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Say hello to the newest fix to the Jedi Amp Winamp controller. Since this is just a fix, I shall quote the previous reviews and newest chang...


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Say hello to the newest fix to the Jedi Amp Winamp controller. Since this is just a fix, I shall quote the previous reviews and newest changes.

I have for everyone today an update to the Jedi Amp Winamp controller. Since this is previous to the last two versions, I'll simply quote the review and name the changes:

I have for you all the update to the Jedi Amp program. Since it is quite similar to the previous version, I will just quote the review, then tell the differences:

Ah, just last night I was thinking that I would really like a good program to use to only control my winamp while I play JA. So I go and grab a file for review, and what does it turn out to be? Exactly what I was wanting! I get things all set up by opening the program, winamp, and JA, and I start messing around. Almost everything works great. There are a few things that I had problems with, though.

First off, I told it to play something. I did not use the whole song name, just part of it. I have that part for multiple songs, though. It just told me that, but did not show me what songs they were. I personally would like it if it showed in the console what songs they are. Second, I tell it to show me my playlist. What I got was an error in my console telling me that it was too much text. It was only 861 songs, while I have done the same with other programs with over 2000 songs without error. The third and final problem I had was when I tested out the shuffle and repeat functions. When I told them to turn them on or off, it just brought up winamp to the front for a second, then went back to JA without turning it on or off. That might be a problem with my computer, though, but I am unsure.

So, besides those three minor problems, this is a fairly good program to use if you just want winamp control and nothing else. I'd really like to see another version with some fixes to those problems I had with it.

Give it a download if this sounds good to you, I know I'll be using it.

What's new? Well, the problems I had with shuffle and telling it to play songs by using a part of the name that is in multiple song names have been fixed. I still found myself getting the same error when I tried to get it to show the playlist in the console, but I can live without that. My playlist is too long to be properly shown in the console anyway.

Now that it works for everything I would want it for, it's definitely a keeper for me. Give it a download if you feel the same!

So some new commands have been added. One is an option to show Winamp's status (open or closed), one turns JAmp on or off, and one allows you to change the colors of the text from JAmp's responses. When I did some digging around, I also noticed in the options a box for a minimizer. Unfortunately I could not find a way to activate it, and forgot to try out the standard things when ingame, so I leave it to you guys to figure it out.

Give it a download if you need a Winamp controller, I know I'll be keeping this!


So, what's been changed you ask? Now the settings are no longer saved to your computers registry, but a .INI file. You can restore your settings from the previous version and save them to a .INI. Minor, unspecified bugs have been fixed, just overall performanced increased.

Oh yes, beware all of the soon to come new release... The MIGHTY v1.3!

~Metall Pingwin

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Jedi Amp v1.2.9 Fix
Author                  : Mr.Blik
Program Description     : A program to make meadia commands control Winamp from JA 
Forums 			:

--==[ Features ]==--
Control Winamp From the Program or in Jedi Academy (see Commands for full list of this feature).
Play Songs from the current Winamp Playlist.
Minimizes to the Tray
Minimizer for JA
Splash Screen
Customize the Chat Mode and Colors

--==[ Useage ]==--
NOTE: Steps 1 and 2 can be in reverse order

1. Run the exe file labeled JAmp v1.2.9.exe
2. Start Winamp
3. Start Jedi Academy

--==[ In-Game Commands ]==--
!pause | Pauses the song
!resume | Resumes the Paused Song
!song | Displays the Current Song
!next | Goes to the next song
!prev;!previous | Goes to the previous Song
!vol;!volume | Changes the volume of Winamp (0 - 255)
!aboutJAmp | Displays the about message
!repeat | Toggles Reapet
!shuffle | Toggles Shuffle
!playlist | Displays the Playlist in Console
!play <full song name/partial name> | Plays the song specified.
!update | Updates the playlist
!status | Displays weither Winamp is open or closed and the Song  	  status.
!winamp <close/open/reboot> | Does the respective command.
!jamppower | Turns On/Off Jedi Amp.
!jampcolors <Category> <Dash> <Text> <Hilight> | Changes the Chat Color.

* = Temporarily removed in this version to prevent an error('s).

--==[ Special Thanks ]==--
UBER 1337 Thanks to BobaFett for letting me use his Ultra Utility source code and helping me with this whole project.

1337 Gracias to -={JoH}=-Supa for the h4x splash screen.

Big Thanks to The Clan Jedi Soldiers United («JSU») (my current clan) for letting me test JAmp  on there server multiple times. 

Thanks to the Beta Testers who helped me work the bugs out of Jedi Amp.

--==[ Copyright / Permissions ]==--



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