James' Inferno

Here we have a new duel map, which is also the author; thejamesman’s first map! The map is primarily built for duel’s since it is quite s...


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Here we have a new duel map, which is also the author; thejamesman’s first map!

The map is primarily built for duel’s since it is quite small, however the author also included the option to use this map in FFA mode. Personally I think this is pretty good for a first map, and there are some nice features here which should make for an interesting duel. ;)

The main feature is a large breakable glass panel in the middle of the duel pad, break this and you will fall a looonngg way. However you usually land on an elevator pad which will take you back up to the duelling level. However, luring hungrily below this is a big mutant rancor! Presumable this chappy hasn’t been fed in a while, so he is all to happy to go after any players unfortunate enough to fall into his den.

Also to beware of is the lava below the main duelling pad, so be careful not to fall off the edge! I guess this is the main reason why the name if the map is ‘James’ Inferno’!

I also like the colour scheme here, I think the mixture of the vivid blue with red hints provides an interesting contrast. Coloured lighting is a difficult thing to get right, but I think the author has pulled off the effect between the textures and lighting quite well here.

There are some things I think could be improved upon though. For one, I think it would be good to add in some more architectural detail. I think lots of big industrial pipes and maybe some steam jet effects running up the walls would look cool. Also the lava down below is just a still texture, I recommend using the lava texture out of the imp_mine texture folder, since that moves around and glows.

Also, the map didn’t appear to have any music. Music is always plays a big part in setting the tone and feeling of the map, so for next time around, definitely try to find some good music to put in your map.

Other than that though a good job here mate considering it is your first map! :) The bot support too is a nice feature, which you don’t often see, in first maps.

Well, if you guys like the look of the map, then give it a download, and don’t forget to leave the author some good constructive comments so he knows what points to improve upon for next time. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, Duel


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Thank you for downloading my first map!
All textures are standard textures, and I made everything from scratch.

Thank you all for posting the tutorials for GTKRadiant!

This map is PRIMARILY a duel-map. I threw in FFA-ability just in case someone feels like having a wild time 
on their server.

A very duel-oriented map. Very friendly to gripping/Pushing, so all you whores out there - Go Nuts ;)

Throwing your opponent outside the "Ring" dooms them to a lava-y death.

Breaking the glass in the center and throwing them down MIGHT leave them with a very...hungry...suprise :)

Just unzip, put the PK3 in your gamedata/base folder, and enjoy!
I dont know what you could possibly take from this, but please, if you ARE going to manipulate it, I ask
That you email me first at jamesmanderson@hotmail.com

Once again, this is my first map, please, feel free to send me suggestions/comments/bug reports to help me out!

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