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Jalechah's Zombie

GHAAAAGH!!! GRAWR!!! *drools* COUGH COUGH GAAGH!! Okay, enough make-believe zombie. Zombie model i made in University. half hi...


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Okay, enough make-believe zombie.

Zombie model i made in University. half his head is skull like, the other half is somewhat normal. mutated arm and leg, other arm and leg are nothing but bones. wears ripped jeans. He is skinny. Has a hole in his chest revealing his heart.

This sums up the description, really. The model, while slightly lower in polycount than most JKA models, is of decent quality. The textures are agreeable, and surprisingly, fit on only ONE UV map.

Sadly, there are bugs to be had. The bone spike on the shoulder leaves it's shoulder when the arm moves, and some of the textures don't match in terms of color. (Namely, where the head meets the neck.) And, alas, there are no new sounds! Also, is it just me, or is this Zombie smiling?

In all, a decent little model, but could use a lot of work.


New Sounds: NO (/cry) Bot Support: No Team Support: No SP Support: No NPC Support: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Jalechah's Zombie
AUTHOR: Jalechah

FILENAME: zombie_jale.pk3
DATE RELEASED: September 1 2008

I made everything myself excluding the jka skeleton and animations. so basicly the mesh and texture. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: put the .pk3 file in your base folder. like always

COMMENTS: This is a Zombie I made for a school assignment. Afterwards I decided to import this into JK3 just for fun. Then it was requested to be submitted, so here it is.

The Skin/Rig job isnt the best, but i did do this just for kicks. so i had no intention on making the skin/rig perfect.

I do NOT give permission under any circumstances for anyone to modify this file. Please respect the wishes of the artist.

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