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Jawas? Wow, I can automatically tell from that word that there's gonna be some fuss kicked up in the comments. OK, let's put a stop to tha...


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File Description

Jawas? Wow, I can automatically tell from that word that there's gonna be some fuss kicked up in the comments. OK, let's put a stop to that right here - start whining in the comments, and you will summarily be dealt with. Keep it productive, folks.

Anyway, there's not a whole lot to say in summary of this file. Jawas in ever color you can imagine, with a few ever so slightly more original skins included.

Positively, at least this pack is done well. The recoloring isn't a simple case of paintbucketing, and texture patterns are quite visible - except for the black ones, obviously, but then if patterns were visible, they would be gray and not black.

Negatively, well, it's a modding cliché. Also, not much care has been taken to make the Jawas seem "real", but then again... they're freakin' Jawas!

The author has, however, included the modelnames for the JA+ modelscale file, which is handy since you don't have to use /modelname or open the pk3s to get them. All in all, they may be Jawas, but it would seem effort has been put in, and they're very colorful yet still textured, meaning this is a slight cut above your average Jawa submission.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Custom Sounds: No Team Support: Well, it has red and blue versions, if that's what you mean. :)

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Jawa Knights Skinpack
TITLE: Jawa Knights Skinpack
AUTHOR: Ferocious Wolf or *{JK}*Ferocious*JTL
black_jawa.pk3	307kb
blue_jawa.pk3	527kb
ferocious.pk3	599kb
fur_jawa.pk3	720kb
gold_jawa.pk3	658kb
green_jawa.pk3	484kb
hiddos.pk3	316kb
jawa.pk3	630kb
purple_jawa.pk3	515kb
raider.pk3	451kb
rain_jawa.pk3	640kb
red_jawa.pk3	464kb
tile_jawa.pk3	569kb
DATE RELEASED: 11 August 2006
E-MAIL: Currently none ( due to some technical errors, sorry )
This is a skinpack full of recolored jawa's I made for my clan called *{JK}* (Jawa Knights).
Some are personal skins, some are just recolored skins like the blue jawa, red jawa, etc.
There are also some special skins I made, for example the rain jawa and the tile jawa.
They look pretty odd but they also have a special kinda look ;). This also adds the normal
jawa icon to the profile, so you don't have to enter /model jawa all the time again.
So feel free to use this skinpack, please do not modify it. I have no copywright on this 
pack so you can modify it anyways, but it's just not honorable to steal someones skinpack 
and stick your own name to it. You CAN however modify it and use ONLY FOR PERSONAL use.
Extra comment: 
1 Screenshot including all the recolored skins.
If you are running a server on JA+ or you would like your friend or someone
else you know wich runs a server to put it in the modelscale folder to make it look as
small as the standard jawa. Tell your friend to add the following lines to 
his modelscale.cfg in his Gamedata/japlus/modelscale.cfg folder.
"black_jawa"	0.8
"blue_jawa"	0.8
"ferocious_jawa"	0.8
"fur_jawa"	0.8
"gold_jawa"	0.8
"green_jawa"	0.8
"hiddos"	0.8
"purple_jawa"	0.8
"raider"	0.8
"rain_jawa"	0.8
"red_jawa"	0.8
"tile_jawa"	0.8
None detected, apart from the fact that the jawa will be big in any server unless
the size has been adjusted ( See above how to make it look smaller ).
Installation instructions:
1.As usual, put all of the .pk3 files in your gamedata/base folder.
2.Start JK:JA.
3.Select profile.
4.Select the icon of the jawa you wish to use.
5.Enjoy the skin or enjoy watching someone else play with it.
JK2files - Hosting this file for me.
Lucasarts, Raven, Activision - All for creating, distrubuting, etc. this game.
*{JK}* - Of course! The clan for who this pack is made for.

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