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Jaden Korr Dark Side Outfit

Not too often we get expansions of the default Jaden choices, but here we have one. First thing's first, the new outfit. Typical '...


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File Description

Not too often we get expansions of the default Jaden choices, but here we have one.

First thing's first, the new outfit. Typical 'dark side' theme, black, grey and a little silver. The outfit itself is a recolor of a default Jaden outfit, but for the most part it's quite well-done, if not a little boring due to the color choices. Gotta say the black panels seem awfully solid, almost as if they're armor instead of the 'elaborate ceremonial dress pauldrons' (for lack of a better term), but it's not so bad. The Stormtrooper arm is the big difference here, which adds a definite Imperial overtone. Although, it appears to have been skinned over the fabric, so it does distort - I imagine that can't be helped.

A new head is packaged, or shall I say, a non-overriding adjustment to a pre-existing one. The longer-haired Jaden is now available with both blonde and brown hair. Not much of a big change, but the hair recoloring is done professionally. Master_Ibonek missed a true calling - salon stylist! Although it should be noted, that the facial hair is in fact still blonde.

The second head modification overwrites the shorter-haired caucasian head, whose "brown" hair was noticeably not very brown at all, but more sienna-indigo. See the screenshot for the direct comparison.

Recommended simply because choice is good, and there's no reason not to recommend it.

This simple fix merely repairs a bug with the "torso half-skirt thingy" - as Ibonek so eloquently put it - which rendered the front side invisible. You shouldn't have any further transparency issues with this.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Modification
TITLE: Jaden Korr Dark Side Outfit FIX
AUTHOR: master_ibonek
E-MAIL: master_ibonek@yahoo.com

FILENAME: jadensithoutfit-FIX-.pk3

CREDITS: Raven Software, Lucasarts

INSTALLAION: Extract to Gamedata/base folder

DESCRIPTION: This a quick and simple fix that I forgot to do in the first place. the lower part of the torso half-skirt thingy 
was see through from the front and not the back so i made it totally non see through by editing the shader.

Old Description:
 This is a simple skin that adds to the Jaden Human Male outfit choices. 
I got the basic concept from a drawing I saw on some site I now forget the name of. I thought it looked cool, 
so I attempted to skin it. This file also adds 1 head and overwrites another. The added one is an edited version of 
the blonde head to make it have brown hair. The one that overwrites simply makes the "brown" haired head and 
actually makes it brown. If you look at the default hair closely, it is a purple-ish brown and looks really un-natural. 
See screens to see.

BUGS: none that I know of. report to me if you find any!

COMMENTS: this replaces the old pk3 so just delete the old one and put this one in your base folder. 

Theres SP support as well in case no one found that out in the first version.



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