save yourself from a grapple melee grab move by asking  duel (engageduel).
fix: you can't exit a grapple melee move by doing the new force moves.
fix: the basejka bug that does not put Merc in one team and Jedi in another when the jediVSmerc mod is activated in TeamFFA and CTF.
fix: god chat was ignored with static Emotes.
fix : you can't use the hook while you are gripped
fix: you now can't fire hook while riding a vehicle
fix: the basejka bug  that allow to escape from a grapple melee grab move by changing weapons
fix: jp_duelStartArmor now control the amount of armor even in private duel and not only in duel or power duel.
fix ; the jamp.exe bug overwriting the  jampgamex86.dll when after a map change on a non dedicated windows server. Now this file is in jampgamex86.pk3 . It is only needed for a windows server. 
	And player don't need to install it in their games
fix: the basejka bug that tends to remove some powerups immeditaly (like the cloak effect) when the server is running for a long time. 
	So you will be able to reuse the nice startrek teleport :)
fix: the basejka bug that consists in not removing the rocket lock target on a player that is using cloak.
fix: God chat exploit that consisted in letting God state if you remove god chat cvar while people are chat goded.
fix: grapple hook bug on several textures that causes poeple to be all the time pulled even if they stop pressing the hook button.
fix: amlogin exploit with light force side boon effect.
fix: in a map rotation cycle setting, the server tends not to load your desired map in the rotation after using any rcon map or devmap cmd. Indeed the nextmap setting is lost if you use those cmd.
	the ammap cmd now corrects this problem. so don't use map or devmap cmd if you don"t want to loose the cyle map rotation setting.
	use instead the ammap cmd that can also be used in rcon.
fix: Some exploits with some admin cmd sequence like (ampunish+amsleep with slience exploit or amsleep+ampunish with protection exploit....etc...).
fix : the basejka bug that crashes server randomly with private duel saber lock cause of memory leak.
fix: the basejka bug with rancor exploit for invisible players.


THanks to all people who help me by finding bugs and exploits....
THanks to all servers which has installed the MOD....

Special thks to Accident the author of the BitRate Calculator

Special thanks to Nox the admin of the main windows betaTest server for his good and appreciated help.

Special thanks to jaii der herr and Phoenix, the authors of the JK2 mod Gen-X. Phoenix game me his Duel Non interference code and also the pushAll code.
the pushAll and the duel isolation code here is based on theirs code......

Thanks to the duelers mod for the anti cheat macro scan system.

Special Thanks to Show7 for his great help in all the degugging and beta testing.

Special thanks to all  clans that support the mod and tests it in order to help me to find bugs...
         ===> _SA_, [V], EDJ, SSC, AJF, DSI

Special thks also to the clan Crypt Keepers because they had the idea of a gametype that they called eliminator in which you must kill everybody and when u die
you have to wait .......This has inspired me a lot for the HIGHLANDER FFA Modification in which i wanted to make a movie like ffa mod.....(with the ghost when u die
with the quickening and also the fact that you get the force power of your victimes......etc...)
Special thanks to [ONE]Mushroom for detecting and proposing a corection for the randFloat() function in linux library.
For those who didn't know it,  i use in the admin cmd lists
several ideas (that i completly recoded)  from another game JK2 in a mod called "JEdi Academy MOD" made by Choosen One.

Special Thanks to Brad Oliver for the release of the MAC port of the raven SDK and also all mac users that help me in testing the mac release of JA+.

- "Info string length exceeded" error server console message :  due to too many "sets" or "set" cmd in your server.cfg
	use fewer "set" or "sets" cmd or use only "seta" cmd in server.cfg to prevent your server from crash.
- "sv_maxclients" can't register and keep equal to 0 which produces the eror "Bad client Number".
	no panic ! it is due to the same problem as "Info string length exceeded"
	remove "set" and "sets" cmd from your server.cfg by replacing them with "seta" cmd.
- when i start my game all my settings are initialized with the default? see the FAQ to solve the problem
- the New japlus death messages are buggy. Start your game dirrectly with JA+ mod loaded to solve the problem. Use the start_japlus.bet file.

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