I'm guessing quite a few of you will look at this and cock an eyebrow. It looks like a mixture between C3P0 and Robocop. The reason it's n...


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I'm guessing quite a few of you will look at this and cock an eyebrow. It looks like a mixture between C3P0 and Robocop. The reason it's no going to be familiar with most of you is because it's a character from a Japanese show, which in Portuguese is called "Jaspion". So if you look at it and think "What the heck is that?" then you're probably not alone. The model, however, seems quite accurate the character. There's no lacking of detail here, and even if you didn't know who the heck Jaspion was there's plenty to like in this model.

Team support, bot support, and custom shaders are included. The shaders are really pretty neat. The model does indeed look to be covered in metal plates, rather than cloth. It even comes with single-player support, if you want to fight Rosh and Tavion as a "Metal Hero". This model's a winner in my book, even though I can't appreciate the TV series from which it originates.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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Download 'jaspion.zip' (860KB)

This is a model for JKA

Release Date: 
november. 11, 2005

Eduardo / Manganiac / (in someplaces also known as Bob or Bahamut)


Programs Used: 
photoshop 7.0.1, 3d Studio Max 7.0 ModView 2.5, Carcass, Assimilate, WinZip 8.1 and a lot of notepad.

Installation Instructions:
Place the file Jaspion.pk3 in the base directory in your jedi academy folder. 

To uninstall, just delete the file from the base directory.

This is a model made to resemble at the most possible of my current skills the old (one of the first) "Metal Hero" Jaspion (Original name, Juspion, I've found a rare translation in wich he was intitled "Galatic Wolf Juspion").
Originaly you may find sligt diferent images form this character on the internet, some where his armor shinnes a lot, some where there's glow on the red lines that detail the whole armor, and some where his "eyes" are glowing, so I've decided this model should be a "concept", with all these characteriscs (although the bright eyes are selectable, due to the fact that in the series, they are some sort of optic sensors, and should be turned on/off)
Jaspion was created in 85 on Japan and exported to many places, as far as I know this series was a hit on Brazil (in 87), frensh and Asia.
I know that if I select people that are today 20~25 years old, from one of these 3 places, that did like Star Wars, Jedi Knight Academy, Japanise series, and were big fans of him when they were little, I'll probably get a very small group (maybe I'm the only one... perhapes I'm just wrong... hope I am). but this is not the point. Jaspion did "start" leading the minds of these people into the world of fantasy, inocence and heroism. I'm not good with words, but please accept this as a gift from a fan to those who loved this series when they were young, and for those who didn't see him, here's a peace of him and me ^^

of course: Lucas Arts for making such a fun inspiring game and the Quake3 programers, none of these would be possible without them.
and all modelers out there tryng their best to bring their favorit characters into this fun universe.
Thanks to Toei for creating such a fine nice character. During this whole process of modeling I came to realize that nearly everything I like today, seens to come in some way from Jaspion. wich I'm very gratefull for been a important peace of my childhood. This is not just about a tv series. It's one of my first memories. Also another thanks due to the fact I've learned much more about modelling (shadding specially) while developing this character.

If you are gonna modify/reskin this skins, you may not make a "diferent version of this character" I have the right to refuse any modifications of this model, due to my own hard work put into it. You CAN Reskin this to look like another character, any other that you want BUT u MAY NOT Reskin(recolor) to make a "dark Jaspion", nor "Sith Jaspion", nor a "hooded Jaspion" nor "clan-whatever-jaspion" nor I repeat "NO OTHER VERSION OF THIS SAME CHARACTER" u can reskin to make your own "Metal Hero" if you wich, but NOT a diferent version of this same character. UNLES. I REPEAT YOU CAN RESKIN THIS AS THE SAME CHARACTER IF U CAN MAKE IT LOOK MORE REAL THAN THIS ONE. Not becouse I'm too proud or becouse I'm selfish, but Becouse of the respect I have for this Character. AND YET. YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE RELEASING IT.





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