Well this file is something that's new to me. A JKA customiser, at first I was expecting some program that changes things like lightsaber co...


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Well this file is something that's new to me. A JKA customiser, at first I was expecting some program that changes things like lightsaber colours, health and armour and the player skin. This program seems to be more of a tweaking file with some extras thrown in. Okay well to start with you need Java 2 to actually run the customiser. Which annoyed me some because it meant I had to go download something else just to test the file which put this on bad marks already for me. Now when I got the file working I was surprised by the options given to me. Options to set vehicle binds to a key without having to use the in game command window, options to set lightsaber colours without the command window, FPS issues like the character breath, the time bodies remain until disapearing and so on.

You can even change Jaden's name although it won't effect speech (obviously). Saber damage and speed increases are in there also. As well as choosing from a small set of skins to use instead of Jaden. Although this customiser file is a nice little one I wouldn't recommend it too much if you don't already have java 2. I'd only really get this file if you want to tweak your game alot but don't want to do too much messing around with CFG's or the command window.


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Download 'jacustomiser_0.8.zip' (31KB)


JACustomiser 0.8 Readme (yes that's customiser with an S - the CORRECT way to spell)


 - Introduction -

Thankyou for purchasing JACustomiser.

Wait, I'm not some company who doesn't really care what happens to their customers,
I make free software!

Sorry, we seem to have gotten off on the 'wrong foot'. Let's try that again.

Thankyou for downloading JACustomiser.

That's better. Now let's stop wasting precious bytes and get on with the readme,
shall we?

So what exactly is JACustomiser? JACustomiser is a tool that helps you make baby
food. I'm sorry - a tool that creates custom scripts for you for use with Star Wars
Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, or what is more commonly known as JK3.

So what does it do? Well JACustomiser just makes text files. That's it. You can
look at them if you want. Just open the files that JACustomiser generates. They will
be called cfgXXXX.cfg, where XXXX is the name of your profile, which is entered in a
text field in the utility.

Please note that although the program is nothing special, and it doesn't include or
use any secret algorithms, it has been nonetheless obfuscated. Non-programmers ignore
this paragraph. Good luck trying to understand the decompiled code, you'll need it!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the use of JACustomiser, because I wrote 1655 lines of
code for you, and I did it for free! I don't want money for it; knowing that there
are people out there that I've made happier will be enough satisfaction for me.
After all, 1655 lines of code is really nothing. Hell, Windows 2000 took five million!



The ZIP file that you downloaded should include the following:

-JACustomiser.jar		- The executable Java Archive. Run this to start 
				  the program.
-JACustomiser Readme.txt	- This readme file.

If it doesn't, then something obviously went wrong somewhere...



First of all, you need the Java 2 Runtime Environment or the Java 2 Software
Development Kit installed on your system to run it. Don't even try running the program
without these; your system will be thinking "Java? What the hell is Java?!" or
something like that.

Both the Java 2 Runtime Environment (J2RE) and the Java 2 Software Development
Kit (J2SDK) are available from Sun's Java website, which is http://java.sun.com Go
there to download the J2RE. You'll only want the J2SDK if you plan on making programs
with the Java programming language.

Secondly, you need to have a system capable of running the game! (That is, Jedi
Academy. With all this crap in the Readme file you might forget what game this is for!)



To install JACustomiser you just unzip the files to your Jedi Academy directory.
For example, if you installed your game to
"C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight Jedi Academy"
then that's where you should unzip to. Make sure you "keep folder names" or
"keep folder paths" in your unzip utility.

It should end up in your game's 'GameData\Base' directory. If it doesn't, just
move it so it is.

Once you have both the J2RE (or J2SDK) and JACustomiser installed all you need to
do is double-click on the program file which, unless you have renamed it for some
odd reason, will be 'JACustomiser.jar" and the program will launch.

You'll have to create a Start Menu or Desktop shortcut to it if you want quick



Using JACustomiser is fairly simple. I wrote it so that it's almost foolproof,
but an idiot will easily get around my hundreds of lines of error-checking code.

You must be thinking "Does this guy ever shut up?!" and the answer to that is: no. :-)

Once you launch the program, which takes a bit of time because it is written in Java,
the splash screen will show in the centre of the screen, and when that is done, the
main program will also display in the centre of the screen.

If you have enabled the console, which can be done in the Java Plug-in Control Panel
applet (go to the Windows Control Panel) you will see some nice messages in it.
Just ignore them, unless you really want to read them for some odd reason.

When the program does finish starting you'll see a large list of options. Select the
ones you want, then move on to the next area, where you'll see a few Combo Boxes (aka
"Drop-down lists") and some text fields (aka "text boxes"). Fill these in and select
your options, and then click the "Create cfg" button. Each option is explained below.

Draw the character's breath
This option makes the game draw breath from your character if it's cold. You should
disable this option if you get a frame rate of less than 40.

Display the ammo warning
This option enables the ammo warning that appears when you're low on ammo.

Draw the crosshair
If this option is ticked, the game will draw a crosshair that points to where your
gun shots will end up.

Draw the HUD
The HUD (Heads-up Display) is all that useful stuff you see like ammo, health, force
power... It also includes any other text on the display and the crosshair.

Draw the FPS indicator
This useful function draws your frame rate (how many times per second the picture is
drawn). FPS stands for Frames Per Second. If your FPS is less than 40, you should
lower your graphics quality.

Draw the level timer
It's not really useful, but I put it in anyway. If you want to see how long you've
taken on each level, enable this option.

"Smart" crosshair
This option makes the crosshair change colours to indicate friend or foe.

Bind keys to toggle sabre colours
If you enable this option, you can use just two keys to change the colours of your
lightsabres in-game! One for the first lightsabre, another for the second.

Draw the sun
This option forces the game to draw the sun in the sky. Sometimes it may not work even
if it is enabled, and sometimes it will appear even if it is disabled.

Draw flares
Flares are those little circles you see when you get close to a light source.

Unlimited force power
This is the big one! If you are sick of having hardly any force power, enable this
option! It will ask you 19 questions, though! When you click the 'Create cfg' button,
JACustomiser will need to know which keys you use for certain actions. There are 19
in total.
Whoever conceived of having force "power" anyway?! A Jedi (or a Sith, for that
matter) can use the force as often or seldom as they like!

Bind a key to toggle run/walk
This option creates a toggle key. If you hate having to hold down the walk key, just
enble this option and you'll be able to switch between running and walking mode.

Change cl_maxpackets value
Sometimes you may get an error message that has something to do with a variable called
'cl_maxpackets'. Enabling this option can help prevent them, but it might need more
memory. If you keep getting this type of error, the game might be stuck in an infinite
loop, but I don't know because I didn't create the game.

Show cinematics
This option will enable or disable cinematics during the game. Or at least it *should*.

Lightsabre restricts force
This feature was created in the beta versions of the game, but when LucasArts released
it, they decided to turn it off. Anyway, what it does is it makes the game a little
more realistic by disabling some force powers if you are using a dual-bladed lightsabre
or two lightsabres. Sometimes it doesn't work though. That may be why they decided to
disable it.

New lightsabre control style
I have no idea what this does. It doesn't work for me, but if it works for you, e-mail
me and tell me what it does! (my e-mail address can be found at the end of this readme)

Allow model dismemberment
This option lets the game cut up people when you chop them with your sabre. It may also
make your sabre do more damage.

Slow movement when using sabre
It's realistic, but annoying. When you attack with the lightsabre, you slow down a
little bit.

Bind keys to enable cheats
When you create your cfg file, you will be asked some questions, namely which keys to
bind to these cheats. The cheats include God mode, notarget mode, give full ammo, give
full health/force power/armour, and no clipping mode.

Use the swirly blue crosshair
With this option enabled, your crosshair will change to a swirly blue one when your
crosshair is over at item that reacts to the Force, for example those bricks that come
out of the wall in the training mission. If you have a pirated copy of the game,
sometimes it mightn't work.

Display lightsabre burn marks
This option will enable those scorch marks on walls, people and objects when your
lightsabre touches them.

Ignore OpenGL errors
You should probably ignore this option. Just leave it checked. It is used for debugging
the game, I think.

Draw simple items
If your machine is slow and doesn't have much memory, enable this option. It makes
weapons and items on the ground look crap, but the game might run faster.

Draw your gun
If for some reason you don't like the gun picture being drawn, disable this option.

Disable weapon sway
If you find it annoying that when you walk or run, your weapon sways from side to side,
you should enable this option.

Show greeting when starting game
With this option enabled, the game will show a message when you load a level or start a
new game (which is loading a level anyway). JACustomiser will ask for the message when
you click 'Create cfg File'

Select lightsabre type
If you want to change your lightsabre type (that is, single lightsabre, two lightsabres,
or a dual-bladed lightsabre) during the game, enable this option. You won't be able to
select your hilt though. Who really cares anyway, it's only a bloody hilt. Those of you
who do care are seriously retarded. It's just a hilt! Give it up already!

Bind keys to spawn vehicles
This option creats a kind of 'menu' where you can select a vehicle to spawn and then spawn
it. It needs to know which key you want to use to select the next vehicle, which key you
want to use to select the previous vehicle, and which key to use to spawn the currently
selected vehicle.

Automatically enable this profile
With this option enabled, the profile (which is the combination of these settings) will
automatically be launched when you start the game. If you leave this option off, you will
have to enable the profile manually. This can be done by typing in the console:
'exec <profilename>.cfg'
where <profilename> is obviously the name of the profile.

Lightsabre animation speed
Select from the list the speed at which your character will swing their lightsabre. The
default in the game is 1.00, and the default for JACustomiser is 1.25x. That is what I
use, and is what I recommend. The standard setting is just too slow.

Corpse removal time
Enter a number between 1 and 255 here. Anything higher than 60 will cause the game to slow
down dramatically. If you find that you are getting poor performance, set this option to
something like 5.

Jaden's name
Yes! You can change Jaden's name! What kind of a gay name is Jaden, anyway?
This option will not change the speech in the game, only text. It may not work, it hasn't
been tested yet.

Lightsabre does ... damage
To make your lightsabre do extra damage, select an option from the list.

Crosshair size
You can change the size of the crosshair here, but don't be silly because the program limits
you to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 75. The game's default is 24, which is also this
program's default. If you want to disable the crosshair, use the check box option.

Play as
Select your player here. You can play as your custom skinned character ("Jaden") or from
a small selection. There are no enemies here because then nobody will attack you except
your friends.

Maximum FPS
If you find that you frame rate won't go past a certain value, but you have a monster of a
computer, increase this value. It doesn't affect performance, but the game has the CAPABILITY
ONLY to run smoother.

Profile name
This affects the file name of the saved cfg file. It will be called cfg<profilename>.cfg
Profiles are great because it means if multiple people play the game on your PC, you can
have different profiles set up if they disagree on these options. To enable a profile in
the game, simply type into the console:
'exec cfgXXXX.cfg'    and replace XXXX with whatever your profile name is.
The profile will then automatically be enabled, and will be enabled every time the game
starts, unless you 'exec' another profile.

And those, my friend, are the features that JACustomiser has to offer. There will be more
in the future...

Until then, enjoy this program for what features it offers now.

When you are done, click 'Create cfg File' and your file will be created. Depending on what
files exist in the same directory as the program, you may be asked additional questions.

You can also click the About button to see stuff about this program, or the Credits button
to see the credits.

All the programming was done by me(1337h1uM [David Murphy]).



JACustomiser, this readme, and the program's source code are copyright 2004 David J Murphy
of Adelaide, South Australia.

All rights reserved.

You may not modify this program.
You also may not distribute this program if you do not call it EXACLY "JACustomiser". No
American spellings, which are incorrect and not at all English, shall be applied to this
program (JACustomiser). That means no changing "sabre" to "saber" (oh I hate spelling
incorrectly!), "colour" to "color" or "JACustomiser" to "JACustomizer". Those spellings are
incorrect and wrong. Do not argue with this, it is correct and absolute.
You may distribute this program freely if a) you NEVER SELL IT, b) you adhere to all these
conditions, and c) You always mention the fact that it was written by me (David J Murphy)

LucasArts is copyright of its respective owner (LucasFilm, and therefore Fox, I think)
Star Wars, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Academy are trademarks of LucasArts.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
JACustomiser copyright 2004 David J Murphy.

In this readme, software piracy is mentioned. I do not support software piracy in any way.

If you wish to contact me, that can be done by e-mailing me at:

I have made a website, but I haven't found a suitable free host yet. If you know of a good
one that lets me use any file type, doesn't force ads on pages (my page uses frames), and
has min. 40MB storage space, e-mail me.



Here's that list of valid keys I promised you. They don't have to be in uppercase,
but it is preferred because I said so.

`			H			F1			END
1			I			F2			SHIFT
2			J			F3			CTRL
3			K			F4			ALT
4			L			F5			MWHEELUP
6			N			F7			MOUSE1
7			O			F8			MOUSE2
8			P			F9			MOUSE3
9			Q			F10			MOUSE4
0			R			F11			MOUSE5
-			S			F12			; - must be surrounded in double quotes
=			T			INS			,
[			U			DEL			.
\			V			KP_NUMLOCK		/
B			Y			PAUSE			'
C			Z			PGUP		

You can also bind keys by their keboard hex value, for example '0x4F'. I have no idea what
that key is and I don't know why I'm telling you this, I just thought it would make me seem

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