JAM's JK2/3 Kill Tracker (v1.0)

JEDIofONE's review of this mod: This is a kill-tracker by JAM aka SpIdErMaN. This eye candy application has several useful built-in...


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JEDIofONE's review of this mod:

This is a kill-tracker by JAM aka SpIdErMaN. This eye candy application has several useful built-in functions, including: 1. Statistic tracking (obviously) 2. Spam-echoer 3. JK2 and JA support 4. Note and friend lists 5. Message configurator with a command variable help, color scheme help, and a preview window 6. Media player with playlist capabilities 7. Update check (click JAM in the main browser) and contact information

Having been around since the first days of JK2, I've seen all the kill trackers and never been impressed. Whenever someone joined one of the clan servers I played on and I saw that exacerbating kill tracker message, I repeatedly used my "kill tracker off" bind or spammed the same message in the console. To me, "!kt off" was the only good thing about them. JAM's version may have changed my mind about that. While I still don't see the need to publicly track your statistics, the auto-message feature and music options are definitely an evlolution from the early versions. I realize that those options have been available for a while, but as a graphic designer, the ease of use, graphics, and media player feel make JAM's version my choice.

The readme for this program is located by default at: "C:/Program Files/JAM's Jedi Knight KT/readme.txt" once it is installed.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1. Very easy to use. 2. Gorgeous layout.

Cons: 1. NA

Rating: 10/10

While this is technically version 1.0, there's only been one change made. The author found a pretty nasty bug and quickly corrected it, but the bugged version was already posted. Anyway, here's the fixed version with nothing added. So read the above review to learn more about this Kill Tracker. :)


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Download 'jamkt_v1.0.zip' (3.05MB)


  Jedi Knight 2/3 Kill Tracker v1.0


Created By: JAM
Website: www.jamtracker.tk
email: root@jamtracker.tk
Requirements: Preferablly 256 colours or more, Windows 98 or higher.


Extract all the included files to a location of your choise. Run the setup.exe program and use the on-screen instructions to install the program.

-How To Use The Kill Tracker:

First of all you will need to enter your name. this can be done by clicking on the bluish bar in the lower area of the LCD display, (first time users will see the "Click Here To Enter Name"). This will reveal a window containing a textbox allowing you to enter your In-Game name. There is no name limit and please do not include the colour codes in your name is it will not recognise these. Alternertivly, type /name and enter in the console window while in game. The three circlar buttons at the bottom of the programs main window will allow you to access the note and friends list window, message commands window and the playlist. All statistics gathered by the Kill Tracker will be displayed on the main window.
Next, you will need to set the gametype to the one you will be playing. The green l.e.d buttons will set the game type by clicking on them.
Then, if you wish, you can alter the messages by clicking the center round button.


Acurrate tracking.
Customisable Messages.
Large choice of respondable actions.
In-Game Music player.
Respond to friends.
Add in-game notes.
Responds only to you - does not respond to people doing this if your name was Name2: "Name1: Name2: !time" or "Name1: Name2 was sabered by Name1" etc...
Minimizer - hides the game so you can view your desktop.
Colour sceme enables you to change the colours of the program messages - requested by many players.


!time  -  will display the current time and date.
!kills  -  will display the number of kills you have made with a percentage of deaths to a kill
!deaths  -  will show the amount of times you have died with the percentage of kills per death.
!duels  -  will show the number of duels you have had with the number won and lost.
!stats  -  will show statistics of kills, deaths, duels total and w/l.
!ratio  -  will show a ratio of kills to deaths and duels won to duels lost.
!info playername  -  will display the information of that person that the Kill Tracker has stored including the amount of times he/she has killed you and you have killed them.
!friend playername - will add the playername to the friendslist, allowing specialised messages to be shown to them (case sensitive).
!friends  -  will display the friends list in the console.
!removeindex  -  will remove the index number from the friends list (found using !friends).
!removefr playername  -  will remove the playername from the friends list (case sensitive).
!note text  -  will add the text to the note list if you do not have a pen handy.
!notes  -  will display all stored notes in the console as an echo.
!silent  -  Switches silent mode on/off. This will still track and respond to commands but will not show any messages. 
!echospam  -  Switches echo mode on/off. This will display the messages as a console echo.
!power  -  switches the kill tracker on/off. The kill tracker will no longer track, show messages or respond to commands other than this one.
!hide - will hide the game so you can view the desktop. Return by clicking the supplied button visible at this stage.
!playlist  -  will show the current playlist in the console window.
!play text  -  will search for the text in the playlist song names and play the song that contains the text.
!index # - will play the song with the index # you specify. You can get this number from the !playlist command.
!pause  -  will pause the current music playing.
!resume  -  will resume the current music paused.
!stop  -  will stop the current music playing.
!next  -  will play the next song in the playlist.
!prev  -  will play the previous song in the playlist.
!currentsong  -  will display the currentsong playing.
!currentposition  -  will display the current position of the song in seconds.
!volup  -  will increase the music volume by 25 percent.
!voldwn  -  will decrease the music volume by 25 percent.
!repeat  -  will turn on repeat and will repeat the songs.
!continuous  -  will turn on continue mode and everytime a song ends, the next one in the list will automatically play.
* commands such as power, silence and echo will be remembered even when the program is closed*

Thanks to all beta testers and servers for support.
Visit www.jamtracker.tk, contact me on root@jamtracker.tk or message me - AIM: thejamtrix, ICQ: 162675970, Yahoo: thejamtrix.
In-game name: SpIdErMaN or spider

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