Jaden Female



A single player human female reskin...rather different I must say; it's not a nude skin but it comes very very close on the top part, this is one jedi female who jumping around is not a good idea for! It's not bad for a first attempt either, it doesn't re-skin the entire model but changes bits here and there (most noticeably that top!) The shading isn't very realistic and looks like a blending in PSP but still it works and it certainly leaves little to the imagination about what is there.

If you play SP through and want a change, here ya go, if you're one of those guys who like the models that reveal the female figure somewhat, here ya go, if you want to whine and call it dirty and perverse...DO NOT POST IT HERE. I will have no mercy on anyone who goes too far in the comments, if you really don't like it because you disagree with it then do not post...comments are for comments on the skin itself, not what you think of what the skins stands for. K?




this is a remake of Jaden for single player. I got bored of the plain outfits for the human females, so i made a different one. This is my first time ever skinning anything, so I hope it is worthy. I will be making (hopefully) lots more skins in the near future. If anyone has suggestions or possitive criticism :) feel free to email me @ [email protected].
Thanks to everyone who posts at jk2files.com on how to make skins

Installation: just put this pk3 in you gamedata/base folder and thats it.
thanks for downloading

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