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I'm running a dual-core AMD processors, 2x NVIDIA 7800GT in SLI configuration, and 2048MB RAM. And no, I'm not just posting these specs to s...


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I'm running a dual-core AMD processors, 2x NVIDIA 7800GT in SLI configuration, and 2048MB RAM. And no, I'm not just posting these specs to show off. Even if you don't know what they mean, what I'm basically telling you is that the computer I playtested this mod on is a beast - very high-end. So you can imagine my horror when i loaded this map up and got 17 frames per second. That's completely unplayable, and I'd hate to think what people with lesser computers will do on this map. For this reason, and this reason only, I don't like this mod. The fact is, even with all the cool stuff in it, you can't play it. :(

Of course, it's a mod, not just a map, and comes with a whole load of new models/skins, of samurai warriors and katana blades. They mostly looks pretty snazzy, except for some of the faces and logos, which are pretty bad. They are all though, fantastic quality, especially the ninja... hes just so darned cool! There's also a ton of new swords to play with; far too many for me to go into them all, but trust me, they're fun to use, and most of them look pretty good as well :) Especially the first serrated blade one. There are new sounds with these too - some sound very familiar (from the advent children weapon mod?) but I'm not sure about this. Furthermore, your loading screens and main menu have been altered to fit the Japanese style. :)

Which brings me back to the map, which is probably the focal point of the mod. Architecturally, and lighting wise, its extremely nice, especially the terrain and trees. I also loved those little lamps, very nice stuff. However, there's a few lighting bugs inside the tents (pitch black walls) and some Z-fighting in areas along the fences. As I mentioned previously though, its so difficult to play on this map due to the lag, if you want to use this mod, you'll probably be better off just using the awesome models and weapons. Oh yeah, and the music is incredibly annoying, bad choice! :(

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Partial Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'japmod.zip' (47.8MB)

Japanese Mod For JediAcademy
By Iswer, Gurano
With contribution from Trauma Sensei And Jimesu_Evil.

FileName: JapMod.Zip
Size: app. 50. Mb
Version: V 1.0.

* One New Map
* A couple of New Weapons
* A couple of New PlayerModels
* A New Menu
* New Music + DuelMusic

WebPage: http://hem.passagen.se/iswer1/index.htm

The Map Includes:
* New Textures
* New MapModels
* And BotSupport


Extract the Zipped files into your GAMEDATA -folder.

How To Play

Go to (when started Ja Multiplayer) Setup/Mods --> and activate Japanese Mod.
then you can join a game with the map "japanese archery range", or start SoloPlay.

In The Next Version

Maybe There Will Be A "Next Version" And It Will Contain More Maps.

Contact ME

If You Find Some Bugs Then Please Contact Me.
If You Just Want To Talk To Me Then E -Mail Me Or Go To The Forum At The WebPage
(WebPage: http://hem.passagen.se/iswer1/index.htm)

My E-Mail Is [email protected]


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