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Well, reviewed this once, and seemed that I missed quite a bit out. Must've been up too late :p Anyway, I promised I'd go back and have anot...


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Well, reviewed this once, and seemed that I missed quite a bit out. Must've been up too late :p Anyway, I promised I'd go back and have another look at this skin, and I did actually notice the shaders this time. I must've been too tired to notice em before - they're very well implemented. For a start, it's not your standard TCGen shader, no. These effects are much less noticeable, but still make it look like metal. This way the whole Jango Fett in many battles thing shows through. Scrathed helmets don't shine like brand new do they? It's kinda wierd. You know something's there, and it looks good, but it's hard to pick out what, ya know? The only shader I coud pick out easily was the helmet shader, where the light goes from one side to the other. Nice:)

As I said before, the actual skin is obviously a Boba Fett Reskin, nothing you haven't seen before, but it's more impressive than the original. Nice blue armour :) You can also play as him in SP mode if you so desire, makes a nice change. So there's all the nice shaders and stuff, but it doesn't bring something incredibly new and exciting to players looking for a little more 'zing' in their JKA gaming. Some may prefer more original skins, but for fans and people looking for some very nice realism, this is a skin to download :) The sounds (or at least a few of em) are taken from the movie for more realism, and there is Bot and Team Support. I really liked the variants for this :) He also has a variation where he dons a Jetpack which looks perhaps a little too blue, but still well designed. Doesn't work unless you also have a real jetpack on, and then there's Z-Fighting, but not a huge problem.

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'jangoizzy.zip' (3.49MB)

29th January 2004
Jango Fett Skin for Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy
Created by Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde
Build Time: 1 week
File Size: 3.5 MB
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

This is my latest and last version of the Star Wars anti hero Jango Fett who featured in Episode 2: Atack of the Clones.
 I created this skin basically because other versions of Jango created recently were lacking any great detail to them. I
 also noticed that most skins of Jango (including ones i created in the past) just didnt look right with a greatly mirrored 
Shader on top of them, especially considering in the film Jango Fett's armour was less polished and more scuffed, it 
reflected light but hardly mirrored.

So i set about looking into new shader types and found that the best type of Shader used was the in Game Boba Fett model/skin.
 It reflected only certain areas on the skin, making it look more detailed then it actually was. I used this kind of shader 
and i was incredibaly surprised and VERY pleased with the result, and the end result has come up with a top quality skin 
that looks more like Fett then any other skin of him so far (evan if i do say so myself).

I have created full team support for this version, something i neglected on both my previous versions, and also added a 
new SP custom type "Fett Male" that includes all the skins featured in this pack as well as adding the in game Boba Fett 
skins to the custom character selection, something until recently was considered impossible to do. (shows what they know!)

NPC Support for SP is also available, he uses both Jetpack and FlameThrower and could be used in future mods. To spawn him 
use the console command "NPC SPAWN jangoizzy_jetpack"

I have also added some of my old Fett sounds in this pack to make it more authentic although beware "Dont move Jedi" gets a 
little repetitive :oP

I must stress that anyone that uses this skin at least gives it a try with Detailed Shaders and high GFX enabled at least 
for a moment, to take in the great detail in the shaders.

Anyhoo i hope all that Download this enjoys it.


Team colours
Custom sounds
2 Variants, Pack and no Pack
SP Support features a new type "Fett Male"
NPC Support
Bot support
New shaders

Known Issues

Try not to use the JetPack version in Jedi Versus Merc mode as the regular Boba Fett Pack skin overlaps it and Z fighting occurs.

When selecting the "Fett Male" species in SP only the head selection will change the model. Both Torso and Legs selecters are useless. Oh yeah and dont expect his Pack and Flamethrower to work in SP ... cos they wont.


Add the jangoizzy.pk3 to your jediknight "base" directory usually found in:
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
To uninstall just bung it in ya recycle bin

Special Thanks

To my princess Nikki, Thanx for the support babe!! X X X

Kal El aka WhiteShdw, i used his Awesome "Chiss species pack 2.0" as a reference piece in order for me to get the "Fett Male" species to operate.

To Raven/Lucasarts for making a damn nice Fett model to work on!


Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this file in any way
and neither they, nor i will be held responsable for errors it causes!!

I have run extensive tests and i have encountered no problems in using
this file apart from the bugs stated above!!!

Robin Molde 2004
Visit my clan website


Please email me if you want permision to modify this file, a lot of work went into it and i'd hate to think it was used to reskin and i never got any credit!

[email protected]

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