JAM's JK2/3 Kill Tracker



Review of the first version of JAM's killtracker

This is a kill-tracker by JAM aka SpIdErMaN. This eye candy application has several useful built-in functions, including: 1. Statistic tracking (obviously) 2. Spam-echoer 3. JK2 and JA support 4. Note and friend lists 5. Message configurator with a command variable help, color scheme help, and a preview window 6. Media player with playlist capabilities 7. Update check (click JAM in the main browser) and contact information

Having been around since the first days of JK2, I've seen all the kill trackers and never been impressed. Whenever someone joined one of the clan servers I played on and I saw that exacerbating kill tracker message, I repeatedly used my "kill tracker off" bind or spammed the same message in the console. To me, "!kt off" was the only good thing about them. JAM's version may have changed my mind about that. While I still don't see the need to publicly track your statistics, the auto-message feature and music options are definitely an evlolution from the early versions. I realize that those options have been available for a while, but as a graphic designer, the ease of use, graphics, and media player feel make JAM's version my choice.

The readme for this program is located by default at: "C:/Program Files/JAM's Jedi Knight KT/readme.txt" once it is installed.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1. Very easy to use. 2. Gorgeous layout.

Cons: 1. NA

Rating: 10/10

A few usful things have been added in v2 and a few fixes too. The interface looks much more slick now, I felt the first version looks a bit big and clunky. The black colour has been added to color schemes now, thats great since alot of people use black in their names. Good job JAM, this is a great tool for recording your kills, playing music, adding friend lists and more.

Once again this version works for both JK2 and JKA, update it now!




JK2/3 Kill Tracker Created By JAM


Title: JAM's JK2/3 Kill Tracker
Author: JAM
In-Game Name: SpIdErMaN or spider
Website: www.jamtracker.tk
Contact: [email protected]
Released: 1st April 2005


Extract the zip file jamkt.zip to any directory. Run the setup.exe file and 
follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure you checkout the readme.txt 
file for the commands.

- 2.0 -

More bugs fixed.
Fixed !play command which checked the song path with the partial text. Now 
only checks song name.
New interface and skin.
New !hide command minimises and displays a window showing in-game chat 
allowing u to talk back while minimised!
More music based program.
New commands and features added and old commands recoded.
Some program messages removed to decrease spam.
Friend all and friend commands are no longer case sensitive.
New Alarm Notifier.
Black added to colour scheme and previewer which was purposly left out in v 

Added some new commands:

- !friendall - will friend anyone that has a certain text in thier name. 
Great for clan tags (NOT case sensitive).
- !removefr # - changed to remove index number found using !friends which 
now contains both friends and friendalls.
- !removenote # - will remove the index numbered note from the notes.
- !shuffle - will play a random track from the playlist.
- !dismsg - will enable/disable kill messages.
- !settings - will display all the set settings of echo, silence, power and 
dismsg in order to fix problems. Will always display even if power is off as 
long as the name and gametype is correct.
- !rewind - replays the current song or the last song played before 
- !info playername - now displays duels won and lost to the specified 
- !vol (1-100) - sets the percentage volume rather than using volup and 
- !setalarm 00:00 - sets the alarm to a specific 24 hour format time.
- !unsetalarm - disables the alarm.

Added a ID3 tag reader in the music section. Will now add the actual title 
and artists of the songs to the playlist.
Now !hide displays a window containing chat and messages occuring ingame 
while minimised and allows you to chat back.
Improved playlist which features many playlist options including sorting 
Now tracks duels with individual people and can be displayed in messages.

- v1.2 -

Fixed alot of bugs that i found and recoded a few things to make them more 
Found out that in the readme file I had put !silent when the command was 
actually !silence. Sorry.

- v1.0 -

First release :). All Features and commands avaliable in the interenal 
readme file.


Thanks to all beta testers.
Visit www.jamtracker.tk for more info.


Jedi Knight Utility Created By JAM.

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