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Yay! Here's the new version of JAM's Kill Tracker! It's got some new features, let's just go over them all.

1. It's minimised...


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Yay! Here's the new version of JAM's Kill Tracker! It's got some new features, let's just go over them all.

1. It's minimised in your system tray now 2. Multi-Language Support 3. Custom chat messages (This is not the kill message, this is something different) 4. A calculator. 5. A server tracker. 6. Custom Identities 7. Long name support. 8. Custom duel music (plays when you enter a duel) 9. Chat logging 10. Multiple playlists. 11. And some more.

Having the tracker in your system tray is certainly nice, but I don't think it's needed. But, it does look cool. I did like the multi-language support, which means I can play with my game in french, although it doesn't auto detect what language you are using, so you have to manually set what language you're going to use in options. The custom chat messages are a nice addition, although you navigate through the messages with the keypad keys - , + , and *. I wish that the keys used to navigate were changeable, as I have screenshotting binds there.

And, now, the calculator. I find this a random addition, so I made sure to find some bugs in it. While it does support several advanced commands such as sine, cosine, and tangent, as well as absolute values, rounding, and logarithms, it wasn't that great. First off, I use a calculator a lot, so I generally expect it to well. So, I tested if this did distrobution. It does, but you have to format your equation like so: a*(b+c). I prefer to format my equations a(b+c). It doesn't support that. Also, the sine, cosine, and tangent functions are only calculated in radians, and most people aren't intimately familiar with radians. More people are familiar with degrees. Another thing that could be worked on. And yet another thing, if you use the sine, cosine, or tangent functions, you have to format it like so: calc: sin(X) where X is a number. You cannot format it just as: calc: sin(X. It gives you an error. It doesn't even have an answer function, which just means that you can do ''ans'' and get your answer. (So it basically saves your answer, a useful thing when doing long calculations.) So the calculator was a medium disappointment to me, but it's perfect for the people that need to do simple math functions.

Server tracker! Yay! I like this function mainly because when I use Xfire sometimes I crash out after joining a game. So this is a very nice touch. It will give you the server name, the number of players, and all the basic server info. Next up is Identities. A very nice touch, but I prefer configs. So I'll just stick to good old /writeconfig. Although, the /writeconfig trick doesn't work if you go to a different server that uses a different mod, so this option is nice as it's not mod dependant. It saves your name, binds, and model and is easily retreivable. Long name support. Certainly a nice thing for all of you people who like long and colorful names. Custom duel music. Not a bad idea, and I'm sure a lot of people will use it. But my music likes change, so I'll just pick a song that I like and play it at the start of each duel.

Chat logging! Yay! Although I already have my game log my console already, this is great for those who don't know how to make their game log stuff, and want records of their games. Now, multiple playlists. Finally! Save that playlist! No longer will you have reload all of your music multiple times. Just load a playlist. Just make sure to click ''Create New Playlist" when you first load up, otherwise you won't get a playlist saved. It also has an auto name change feature! Yay! You can spend less time doing the whole /name thing! Also, there are several small functions that I haven't covered, but you'll hopefully find them

Yay, now for some bugs that haven't been fixed. People can still spoof your name, although I'm not going to tell you how to do it. Secondly is a media player bug. First, let's replicate the bug. First, your play mode should be in shuffle, then, press the next or previous key a bunch of times. I get an error. It's specifically Run-time error '35600' Index Out of Bounds. But you shouldn't be affected by this bug unless you go insane with changing songs.

It still has all of the regular features, including friends, statistics tracking, notes, kill messages, music playing with ID3 tag support, and a lot more. And, it still works for both Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast!

Despite some small bugs, this is great! I know a majority of people use this kill tracker, so download this!


Nothing's changed from the previous review, so, I'm not re-reviewing it. I'm just tacking on a note about what's changed.

The following bugs have now been fixed: # Change Playlist cancel error # Prev/Next Index out-of-bounds error

If those bugs are annoying you, here's your solution.

~ Kouen

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Download 'jamktv3fix.zip' (2.44MB)

Jam's Jedi Knight Kill Tracker v3.0
Welcome to the readme guide to the new version of my kill tracker. First let me say thank you for downloading this utility and I hope you enjoy using it.

Keep track of your in-game kills and deaths Long name support! Customisable messages Multi-Language support Respondable actions Enhanced in-game music player (WMP not required) Friend/Note lists Minimizser Server spy Colour Schemes ID3 playlist tags Multiple playlists Identities Chat logging (with password) And more....


Run the setup.exe program and follow the on-screen instructions.
Using the program:

Quick start - run the program, right click the tray icon and set the game mode to JK2 or JK3, run the game and while on a server type "/name" in the console followed by pressing the enter key.

What makes this version distinctively different to previous versions is the way it works. Now to access the system you need to right click the tray icon. The system tray is the right hand side of your taskbar at the bottom where start button is.

Once you have right clicked, you will be given a menu. This will allow you to access the following windows.

The Media Player window will allow you to control currently playing music. The basic play stop buttons etc with volume control and play options for shuffle, repeat and continuous play.

The Playlist window will display all your songs that you have added to the library. Double clicking on a song will start it. You can use the filter text box to easily find songs in long collections. You can add a song by file (.wma, .mp3 and .wav) or select a folder which contains songs. Furthermore, you can create and change playlists giving you the allowance to organise your song collection depending on the mood you are in.

The Servers window gives you the ability to add your favorite servers. Simply add the server ip addess (with port number) to add it to the list. Selecting it will display the current users playing, map name etc without entering the game.

When you open the Options window, you will be able to change the program settings. This includes changing the language, messages etc. Most of the options are straight forward.

For chat logging, the files that are created when you exit the game are saved to a given directory. If you wish to add a password to stop unauthorised access to the logs this is possible. Although, if you lose the password you will not be able to change it. You can see a log simply by opening them like a program, the KT will automatically display the text. The files are encrypted so they cannot be read without using the KT.

Identities allow you to quickly change your name and skin while in game. An optional message can also be displayed when you do this... just for the fun.

Auto Texts is an in-game menu system that allows you to show quick binds - displaying your witty messages without clogging up bind buttons. This can be done by adding a message in the options window. While in game, use the + and - keys on the num pad seperately to scroll through the list (visible at the top of the screen). The * key will display the message.

Sounds allow you to add a duel song that will play when you engage in a duel. Any music that is currently playing is paused and will be resumed after the duel. If the KT does not recognise you finishing a duel, being killed or dying will reset it. You can also add chat sounds that will play when someone says a particular word. It is recommened that you use short sounds. If you have added a long sound which is taking time to finish, use the command !chatsoundstop to stop the sound.

Commands must be typed into chat and said alone. Must also be lowercase.
!power Turns the KT on/off. When off the KT will not respond to commands other than this or track kills etc.
!time Displays the current time as set by your system together with the current date.
!echospam Will display all messages as an echo command meaning visible at the top of screen/console rather in chat.
!privatespam Will display all messages as a private message to yourself so only you can read. (JK3 ONLY).
!dismsg Will disable kill/death messsages.
!silence Will disable all messages that are shown.
!dismenu Disables the auto-text menu.
!stats Displays kill/death/duel statistics.
!kills Displays kill statistics.
!deaths Displays death statistics.
!duels Displays duel statistics.
!ratio Displays kill/death/duel ratios.
!lastkill Displays the last person you killed.
!lastdeath Displays the last person that killed you.
!lastduel Displays the last duel you were in.
calc: 1+1 Displays the calculation result for a given equation eg "1+1". Recognises + - * / ABS() ^ PI COS() SIN() TAN() RND() LOG()....
!hide Minimises the window so you can access your desktop.
!info playername Displays kill/death/duel information for the given player (not case sensitive).
!playerinfo playername Displays player information in the console for the given player (JK3 ONLY).
!ident # Executes the identity setting for the given number (#) 1-9.
!friend playername Makes the player a friend (not case sensitive).
!friendall partial name Will make a player a friend if name contains the partial text.
!friends Displays your friend list in console.
!removefr # Removes the friend with the given ID number found with the !friends command.
!note text Adds the text as a note to view later.
!notes Displays the stored notes in the console.
!removenote # Removes the note with the given ID number found with the !notes command.
!play partial song name Plays the song stored in the playlist containing the given partial name.
!index # Plays the song in the playlist with the given ID number.
!next Plays the next song in the playlist.
!prev Plays the previous song in the playlist.
!pause Pauses the currently playing song.
!resume Resumes the currently paused song.
!stop Stops the currently playing song.
!rewind Replays the currently chosen song.
!vol # Sets the play volume to the given number 0-100.
!continuous Each song in the playlist will be played one after the other.
!shuffle Plays random songs (Continuous must be on or use !next !prev).
!repeat Repeats the current song.
!currentsong Displays the currently playing song information.
!playlist Displays the playlist in the console.
!filter partial text Displays the songs containing the text in the console.
!chatsoundstop Stops the chatsound.


Thank you for downloading and using my kill tracker. This program and containing ideas is Copyright (c) 2006 JAM. For help visit http://www.jamtracker.co.uk.

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