Jack Morgan

While I have no idea who Jack Morgan is ("stoopid" google images!), I can be certain of one thing: This skin barely qualifies as a reskin....


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While I have no idea who Jack Morgan is ("stoopid" google images!), I can be certain of one thing: This skin barely qualifies as a reskin.

This skin uses the "Mercenary Kyle Katarn" model made by Infinity Blade. At first, my searches were unable to find this model, but, typical slow-witted me, I didn't think to check the JK2 section. I didn't do that until two sentences ago. :P

The original Mercenary Kyle featured a young Katarn, wearing leather pants, some chest armor, and a light-colored coat above that. His hands have gloves on, with a triangle of armor in them. This new Merc-kyle has been given red hair and what looks to be a quasi-complete shave, although it might be a 5 O'clock shadow, or even bare skin, it's hard to tell. The vest has been darked, as have been the pants and boots. The hands were replaced with one of Ravensoft's hand textures, and the eyes were colored green. The only reason this qualifies as a skin is the chest armor. It's been replaced with what looks like chain mail from far away. Up close, it looks like a light and dark gray texturizer filter with some warping. To top everything off on this slightly less than beta skin, it overrides the original Mercenary Kyle. Bot support is also default, and team skins are non-existent.

Ok, I think this skin has suffered enough torture from me, so I'll end it here: The author has a lot of work ahead of them.


Bot Support: Default NPC Support: No Team Support: No SP Support: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Name: Jack_Morgan
Version: Beta
Author: MAR5

Lucasarts for making a great game, and to Omeewan and Pysk0Sith for helping me and getting me into skinning, and to Infinity Blade for making 
an awesome model :D

Put the .pk3 in GameData/Base.

A simple reskin of the Mercenary Kyle Katarn by Infinity Blade...It's now Jack Morgan from the Dragonback series by Timothy Zahn 
(very good series)

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