Jedi Academy: Final Fantasy Style

I have to say, this is quite an amusing little video. I'm impressed with the work that went into making this as much like Final Fantasy as...


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I have to say, this is quite an amusing little video. I'm impressed with the work that went into making this as much like Final Fantasy as possible. Now, keep in mind the only Final Fantasy game I've ever played is FFXI (WoW is the devil). Anyway, if you're a fan of Final Fantasy at all, you need to see this. Great job!


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NAME: Jedi Academy: Final Fantasy Style
SIZE: 21.3MB
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge
MSN Contact:



There are some very important credits for this video:

Eidos Interactive - The makers of Final Fantasy VII. Without them this would not even exist.
Chairwalker - The maker of the Cloud model.
Sephiroth_VII - The maker of the Sephiroth model.
Leon - I used his tweaked versions of the above two models. I'm assuming his credits to the modellers were correct... if they're not, let me know.
ÔRiÔN - Maker of the Advent Children weapons pack. I borrowed some of the sounds from the pack, as well as the weapons.
LucasArts - Do I really need to mention LucasArts? :)

If I have forgotten to credit anyone (I am human and make mistakes) then my deepest apologies.



Well I got bored making music video-style videos for Jedi Academy, so I thought a little uniqueness was in order. This video is a combination of filmed action from Jedi Academy and photoshopped frame-by-frame sections. The video was meant to, as accurately as possible, give Jedi Academy that Final Fantasy VII feel.

To compelete the "FF7 Look" the Cloud/Sephiroth models have been used, as well as the Advent Children Weapons Pack. The good old-fashioned FF7 battle theme might make one believe they were really watching a FF7 gameplay clip instead of a Jedi Academy video. And what Final Fantasy battle is complete without the ever-present victory fanfare?

At the end of the battle you will come to the experience screen, but here in Jedi Academy things are a little.... different.



I have never spent so long compiling a video. Usually filming takes place one day and editing (with additional filming) takes place the next. However with this video I constantly had to get new footage to give it that just-right feel. I finally finished gathering footage 2-3 days ago, after which a lot of splicing, photoshopping, and sound-editing took place. Hopefully the experience is as unique for you as it was for me.

APPROXMIATE COMPILATION TIME: 16-20 hours over 4-5 days
SOFTWARE USED: Pinnacle 9 Studio, Photoshop Elements, ModView
SPECIAL THANKS: Thanks to SmithLord and Oxyonagon for "beta testing" the video.



Yes, I know everything's not perfect. Here's what I know for sure isn't quite accurate to Final Fantasy VII.

-I made up Sephiroth's limit break; to the best of my knowledge it doesn't exist.
-Cloud's limit break doesn't have all those flashy-looking effects. I worked with what I had, and I think it turned out pretty well.
-Limit break effects are, well, from Jedi Academy, so unfortunately they're not the same.
-Yes, I know that "fire" is really Force lightning. I could have used the fire in Jedi Academy, but I wanted to be a little more unique. I think it looks okay.
-The limit break box thingies at the top of the screen are supposed to be slightly transparent. My software would not allow this, so they're opaque.
-I know in the game the menus show up during action as well as menu selection, however even I don't have the patience to do the *entire* video frame-by-frame.

-I went down to play FF7 last night to check the limit menu, but I quickly forgot it, so if there are any problems with it, my apologies.
-The rotating colors on the limit break menu are probably incorrect, although I guess it's possible I got the exact ones right by mere chance. Yeah right... I think only the most die-hard fan would be able to tell, though.
-Proportions: Well I didn't go measure everything, so if you can tell the menu proportions are off (if they are).... then you should go outside more often ;)
-I'm relatively certain the damage numbers and Cloud's health should match up, but there's a slight possibility (calculator typo) that they don't. If they turn out to be wrong, just ignore them ;)

FIXED INACCURACIES (during compilation):
-ATB guage fixed so that it is yellow while choosing commands.
-ATB guage fixed so that the yellow guage fluxuates to orange.
-Menu: "Name" not originally added. This has been fixed.
-Capitalization issues: Most, if not all, of these have been fixed. All capitalization should be accurate.
-Health bar has been fixed so that it actually ticks down when Cloud is hit. I originally forgot to do it.
-Magic menu has been fixed from its original (and horrendously inaccurate) original version.

Why am I even listing these? It's not like you saw this while I was making it... :P

By the way, have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely hate Final Fantasy VII? It really sucks... But it has good music!

I bet nobody got down this far. If you're still reading then kudos to you! Party's at my house.



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