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This little NPC went to market, this little NPC stayed at home, this little NPC had roast wampa, this little NPC had none :(, and this littl...


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This little NPC went to market, this little NPC stayed at home, this little NPC had roast wampa, this little NPC had none :(, and this little NPC said "Marka H Ragnos, you stormtroopers are stupid!" before slicing through the vanguard, Force throwing the squad leader into a woodchipper, choking the officer they were escorting then dropping a target beacon for Rogue Squadron to come in and nuke the area.

Yeh. Tell that nursery rhyme to a baby, and they'll probably call the nearest sci-fi rehab center and have you sectioned.

Achrones wondered why there's no NPC file portraying the main character of Jedi Academy. One of the consequences of having a customisable player character, I'm afraid. But, that doesn't mean a little initiative can't create a Jaden NPC. And that's what Achrones worked with. Initiative. Well, and NPC Tool and Notepad, obviously.

So, what do we get, exactly? See the screenshot for the visual aspects. The appearance is locked, NPCs apparently don't have the ability to copy your appearance unless they're set to CLASS_PLAYER. We get a staff user, all Force powers maxed, all AI stats at 5 (basically the highest setting), a high-ranked boss-level NPC using Kyle Katarn's NPC class and about ten times as much health as you. He's on your side, by the way, although that's an easy thing to change if you'd rather Jaden was on the enemy team for a bit of Mortal Kombat mirror match (well, not really, since the NPC doesn't borrow your appearance).

What this file does accomplish, however, is the disproval of one of man's age-old theories. Turns out you don't have to be a gymnast to kick your own ass, after all.

~ Kouen

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Download 'jadennpc.zip' (1KB)

Jaden NPC

New Sounds: No
New Textures: No
New Models: No
NPC Support: Yes

This is my version of Jaden would be if he had an NPC. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, you can already spawn "Jaden" by typing "npc spawn player" in the console, but THAT NPC has low health,
low stats, no force powers, and overall, he's a wuss. THIS version of the NPC has excellent stats that match up to Tavion's 
and Kyle's and high health. I put him on your team, of course, since Jaden's a Jedi and all. If you wish to fight him though,
type "playerteam enemy" or "playerteam free" to duel Jaden himself.

Extract the npc. file to your gamedata/base/ext_data/npcs folder.

Credits To:

You have my unrestricted permission to use this, assuming I take credit for it. Don't be selfish! :P

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