Jack O'Neill

This is supposed to be Jack O'Neill from the SciFi Channel series Stargate SG-1. Not having seen a full episode before, I have no idea how a...


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This is supposed to be Jack O'Neill from the SciFi Channel series Stargate SG-1. Not having seen a full episode before, I have no idea how accurate this skin is. Anyway, for the most part it's pretty well done. The clothing has variation in hue and looks like cloth and there is some shading, though in some areas it looks kind of flat. The interesting thing about this skin is that instead of just having recolors for the team colors, the author made different skins for each one. The normal skin is a green military version, the red version looks kind of like desert camo, and the blue version is an officer's uniform.

The normal version is pretty good. Like all of them, it has fairly decent shading done in it. It doesn't really have that much in the way of shading around the folds of the clothes, though. In fact, it doesn't really look like it has much folds in the clothing so it looks tight. Might be a bit painful while fighting.

The red skin seems kind of overdone since it's camo, though it does fit here pretty well. The problem I have with this is the jacket he's wearing has a fluffy outline so it kind of looks like a fur coat. Also, the shading is still a bit lacking. The camo is pretty well done though, and really looks like camo.

Then the blue skin looks like a blue officer's coat. This one looks like an almost flat shade of blue with some slight texturing. This isn't really bad since most suits look rather smooth, though a lot of suits usually have creases in down the middle of the legs and arms, something this doesn't have.

Anyway, I think this is a pretty good set of skins. Just work on your shading techniques and it'll come out better next time.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: Jack O'Neill
AUTHOR**: Dr Jackson
E-MAIL**: vsabinring@yahoo.com

FILENAME: jackoneil
FILESIZE: 1914 kb
DATE RELEASED: Well, today's date is 12/8/05

CREDITS**: The file submissions page for my readme layout, I copy pasted it. :P
Well, SG1 for one, duh :P Thanks also for the idea, and the "template" I used,
and of course the taunt and death, I think they work out pretty nice so I used em to:
RJK Ki Adi
Thanks mate~! =] 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Pretty simple, assuming that you went with the automatic install of the game,
Place this in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base If you installed
on a drive other than C:\, lets say D:\?  then just change the letter to fit your setup. 

I hope I explained a simple task, uhh simply, if not, there is a pile of tomatoes over there to throw at me.

DESCRIPTION**: Well uh, This is Jack, and you are uh... whoever you are, So, Jack, You, You, Jack... 
Ok, really though, Jack O'Neill of Stargate SG1, Depending what season you're on, he's a Colonel and CO of SG1,
or Brigader General and CO of the SGC...I read somewhere Major General now... so wherever you are, he's really 
the same Jack, so, (insert words of meaning here)

BUGS: Have yet to see any, only thing may be that they are too light. I have brightness problems on my comp...

I know people will prolly like Red and Normal skins, if you hate the one for blue, that's your problem, sure you 
can complain, but I dun care :P if you want somethin else, that's your job now.
And that's it for my rant-


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