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Something that surprised me about JK2 is that some people didn't really want to patch up to 1.03 or 1.04. So there are several people who still play the 1.02 version. JA has only been patched once, and my guess is that most people have updated to 1.01, but if you want to play both the original release and 1.01, you might wanna download this little utility. JKA Pre Launcher will allow you to switch between patches and enable you to play in any JA server. This program was written with GameSpy Arcade in mind.

This isn't something that I'll be using, but it's a great idea. Just be sure you read the entire readme so you'll understand how this works and how to install ... and stuff. :)




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Version Rotator

This project was inspired by the release of a solution to this problem titled ‘JK3 Patch Commander’ by ZDawg ([email protected]) which he released on 11/13/2003.  Without his solution, you wouldn’t be reading this document now!  - Thanks ZDawg

ZDawg basically zipped up both group versions of files for 1.00 and 1.01.  Then placed two batch files and two registry files that when ran, copied the version of files necessary for the batch file you selected.

After having to make a slight adjustment to the registry key paths he had in his registry files, it worked but I felt it could be automated more.

What’s the purpose of this program?

Anyone that plays JA online has come across a server that hasn’t patched yet to v1.01.  Being the responsible gamers we are by making sure we are running the latest and greatest versions are refused entry to the unpatched server being informed that it requires ‘Protocol 25’.  (DAMN!)

That’s where this program comes into play.


After downloading, run the included setup.exe file and follow the instructions.


The file named PatchFiles.zip MUST be extracted into the folder you installed this program and you must tell your unzipping program to keep/use the paths of the files in the zip.


This was written for usage with services such as GameSpy Arcade in mind.  To use this program, you need to change the program that GameSpy Arcade looks for to launch.  For Jedi Alliance its JAMP.EXE.

To change this, goto GameSpy in the menu to the upper left, click ‘Options’, expand the ‘My Games’ layout if its not already, select Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.  Now over to the right click browse under where it says ‘Program Location’ and navigate to where you installed the this program and select JKAPreLaunch.EXE.  Now click ‘Open’ and click ‘Ok’.

You will now be able to join any server that’s listed by GSA in the JA lobby.

Joining a Game

Click to join a game server thru GSA just as you normally would.  Now instead of it launching JA immediately, this program will appear.

It does a little verification to ensure that JA is installed on your PC.  It then queries the server you want to join to get its version # and compares the server version with your version.  If they do not match, click ‘Patch’ and wait for the launch button to become enabled.

Click Launch and frag as you would normally. :)

Once you exit the game server, close this program and you’ll be taken back to GSA.

To use this program to join games that aren’t on GSA, simply add the following command line parameters.  Example: (replace IP:Port with the server ip and port you want to join)

C:\Program Files\JKAPreLaunch\JKAPreLaunch.exe +connect IP:Port

How to Contact

If you discover any bugs/quirks or have any feature suggestions, please contact me at.
[email protected]

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