Japanese Garden

Firstly let my say, to the author, that you have included a lot of unecessary files into the pk3 which you do not need, and because of this,...


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Firstly let my say, to the author, that you have included a lot of unecessary files into the pk3 which you do not need, and because of this, you have also given away your .map file. For future reference, you do not need to include: The .prt, .nav or .srf. You should definitely NOT include the .map or .bak, unless you wish for people to be able to steal your work. The second thing I'm going to say is that, seeing as it's your first submission, I'll let you off ;)

Even for a duel map, this is tiny. What you see in the screens is everything in the map. Yet for a first map, it looks very nice! :) Although the grass sprites are a little in the air, and the edges of the grass look very sharp, the atmosphere and textures used combine well, so even if it's not a practical map for playing, I still enjoyed looking around what little there was of it. My suggestions? Make it bigger, with more stuff, but keep the ambiance... and possibly change the music. It helps the mood, but just sound's a little creepy. Some ambient sounds wouldn't go a miss either ;)

Unfortunately, this isn't a well designed duel map, it's just too small, and the rocks on the path (which aren't clipped) mean that fighting is very difficult. Whilst nice to look at, playable it is not. I do wish to see future maps from you though Eiji, this one is a good start - oh, and next time add bot support!

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Map Name: Japanese Garden (J_Garden)
Author: Eiji (91)  [depending on email and site]
E-Mail: eiji91@gmail.com
Website: None

New Textures: Yes  (see note)
New Music: Yes
Everything Else: No

NOTE: The textures were borrowed from Worr Sonn, from his map, Samurai Village,
Which helped motivate me (again) to make a Japanese style map.
I recomend anyone trying that map. It is simple, but entertaining.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip and put the .pk3 file in your game base directory
 exe: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base

Description: This map is a Japanese style side garden. It comes complete with a Entry Gate and Exit Gate.
Has bamboo, stepping stones, vertical rocks, thrusting rocks, and a little assortment
of things like that (like lanterns).

the reason why I decided to make this was because I got some Japanese Gardening books
(as we speek, I am planing a garden much like this one where I live)
and looked through, and decided to try and make a small garden in GTK.
The cunstruction was fun, and only took sunday morning (the intial garden)
Because of its size, it would make a nice duel map (or I thought, at the very least)

The music (you have to turn volume up to hear it good) is Forest III, from the CD 'Asian Drums'
I recomend getting the CD if you like... well, Asian Drums (><;)

With my closing words, (Technicaly, Comments)
this is my first map.
I recomend playing this in Single Player as well, esspecially if you have the samurai mod, so you can spawn various NPCs that are Samurai



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