Jedi Academy Chiss Head

Some people have a strong attachment to Chiss. Why? I dunno. It could be those red eyes and that piercing stare. Or his deep blue complexion...


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File Description

Some people have a strong attachment to Chiss. Why? I dunno. It could be those red eyes and that piercing stare. Or his deep blue complexion. Or maybe he just looks cool. :) Gunndar created this modification of a human male from Jedi Academy to look like Chiss. Really, it's just a head. So you can choose whatever torso and legs you want with him.

He looks great, but he is only a head. I'm not even sure bot support, team support or sounds should be specs I should consider when reviewing just ... a head. But anyway, with this mod you get a whole new race. :) Great work, Gunndar (author of Barry, the Giant Ewok, for JK2 - which I'm mentioning now because I never saw it before and I love it!). :)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No


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Here is about 20 minutes of work culminating in figuring out how to make 
custom bits for the interchangeable players of JEDI ACADEMY.


Chiss (blue guys AKA Thrawn) head skin.  Available in SP and MP.  Pretty 
much a slightly modified short-haired caucasian head skin turned blue and 
fiddled with to make a Chiss look-alike for the human male custom characters 
in JEDI ACADEMY.  Includes red eyes, blue skin and matching hands.  Enjoy!

giantrabidewok -AT- hotmail *DoT* >cOm<

P.S.- I have no idea why the head icon is tan, but the preview model and 
in-game model display correctly... if anyone has any idea how to make the 
icons appear as they would normally feel free to email me... unless you are 
spamming... Thanks!

Gunndar AKA James Riley

(yeah I made the Barry the Giant Ewok skin for JO, like you care.)

Skin's Name             : <Jedi Academy Chiss Head>
Author                  : <GUNNDAR aka James Riley>
Email Address           : < giantrabidewok -AT- hotmail *DoT* >cOm< >

Skin's description      : <Chiss head skin.  Available in SP and MP>

Other info              : <OTHER STUFF>

Additional Credits to   : <Good Old George, & Raven (for the best SW game 2 
date, 			                  D20 System Starwars Books for lots of reference 
pics, & Admiral                           Thrawn>

Thanks to               : <Me, Myself, & I... oh, yeah anyone who like it.>
* Construction *
Base                    : <Modified Skin, based on short-haired caucasian 
Editor used             : <Photoshop 5.5, Modview, & WinRAR>
Known Bugs              : <None!>
Build/Animation time    : <20 Mins>

* How to use this skin *

< Unzip & Place chiss_male_COMBO.pk3 into the Jedi Academy\GameData\Base 
folder. (Easy isn't it?)>

* Copyright / Permissions *


You may NOT use this SKIN as a base for other SKINS or mods without my 
HANDWRITTEN consent. All non Lucasarts files within this zip file are 
property of ME (James M. Riley) and are not to be edited or distributed 
without my HANDWRITTEN consent.

You MAY distribute this SKIN, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent 

And, Oh yeah... I'm looking for a Job :)

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