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Alright... so to be honest this will be a fairly short review. Why, you may ask? Well, my good people, it's because there's simply not muc...


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Alright... so to be honest this will be a fairly short review. Why, you may ask? Well, my good people, it's because there's simply not much to tell. What we have is Hapslash's Anakin with Spanki's skins, plus a few minor changes. There are 7 versions of this skin and all are essentially the same save that one may have a hood or one may have a cape. What's different from Spanki's skins from what I can tell is that there are a few scars on the face and a leather sash across the chest. Other than that it looks exactly the same - not to say it looks bad.

Unfortunately there are a few bugs with this pack that take away from it's possible decency. The main problem is the .skin file for every skin that makes the models very screwy in modview, and only slightly less screwy ingame. Certain parts didn't show up ingame, such as the top of a head, and certain different parts were slightly off such as the wrong caps being used for the arm so it stuck out.

To sum it up, this pack is one of slightly buggy, slightly-altered Spanki skins and offers nothing really remarkable or interesting. The lack of any team skins, new sounds, bot support, or NPC support doesn't help either.

Team Skins - Nej. New Sounds - Nej. NPC Support - Nej. Bot Support - Nej.


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Download 'jalrin_trimence.zip' (3.44MB)

Read-Me for Jalrin Trimence V2-V4

These are all new versions of Jalrin, complete with multiple images of him. The icons are all new, as well as his scar has been added.
He now has a normal, cloaked, and hooded version, as well as an exile, exile hooded, and Sith version. In the V4 we see a dark apprentice version, 
which depicts him at his fall to the sith. This roleplay model is consuming my life, and I've been doing ever more work on it, making it more and
more mine and using less of Spanki's original textures. In the cyanthor and apprentice versions, I have modified the face textures and torso texture
in the dark apprentice case, and have darkened the clothing on cyanthor. These are very high quality as a matter of fact, but that may be because
they are a reskin of spanki's customization for Jedi. I may release a future version, but it is not very likely, this one is in fact coming with screenies, 
so you no longer need to download before you see it. This is still for my roleplay community, and is making my immersion feel more and more, and i begin
to feel like this model IS me. Thankyuo for your time and enjoy :)


to install, simpy unzip the pk3 from the Jalrinv(whatever version it is).zip into your base folder and go ingame. There should be several icons under the
select model page, and select one to see it in game. This is now independent of spanki's so the cloak version is now bug free like all versions :)

All credit for skins and textures go to spanki and roule, both who without would have made this skin impossible.
I also thank Hapslash for HS_Anakin, for without him, we would never have had our Jedi Customization and Roule's 
starkiller model.  I also thank JK3 files and filefront, Whom without this this would not be possible. 
I give permission to use any texture for the jalrin model, except for the face. none of the other versions are included in this, only regular jalrin,
 jalrin cloak, and jalrin hood. All of their textures except for the face can be used. No skin is to be used in any skin pack without my express consent.
For other permissions, comment on the file or contact me on my xfire at jediavenger. If you don't have xfire, don't worry! 
YOu can just comment here! 

-Jedi Avenger

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