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*munches happily on file*

Ahh, server mods which don't completely destroy this game beyond all hope of redemption are so delicious...


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*munches happily on file*

Ahh, server mods which don't completely destroy this game beyond all hope of redemption are so delicious!

*notices people watching*



Well, anyway, as you've probably guessed, this is an update for JAE. It adds several new features, most of which serve to drag this mod even further ahead of the other mods.

New features in this upgrade, as well as my opinions on them:

* Refactored some code having to do with the saber damage cvars. I'm not entirely sure what changes have been done with this, but no one, I repeat, no one should really be messing with saber damages anyway. It does far more harm than good.

* Linux Makefile has been revamped to mirror the one originally created by Raven Software. Raven Makefile is also included with the source code. To be honest, I have never had any problems with the last version of the mod that I could blame on the Makefile, but it's nice to know that it's more in-line with the original stuff.

* Project has been upgraded to compile in Visual Studio 2005. VS 2002 and 2003 projects still exist. This really won't matter to the average gamer, but I've experimented with the source a little bit, and let me tell you, it was a pain in the butt compiling it. For all you mod developers out there who've used JAE's source, and who use VS2005 exclusively, this will be a BIG help to you.

* Over 10 new bugfixes applied from authors in LucasForums. Author credit is commented in the code. Sadly, there are no details on what these bugfixes are, and to be honest I haven't the time nor capability to raid the source and find out right now.

* New emsit4, emsit5, and emsit6 emotes so you can sit proper in those chairs. That is a total of 20 emotes in all. Now, this is something that always used to bug me when taking screenshots or doing movies - you could never sit in the damn chairs! Now, you can. Woot. JAE's collection of emotes is increasing, but thankfully there are no more emotes than necessary.

* New g_mPSayMode CVar to control the location of the private chat messages. * New Cvar g_mBanFile to signify the name of the file you want to save the banned IP addresses in. Now, you may be asking why I pasted these two together. The reason for this is that if you ever needed a reason to get JAE, these would be the icing on the cake. People who run busy servers and organise events will know that it's a pain banning someone from just one certain event, because they would be banned from all the others, too. Now, it's much easier to manage your banlists without having to play around with renaming and FTP. The private chat messages is very useful for server admins, since the chat buffer is so small and it's so easy to miss /tell messages - now, however, you can split it so that the usually uninteresting public chat is in one location, and the potentially important /tell messages are somewhere more noticable. Two very helpful CVARs for server admins - I know I certainly needed these at various points in the past.

* New CVars g_mDuelTimer and g_mDuelTimerWait to control the waiting period a client needs to wait between another private duel. Now, personally, I'd have no use for this, but I can think of scenarios where it would come in extremely useful (tournaments being the first one).

* Re-added g_mSaberDMGIdle and g_mSaberDMGThrow CVars to better control the saber system should it deviate from basejk. I'm neutral on this. Sure, it has some good uses, but most likely some irresponsible people will just use it to nerf the game down. There are good points, there are bad points. Make your own minds up.

* New warning system based on the idea introduced by MultiPlayer Xtra mod. I remember MultiPlayer Xtra, and the only warning systems I ever saw in it were the clan tag ones, but still, it's very nifty and it allows admins to concentrate on enjoying the game rather than yelling at people.

Well, there's the new features and fixes. Details were kinda sketchy in the readme, and like I said, I couldn't raid through the code for various reasons.

Still, this mod is a far better alternative to JA+, on account of the fact that it preserves the gameplay of Jedi Academy (albeit with the bugs ironed out) - meaning it's a perfect choice for people who run a server and want to play Jedi Academy, instead of "Sesame Street with Lightsabers".

For you server owners out there, this is a recommended mod, and I highly suggest that you give it a try.

Should you refuse, then just remember.... Elmo knows where you live!

~ Kouen

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