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The most noticeable change with the 1.8 release is the fact both the Linux and Windows versions are now in th...


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Pyra quotes! wootini

The most noticeable change with the 1.8 release is the fact both the Linux and Windows versions are now in the same zip file making it far easier to post them and distribute!

1.8 see's several improvements, a lot of them bug fixes, stuff like emotes being buggy. Speaking from a mapping perspective though I do have a problem with emotes, in my latest map I made a dialing Stargate and fans will know the wormhole blast kills you if you go near it...if a person uses an emote they can be in front of the gate as it activates and they'll be just fine...I think this mod would benefit from a mapper being able to work around emote's being a protection.

The previous review(s) anyhow:

Quote: Okay, a cascading quoting thing of reviews... or something:

Quote: My review of the last version of this mod:

Quote: I happen to know for a fact that JA+ is a very popular mod and it continues to grow in popularity. I'm just going to go over a few features that were added to this version.

Clan Speak: How cool is this? There's a clan password that you set and now clans can chat privately via the console. It's like the /amsay feature, but you don't have to be an admin to chat here.

New Emotes: There are a few new emotes included like amdie, amkneel and amfinishinghim.

Toggle Amthrow: Now admins can control which players can amthrow you.

New Admin Commands: Included are amrename, amlockteam and amforceteam. Very helpful commands.

Also, there is a little issue when your server.cfg has too many sets - apparently, this mod corrects that. All of this is new just for the 1.5 version. The 1.4 version has a lot more too. So take a look at the readme to find out all about what the author included.

Slider is quick with his updates to his JA+ mod. Version 1.6 includes the ability to scale your model, there's are new DFA's, you can allow or disallow the use of black names, several new emotes, and all of the old ones have been recoded. There are a ton of fixes and even more added features. In fact, just read the readme. There's too much to list.

Slider once again updates his very popular JA+ mod. There was apparently a nasty little bug that would crash servers with the use of force push or pull. No idea what that was all about - but glad it's fixed! Very interesting little thing added to help control a server. Now players can vote whether to sleep another player or not. Of course, this could be abused just like when you enable voting to kick another player. But it still might be useful on servers where there are some honorable regulars without admins present. Along with that new vote type, you can also, as the server admin decide which vote types you want to allow the server. Maybe you don't mind the players choosing the map they want to play on, but you don't want them voting to kick anyone. That's a great feature, Slider. And yay! Ampoll was added! This would be perfect for my CTF games. Often I just use ampsay to take a vote.

There's a ton of stuff here, so read through the readme for all of the features that Slider included in 1.7. It seems that his mod keeps getting better and better. I wonder what he'll have for 1.8? Or maybe this is the final version? Nah ... mods like this are never really finished.


Go those build up of quotes!...and I say JA+ V on the site so it's not over yet


Okay so this is the Windows/Linux server side version of the new JA+ Mod same as usual there are bug fixes including animations. Also there are two new force moves! One called Sith Kiss which is the same as drain. I do believe that this is the SP face grip thingie, didn't look at this part too much myself. There is also a jedi only skill called force whirlwind which is used in close range to knock an enemy back. Static emotes are working again now, so you can't run around while sitting, new anti vote spam and anti macro spam and a load of other stuff which is included in the readme.


(You can find a plethora of screenshots here: http://japlus.fragism.com/screen.php ~Amy)

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Download 'japlusv2.1.zip' (2.55MB)

Jedi Academy Multiplayer Game Modification

Title: JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.1

Title                   : JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.1
Authors                 : Slider
E-Mail                  : slider744@hotmail.com
website			: http://japlus.fragism.com/
File Name               : JAplus_v2.1.zip
Date Released           : 19 jun 2004
Description             : This  version  of JA+ Mod is designed for Jedi Academy
OS			: Windows and LInux
Mod Type                : Server Side but capability to have client side plugin

	JA+ is the official Name For the JediMoves.com Mod Project.
This server side Mod for both windows and linux is designed to add cool features and enable admin cmds
in order to make your server rules respected and to control your server entirely.  This mod will not change
all gameplay of the game.  It will simply add fun features or enhance features in order to satisfy academy 
clans.  When all the new options are turned OFF, the gameplay becomes unchanged.

The main goal of this mod is to add or enhance a lot of features in a total configurable ''Plus'' JEdiAcademy version (that is why i called it JA+).  

Example of features ==> 
	--Multiple duels at once
	--Full force Duels 
	--Duel  Isolation (Non interference)
	--Flipkicks without altering wall run,
	--Admin commands + Admin Abuse Detection
	--Speak mod (admin, clan and team)
	--Easy saber change without respawning
	--Tons of new emotes
	--ANTI fake player name system based on IP detection
	--All SP attacks added + Total new attacks and new  DFA + SP force moves with extended effects
	-- Extended Melee attacks
	-- new items (melee, jetpack, flameThrower,grapple hook )
	--Model size scaling system
	--Configurable saber Damages
	--New Vote system management + AntiVoteSpam
	--Bad Words Filter
	--Chat GOD (attack immunity while in console or chat mode) + Inactivity AutoProtect
	-- Highlander ffa gametype modification
	-- JediVsMerc mod enhancement
	-- client Side Plugin for players
	-- RGB clothes and sabers + various saber line/trails styles.
	-- Anti cheat Macro scan
	--Client scripts that bind keys to easily use the cmds and more...
	- JA+ Bitrate calculator to compute all bit value cvar

	JA+ is a  server side Mod for both windows and linux which has the possibility to get a Client side plugin with pk3 files.
this plugin is designed to give UI, animation and feature enhancement to your client side game. 
You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.

	This Mod contains full powerfull admin cmds that must be called by a real human player as well as
automatic admin systems executed by the server. However, in order to be sure not to punish the wrong person or
to decrease a player's personal liberties, the automatic admin system is "light" coded. (For example the anti fake
system will just warn players). The automatic admin system will not make the decision to kick, or ban players.
	With this mod, i prefered giving full admin power and let the server owner detect admin abuse/autoBan abusers
with the admin abuse detection system.
Now if you want to abuse with those admin features, think about the fact that all players will tend to play on better servers.
There are enough server for that.... :)

DOCUMENTATION and Tools And Distrib

You will find :
	*** all the server distrib for windows and linux of the japlus Mod in the japlus folder. 
		( *.dll files, .so file, server.cfg and all client side scripts like admin.cfg, chat.cfg, saber.cfg)

	*** all the client side JA+ plugin in a separate ZIP file.

	*** all the documenation in several files in japlus\japlus_doc\  folder

	** a FAQ faq.txt
	** a model list with their URL so that u can find good model or skin which are configured in the model scale system like for example Yoda

	*** Tools in JAplus_Tools folder:
		** the BitRate Calculator (Author Accident) :It will calculate the admin command disable, poll disable, lock team, force power disable, 
			and weapon disable, and all bit value cvars in the mod japlus. 		

	*** Startup server file   that u must move in your gamedata folder . 
		One of this bat is a secure startup that will autorestart the server if it crashes. (open it with bloc not to learb how to install it)
		this secure startup script is available for both windows and linux dedicated servers.

		(they requiere the raven dedicated server pack that u need to dowload on the official website like 
			http://www.lucasfiles.com/     http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=category&id=62
			or http://www.jk3files.com/  http://www.jk3files.com/sort.files?game=JK3&cat=2537&ref=2536)

Note about the client plugin

-Client Side Plugin for client playing on JA+ server:
	this plugins is included in the Main server side ZIP mod but can also be available as a separate file for all players.
	this plugins enable players to take benefit from the UI, animation, and feature enhancement provided by the main server side JA+ Mod.
	You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.
	For example, the grappling hook is much better if you have installed the pk3 plugin in your client game JAplus folder.
	You will find all informations on this plugin in a dedicated readme provided with it.
	How it works?
		** in server config sv_pure 1 : you will be able to use this pk3 plugin only if the server has this file installed.
			if it is the case every player will have to install the pk3 client side in their client gamedata/japlus folder in order to play on this server.
			And so the server is not server side any more.
		** in server config sv_pure 0 : the server remains server side. every players will be able to join your server (if they have the plugin or Nor have it) 
			and you are not obligated to install the pk3 plugin on the server.
			the players who have the pk3 plugin will take advantage of the UI, animations, feature enhancement.
			the other players won't see the difference. 
			the server will recognize the players who have the plugins and will make them take advantage of it to have better animation, Ui and features.
			PS: in sv_pure 0, all pk3 at client side can be used by the client: SO if the client has to many pk3, he may have problem with missing textures or joining the server.

What is new in this version?
More details on each feature in the whole documentation in japlus\japlus_doc
- the server now displays if newer client plugin versions are available (in the aminfo cmd and also when player first join the game)
	it will compare your plugin version with the latest version known by the server when it was released.

- RGB sabers : (jp_allowRGBsaber): allow the clients notification of saber RGB values for each client.
	To see the RGB sabers you must have the client plugin greater or equal to 1.1
- new client cmd sabercolor that enable to set your RGB saber color in console instead of using the UI menu (works only if you have the  plugin v1.1 or above)

- All new SP force animation (you must allow those move with  jp_allowSPForces 1)
	- you can use the new force animation if you are not moving and starting to use forces (there is also some special effect using the client side plugin)
	- the new moves differ according to your force level.
	- as soon as you try to move it will break the new force anim in order to give you full control if you are attacked.
2 NEw force attacks:
	- NEw SP Drain Grab attack (the sith Kiss :) ): use force drain with melee weapon in front of your ennemy
	- NEw Jedi grab Push attack ( jedi tornado ) (only for jedi): use force push with melee weapon in front of your ennemy 
 	you must have your force  level greater or equal than 2 
	you can block those attacks with absorb if you are a jedi or force push (press push a lot of times) level 3 if you are a sith.
	the server must all this attack with jp_allowSPForces 2.
	a very nice effect is also provided with the client side plugin.

- the server send now to the scoreboard of players the number of times each player died (you must have the plugin 1.1 or above)

-Anti Vote Spam : (jp_voteTimer) : you will not be able to callvote during jp_voteTimer minutes.
	if jp_voteTimer is 0, the anti spam is desactivated.
-server stop sending vote messages at center screen for a player using the plugin v1.1(because now the vote are well writen like other votes types).

- new client cmd : ignore : enable supress all say, team say or private say from a player (ideal if he is saying bad words)
		duelWhois : display all current private duels

- Anti cheat Macro scan: (jp_macroScan): allow/disallow the Macro scan module to avoid player cheat. (same as in dueler mod)
	this macro scanning only works if all the players use the plugin v1.1 or above. So basically it will be the case if:
						*** server is sv_pure 1 and if the pluginv1.1 or above is installed on the server (so all players will have to install the plugin)...
						*** or if all current players actually have the plugin1.1 or above installed.	
	The scanning system looks for all binded key that contains sequence of cmds that build macro cheat attacks or move hard to make without the binded key.
	This scanning system has been improved compaired with the dueler one because it really scans all possible cheat script macro with move, weapon, attacks, combo move, combo force, combo attacks.
	this system WILL NOT tell to everybody or log into the games.log that a player is cheating...it is not the purpose. This macro scan system will only disable the binded key at client side
	and disable all possible cheat warning ONLY the cheater.

- duel isolation Improved: if you are in full force duel, your forces are not blocked any more by others players in front of you.

- Protected or inactivityAUtoProtected clients are now not affected by melee attacks
- Improved GOd CHat :
	If player  scripts force use with console up, the god is removed.
	while console up, you can't script weapon fire.
	while console UP, players can't use grapple melee on you.

- jp_fixEmot (1, 0 default 1): if all players are using the client plugin on your server, the static emotes (except amatease) don't use the FREEZE code any more to prevent you from moving.
	SO, in this case, when you do static emotes, you can't move (like it was before), and the way it is implemented is much better according to invunerability exploits or few targetable surface problems .
	It also prevent players from emoting in the air.

- the plugin has also been improved (see its own readme for more details on the plugin)

- server cvar jp_cinfo :(bit value) this is a internal server cvar used by the server to send a lot of data compressed in one cvar to the clients.
	if some important features configs are changed on the server, the jp_cinfo is updated.
	those changes can be move cvars, attacks cvar, info on if everybody is using the plugin in impure server, .......etc....

- Fix : you can't now flipkick while grapple hooking
- Fix : you can't use grapple hook if your saber are in attack move
- Fix : amvstr cannot enable to know the server passords any more


THanks to all people who help me by finding bugs and exploits....
THanks to all servers which has installed the MOD....

Special thks to Accident the author of the BitRate Calculator

Special thanks to Nox the admin of the main windows betaTest server for his good and appreciated help.

Special thanks to jaii der herr and Phoenix, the authors of the JK2 mod Gen-X. Phoenix game me his Duel Non interference code and also the pushAll code.
the pushAll and the duel isolation code here is based on theirs code......

Thanks to the duelers mod for the anti cheat macro scan system.

Special Thanks to Show7 for his great help in all the degugging and beta testing.

Special thanks to all  clans that support the mod and tests it in order to help me to find bugs...
         ===> _SA_, [V], EDJ, SSC, AJF, DSI

Special thks also to the clan Crypt Keepers because they had the idea of a gametype that they called eliminator in which you must kill everybody and when u die
you have to wait .......This has inspired me a lot for the HIGHLANDER FFA Modification in which i wanted to make a movie like ffa mod.....(with the ghost when u die
with the quickening and also the fact that you get the force power of your victimes......etc...)
Special thanks to [ONE]Mushroom for detecting and proposing a corection for the randFloat() function in linux library.
For those who didn't know it,  i use in the admin cmd lists
several ideas (that i completly recoded)  from another game JK2 in a mod called "JEdi Academy MOD" made by Choosen One.

- "Info string length exceeded" error server console message :  due to too many "sets" or "set" cmd in your server.cfg
	use fewer "set" or "sets" cmd or use only "seta" cmd in server.cfg to prevent your server from crash.
- "sv_maxclients" can't register and keep equal to 0 which produces the eror "Bad client Number".
	no panic ! it is due to the same problem as "Info string length exceeded"
	remove "set" and "sets" cmd from your server.cfg by replacing them with "seta" cmd.
- cloak effect: for a unknown reason, the cloak effect does not work when the server is running for a long time.
	This also affects the startrek teleport effect.

- when starting a server not in dedicated way, after changing map the dll of the mod in japlus is overwrite with the default in base folder.

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